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BlessedOne's Avatar BlessedOne 10:44 PM 07-15-2014
another garbage bag out the door and one garbage bag full of toys ready to leave....as well as a portion of another....yesterday I also got rid of an old crib mattress (foam cut up and given to my mom to use for seat cushions)...also I was given 2 big plastic bins full of maternity clothes....I don't need that many clothes, so I went through them and have one big that is going to be donated to the local crisis pregnancy center

IsaFrench's Avatar IsaFrench 03:25 AM 07-16-2014
i totally need to start posting again ...haven't been counting lately but haven't got rid of much either ...
Wolfcat's Avatar Wolfcat 02:51 PM 07-18-2014
Aside from the usual of getting rid of toys and stuff that breaks or is unused, we have three large boxes of outgrown/redundant shoes and clothes going out as soon as it gets packed into the car. There must be about 500 items in there.
Aroha Jade 09:04 PM 07-19-2014
If this challenge is still going, please count me in. I want a new-look house by the end of the year (or sooner )
mystiquesmom's Avatar mystiquesmom 05:27 AM 07-27-2014

1 skirt with a giant stain on it
about 20 various pieces of school work

give away

46 prefold cloth diapers and covers to a good friend who is expecting in September
1 package of new born diapers to the same friend

1 suit my kids have outgrown - $15


sold - $123
Aroha Jade 01:10 AM 07-28-2014
well done mystiques mom. I did not declutter today, rather I was on the receiving end of some very beautiful gifts. In the spirit of keeping my house spacious I am now on the lookout for more items to let go in order to enjoy the new ones.
IsaFrench's Avatar IsaFrench 01:56 AM 07-28-2014
am hoping to take 3 bags to my nearest charity drop off point this morning ... they operate on reduced hours in the summer ...
one of this bag has been sitting in a corner for a while & i never managed to get around to advertise stuff to sell
have been reading and re-reading books on decluttering and organising (brainwashing myself basically !!!) these last 10 days
=> today is the day !!!
Kelly Murphy 07:22 AM 07-28-2014
Originally Posted by Springshowers View Post
Here is our thread for 2014. The goal is to sell/donate/throw away 2014 things over the year.<br><br>
Here is where you can download the chart! You need to register to download it.<br><br>
<a href="http://www.nourishingminimalism.com/2013/12/2014-in-2014-decluttering-challenge.html" target="_blank">http://www.nourishingminimalism.com/2013/12/2014-in-2014-decluttering-challenge.html</a><br><br>
It sounds like a lot but if we average 5-6 things a day we will get there!<br><br>
I feel like I did so much this year but I know I can do it again. Who else wants to join?
Great idea and I like the nice big goal. As a birthday present, I will be replacing 15 paper books with electronic versions. Search iTunes, Kindle or whereever you get your books and look for sets. They are often cheaper to buy as a bundle than one at a time.
zebra15's Avatar zebra15 05:23 PM 08-03-2014
Life keeps getting in the way and coming to a grinding halt.
approx 50 books to half price books this weekend $16 (yeah i know but every little bit helps)
called for refund from Dr's office $8
called about item never rec'd $34
Sold 6 books $6
Sold 4 books to amazon $79.39
bag of 25 clothes to donation


Nazsmum's Avatar Nazsmum 06:37 PM 08-03-2014
zebra15- That is great!!!
orangemomma's Avatar orangemomma 05:19 AM 08-07-2014
27 magazines to recycling
3 broken toys to the trash

New total 211/2014
Aroha Jade 05:00 AM 08-09-2014
Donated a breadmaker and some surplus stationery such as rulers, hole punch and notebook.

Have no idea of my total items as I have been decluttering intensely for two months. I keep finding areas I overlooked before, or coming back to shelves that need a more ruthless approach.
kt~mommy's Avatar kt~mommy 09:03 PM 08-13-2014
post in progress...

Given to nephew:
2 boys ties, outgrown
4 toddler boy books, outmatured

5 bags full of plastic bags... finally got to the grocery store

Given back to owner:
1 ceramic dish

1 cloth diaper, $18

= 12 more items, + $18 made
orangemomma's Avatar orangemomma 03:09 PM 08-18-2014
100 pieces of paper recycled = 10 items for my decluttering count

2 broken plastic toys to the trash

New total 223/2014
orangemomma's Avatar orangemomma 10:33 AM 08-24-2014
1 broken game to the trash

lamp shade, jigsaw puzzle, plastic jar with lid and pepper mill all to the donation bin

New total 228/2014
orangemomma's Avatar orangemomma 02:54 PM 09-17-2014
There haven't been any posts on this thread in awhile - how's everybody doing with their challenges?
It has been very slooooww going for me.

1 long sleeved tshirt
2 pairs of shorts - all to my nephew

New total 231/2014
Nazsmum's Avatar Nazsmum 06:20 PM 09-17-2014
I am having a garage sale in a few weeks. I have about 100 thing to put out for sale.
IsaFrench's Avatar IsaFrench 05:10 PM 09-18-2014
i've stopped recording what i get rid of but am carrying on, just very slowly .... slowly catching up with the fact that this is going to be an ongoing process anyway ....
mystiquesmom's Avatar mystiquesmom 03:05 PM 10-05-2014
Probably won't make my goal, but I can keep working towards it


5 cans of paint and 4 expired medications to the hazardous waste depot
8 expired food items in my fridge
4 pairs of holey socks

give away

20 items to H&M's clothing recycling program
1 Sophie the Giraffe to another mom


1 pair of slippers - 8
2 shirts- 7
1 raincoat - 15
1 purse and 1 pair of shoes-20
$73 from the consignment store
1 train table with all of the tracks, trains and bits and bobs(42) pieces - $60 .


sold - $276
kt~mommy's Avatar kt~mommy 08:44 AM 10-12-2014
just cleaned out a bunch of crap

30 or so items of son's clothing to my nephew
60 or so items of stuff belonging to my ex boxed up for him to get out of here

will count items from the two donation bins i have ready to go in a bit...

=90 more and counting

forgot the 6 diapers i sold = $75 or so

$803 made
StillMe's Avatar StillMe 05:53 PM 10-14-2014
cutting board
metal bowl
2 wooden spoons
8 dishcloths
3 dishtowels
1 magazine
2 rice bags
150 coins

1 pair of shoes
1 pair of flip flops
2 lip balms
1 hand cream
1 pair of underwear
3 socks
1 hair tie
2 lbs of paper from file purging (will count as 20 items)
1 box
171 bottles $8.80

New Total: 613 + 433 (bottles)
orangemomma's Avatar orangemomma 08:18 PM 10-15-2014
donated 45 items of clothing to a clothing drive for the upcoming holidays

trashed 65 cassette tapes - oh my goodness, I feel old. I still have so many more but decided those 65 were too beat up to play. Yes I have a working cassette player

New total 341/2014
Nazsmum's Avatar Nazsmum 04:46 AM 10-16-2014
Originally Posted by orangemomma View Post
Yes I have a working cassette player
Me too.
IsaFrench's Avatar IsaFrench 08:50 PM 10-17-2014
i have one too !!! ... and have stopped counting for too many months ... and much slowed down my getting rid of stuff ...now, two weeks of half term school holiday ...how am i going to find the physical "time" and mental availability to get down to my never ending sorting out of stuff ?????
cody82414 07:37 AM 10-22-2014
I am joining in this challenge today. Hoping to find some support on this forum!

spent an hour (in 15 minute increments) cleaning, and have 15 items to donate!
Nazsmum's Avatar Nazsmum 10:27 AM 10-22-2014
cody82414 05:13 AM 10-31-2014
I'm up to 316 items out! Mostly donations!!
Nazsmum's Avatar Nazsmum 05:23 AM 10-31-2014
cody82414 Great!!!

I donated a coat yesterday. Happy that someone will use it.
zebra15's Avatar zebra15 10:32 PM 11-02-2014
35 items to half price books $33 cash

IsaFrench's Avatar IsaFrench 05:37 AM 11-03-2014
cleaned up two container of little used kitchen stuff ... managed to toss 8 items (mostly lonely lids, but also a lidless container ...)
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