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Springshowers's Avatar Springshowers 05:45 AM 01-04-2014
I have away a box of unused dd's clothes. My official start! I figured to count but I think it was easily 20.


I wish freecycle let you give away food and vitamins. I just hate throwing them away.

mystiquesmom's Avatar mystiquesmom 06:02 AM 01-04-2014

I've found a ton of things that I've been looking for, as well as some cleanup.  Also starting to gather items for craigslist/kijiji which I won't count until they are out of my house:



Mystery meat from who knows when
4 frozen bananas

8 random expired items from my pantry
5 pairs of holey socks
2 x world's ugliest pot holders
1 piece of cloth not good for anything

1 bathmat with holes
whole lot of paper


Give away

2 tea strainers to my aunt and mom



Foldup chair and wire cutters to my neighbour



LoveOurBabies's Avatar LoveOurBabies 06:08 AM 01-04-2014

I'm joining! We'll have a new little one this July and our already small house seems to be shrinking by the minute, so I'm letting go of even more stuff this year. 


I've already let go of:

2 unwanted Christmas presents


And have the following items put away for donation/garbage:

A bucket load of old socks and undies that I seemed to miss in my clothing declutter last year - yet to be counted

Heaps of kid books (we've pared down even more) - yet to be counted


I'll be back to update my count tomorrow once I go through all the socks, undies and books.


2 / 2014

skyview222's Avatar skyview222 08:25 AM 01-04-2014

I just made an account to join in on this thread.  I have used this method before and found it very motivating.


We are expecting our first baby at the end of June and plan to buy a house/move sometime between April and October so I aim to do 2014 things in 6 months (then repeat, perhaps).  I plan to do 2014 things at work too (I am a clutter bug AND cleaning out the old employee's clutter too). 


So far...

116/2014  (mostly small items in two cardboard boxes)

$0.00 but found the bag of broken gold jewelry I misplaced but plan to sell while sorting through the boxes! :)   


I am excited to join you ladies and I look forward to celebrating our success as we move forward. 

Springshowers's Avatar Springshowers 08:39 AM 01-04-2014
Welcome to 2014! And congratulations on the baby on the way.
FillingMyQuiver's Avatar FillingMyQuiver 12:16 PM 01-04-2014

1- 10  Misc trash found on the table next to the computer.  I had to look for the giftcards my sons received for Christmas and couldn't find them.  Pushed everything off the table (except the computer) and went through it all.

11-12  2 carseat straps that we no longer use- trashed



12/ 2014

Springshowers's Avatar Springshowers 01:06 PM 01-04-2014

Threw away any Halloween and Christmas candy I could find.
IsaFrench's Avatar IsaFrench 02:42 PM 01-04-2014



Chaika's Avatar Chaika 06:08 PM 01-04-2014

Got started today.  Earlier I had gone through books and clothes, today I actually got rid of them at the local bookstore and Goodwill.


18 books sold/donated to local bookstore (got some sweet store credit, bought my friend's kid a couple of books for a birthday present)

17 items of my old clothing

13 baby clothes/toys

2 cheap wall sconces that I don't know why I bought a year ago



LoveOurBabies's Avatar LoveOurBabies 08:32 PM 01-04-2014

One cotton bag


3 / 2014


I'm feeling so energized about decluttering even further this year. I'm looking forward to more breathing space. We acquired a few lovely things over the christmas period from family and I'm a big believer in "out with the old - in with the new" so I need to find some new spots to put it all in and balance the house again. The more I declutter, the more I feel like the house is "mine" and house pride kicks in :)

skyview222's Avatar skyview222 09:14 AM 01-05-2014

92 more items added yesterday, mostly easy stuff to get rid of--trash in a purse, old receipts, stuff I would not still have on the counter if I hadn't been pregnant and "lazy" the last 3 months etc.




Chaika's Avatar Chaika 09:35 AM 01-05-2014

Got rid of a few more things while cleaning this morning.


6 random broken toys and things

9 CDs (can't imagine myself suddenly wanting to listen to late 90s pop and hard rock again...and if I do there's always Pandora LOL)



Marina Brasil's Avatar Marina Brasil 05:25 PM 01-05-2014
Today i'm really happy because DP went through and old organizer and decluttered 22 itens. This is the same person who gives me an angry look anytime i use the "D" word. We are trying to live a more simple life, but i'm usually the one in charge of sorting through our closets and cabinets and trashing/recycling or donating the clutter. Hope this is a permanent change!

Most of the stuff was books, jewelry and cute boxes.

kt~mommy's Avatar kt~mommy 07:44 PM 01-05-2014

Amazingly, moving after 10 years in one place didn't get me to 2013!   But then again, I didn't actually sort through half the boxes sitting in my basement either (eek!).  Pregnancy really distracted me!


So far this year:

20 or so items given to my nephew

1 towel thrown out

4 diapers sold ($36)

5 fruit pouches my son hated given to my sister's kids

1 bra to the donate pile

2 scarves to the donate pile


= 33 items/2014; $36 made

PeacefulSeams's Avatar PeacefulSeams 12:12 AM 01-06-2014

So I went on an unpacking mission this weekend. I made a small dent but I still have half a room to unpack. We put everything into the spare bedroom when we moved in...made it much simpler and I don't have boxes laying everywhere. 


1 13 gal. trash bag of misc papers and items (I will count as 50 items)

1 39 gal trash sack misc items. (100 items)

3 broken toys

3 pair shoes

3 coats

3 bags books (about 30)

6 empty boxes


195 + 128 =  323




Tomorrow I tackle the rest of the books, games, puzzles and mass amount of clothing that we have seem to accumulated. Hopefully I can also get to the filing cabinet and get that organized.

orangemomma's Avatar orangemomma 06:13 PM 01-06-2014

1 broken toy to the trash



IsaFrench's Avatar IsaFrench 06:35 AM 01-07-2014

1 broken hanger + 3 other items (cannot remember what though !!! ... if i don't make notes, it slips my mind ....)

+ 4


FillingMyQuiver's Avatar FillingMyQuiver 12:17 PM 01-07-2014

13-16. dried out markers, stack of papers, shoe box lid, old pen box- all trashed


16/ 2014

skyview222's Avatar skyview222 04:17 PM 01-07-2014

I trashed 48 items, mostly the result of cleaning out the fridge and pantry and consolidating packaging after a grocery store trip. 




zebra15's Avatar zebra15 07:20 PM 01-07-2014

11-15 clothes (left old stuff at hospital)




IsaFrench's Avatar IsaFrench 12:44 AM 01-08-2014

9-26 .... cleaned up inside of backpack + a catch all tray in the kitchen



FillingMyQuiver's Avatar FillingMyQuiver 02:13 PM 01-08-2014

9 items- cleaned out kitchen utensil drawer, tossed rusty veggie peeler, broken meat thermometer, and worn, faded medicine cups & spoons

8 condiment pkgs of stuff we don't use

2 power cords for small appliances we don't have

3pcs to a broken cheese grater

5 opened pkgs of fast food utensils

1 8yr old aquarium pump used for homebirths- there was a lot of bittersweetness to this b/c it truly marks our family being done with child bearing.  This pump filled the birthpool for my 5 home waterbirths.


Total for today- 28


44/ 2014

Wolfcat's Avatar Wolfcat 03:10 PM 01-08-2014

1 hanger

1 bag of misc. trash from the floor (aprox. 20 items)

3 sheets of paper fully used up into recycling




FrugalGranolaMom's Avatar FrugalGranolaMom 05:33 PM 01-08-2014

6 items from the fridge tossed

23 toys into the donate pile that is being picked up next week




Chaika's Avatar Chaika 05:46 PM 01-08-2014

4 old toothbrushes :D


kt~mommy's Avatar kt~mommy 08:07 PM 01-08-2014

7 pairs of shoes - donation pile

10 pieces of plastics that my city doesn't recycle, brought to work for recycling


17 more today = 50/2014

zebra15's Avatar zebra15 11:15 PM 01-08-2014

14 pantry items (expired)

6 items left/recycled at the post office- having a po box means most stuff never makes it home!  yeah!!!




zebra15's Avatar zebra15 01:05 PM 01-09-2014

5 pantry items

4 skeins of yarn turn into presents!




LoveOurBabies's Avatar LoveOurBabies 06:06 PM 01-09-2014
Books were counted - 31
Socks/undies - 52

86 / 2014
FillingMyQuiver's Avatar FillingMyQuiver 06:42 PM 01-09-2014

24 items trashed from the tops of DH's and my cluttered dressers.  They were used as drop spots for everything.


Challenge total- 68/ 2014

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