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Springshowers's Avatar Springshowers 12:50 PM 12-28-2013
Here is our thread for 2014. The goal is to sell/donate/throw away 2014 things over the year.

Here is where you can download the chart! You need to register to download it.


It sounds like a lot but if we average 5-6 things a day we will get there!

I feel like I did so much this year but I know I can do it again. Who else wants to join?

Nazsmum's Avatar Nazsmum 02:28 PM 12-28-2013



I'm going to hang with you ladies...

Marina Brasil's Avatar Marina Brasil 03:14 PM 12-28-2013
Coppyed from the old thread:

"I've already started the 2014 declutter and i'll be listing everything this time as it helps me stay motivated:
1 - 15 - Assorted papers and documents i no longer need
16 - Poetry book i really dong't like
17 - Fancy deodorant i no longer use
18 - Body lotion with overly girly smell (hate it)
19 - Body lotion that is close to its expiration date and i donated to a close friend (in Brazil all toiletries have expiration dares, even when we dont open them)
20 - Hand moisturizer with a good smell that makes me get too nostalgic (wich i find unpleasant)
21 - Body splash that i've tryed to use but dont like at all"
zebra15's Avatar zebra15 09:45 PM 12-28-2013

Joining cuz things seem to breed like crazy around here.

dalia's Avatar dalia 11:19 PM 12-28-2013
Yes!! Joining. :-)
xDaisyx's Avatar xDaisyx 03:25 AM 12-29-2013

Joining too! I got rid of a lot of stuff this year, but there is so much left still and we might be moving in 2014 too... time to lighten the load!

mystiquesmom's Avatar mystiquesmom 09:24 AM 12-29-2013

Joining as I seem to do every year.  Let's hope I'm more successful this year!:)

Springshowers's Avatar Springshowers 09:26 AM 12-29-2013
Here is where you can download the chart! You need to register to download it.

Chaika's Avatar Chaika 09:38 AM 12-29-2013

This is a great idea.  I'm in!  I think I'll make my own chart because I already get too many newsletters.  I'm also trying to declutter my email inbox, LOL. 

Springshowers's Avatar Springshowers 09:44 AM 12-29-2013
You can unsubscribe two minutes later if you like!
Curlyfry7's Avatar Curlyfry7 05:44 PM 12-29-2013
Joining again, for the 4th year. I *think* if I get to the goal, I will have the house where I want it to be...or at least I hope so. My year really goes from Christmas to Christmas, so I have started for the 2014 year today, cleaning out some of the kids' bathroom drawers:
18-old toothbrushes, expired meds, other junk, all trashed

18/2014...good to get started again! smile.gif
FrugalGranolaMom's Avatar FrugalGranolaMom 05:46 PM 12-29-2013

Joining! Even after moving early in the year and getting rid of a ton of stuff, it seems the clutter fairies have been back to see us.bag.gif

PeacefulSeams's Avatar PeacefulSeams 11:26 PM 12-31-2013

I'm in and I have already started. Since we have a city wide garage sale weekend in April...all of my items are being stored in the garage until then but at least they are out of the house! 


1 garbage bag kids clothing (50 items)

2 boxes kitchen items like plates, bowls cups etc. (40 items)

1 box toys (10 items)

4 winter coats

3 pairs baby shoes

1 box baby items (20 items)

1 pair crutches



zebra15's Avatar zebra15 12:58 AM 01-01-2014

1.. stupid kitchen gadget that broke 4 days after xmas

2. expired fridge item

3. expired fridge item




IsaFrench's Avatar IsaFrench 03:48 AM 01-01-2014

have just printed the 2014 chart ... can totally see now how the "gimmick effect" could very well work in my case and help me reach my goal this year ....

orangemomma's Avatar orangemomma 09:36 AM 01-01-2014

Subbing. Nothing to report yet.

meandk0610's Avatar meandk0610 11:26 AM 01-01-2014

Subbing. We always seem to grow new "things" quickly!

zebra15's Avatar zebra15 04:19 PM 01-01-2014

4. pantry item that was given to us this afternoon... went right into the trash

5. another pantry itemt hat was given to us this afternoon... went right into the trash

6. tossed 2013 wall calendar

7. tossed 2013 wall calendar

8. tossed advent calendar, no matter how cute the Eric Carle thing is... we are NOT keeping it...served a purpose and recycled.








Prevention of clutter gets points this year as well.

Momsteader's Avatar Momsteader 05:46 PM 01-01-2014

My spot! :) 

skycheattraffic's Avatar skycheattraffic 07:28 AM 01-02-2014
Joining! A new baby in July means an extra person to declutter after. I'm not going to list details this time because as much as I enjoyed it last year, it did slow me down. I'm collecting a buttload of baby stuff for a pregnant friend and I'll tally that but won't add it to the total until she picks them up smile.gif
Lets get crackin', ladies <3

Wolfcat's Avatar Wolfcat 01:10 PM 01-02-2014

I've already gone through most of the books for giveaway, so that box is ready to go. I also have a bunch more. I was going to list them on amazon, but that is so slow that I think I'll just give them to the local goodwill.

I'm also already collecting clothes that the kids have outgrown and that the adults have either worn too much or we just don't wear. I have a box of books that I'm saving to send to my brother in prison - mainstream fiction, writing technique and inspirational types, so that will leave eventually (3-6 books every two months). We will also be getting rid of cheap toys as they break, I'm sure. :p


I'm not planning on getting money from my decluttering, but if it happens... :D



FrugalGranolaMom's Avatar FrugalGranolaMom 02:27 PM 01-02-2014

1) 2013 calendar

2) small cardboard box

Hey, it's a start!



anyalily's Avatar anyalily 08:08 PM 01-02-2014
I'm in! DH is on board too. I have already started thinking about strategies and I will begin tomorrow.
bruebee's Avatar bruebee 08:14 PM 01-02-2014
Im going go join! Im brit a mostly stay at home momma of two. I watched this thread with intrest last year and am excited to jump in now! Today I tossed a bunch of bustedtoys and recycled some card board packaging from Christmas.

zebra15's Avatar zebra15 08:38 PM 01-02-2014

9. pink fluffy yarn

10. black scratchy yarn





starting to build a pile of clothes to take a friend this week.  

FillingMyQuiver's Avatar FillingMyQuiver 06:35 PM 01-03-2014

I've joined this thread every year for the past 3yrs and have never stuck with it.  Well, I'm attempting year #4 :shy  We NEED to declutter.  We now have 6 children and 2 adults in our home, 4 of the children are girls who will eventually be sharing 1 room.


This year my theme for the year is "CONTENTMENT".  I'm striving for contentment in all aspects of my life.  Decluttering my home to open up spaces, repair usable items while getting rid of unusable items, and generally "blooming where we're planting" all go hand in hand with fostering our family's contentment.


I start tomorrow.

Marina Brasil's Avatar Marina Brasil 09:32 PM 01-03-2014
I've spent a few days at my parents and was able to go through a small part of my books that are **** there even though i've moved out 5 years ago, right after finishing college (college was in the same city). It will probably take 4 or 5 more visits to get it all done so it may take more than a year....

22 - key chain
23 - dog collar
24 - gift bag
25 - old remote control
26 - 44 - books

IsaFrench's Avatar IsaFrench 12:40 AM 01-04-2014

finally started this morning

2 half broken hair pins !!!

need to go and cross it off my recording chart !

orangemomma's Avatar orangemomma 03:42 AM 01-04-2014

1 defunct toothbrush

1 christmas toy regifted



xDaisyx's Avatar xDaisyx 05:41 AM 01-04-2014

1 full bag of old clothes. = 21 items

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