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windymama's Avatar windymama 07:16 AM 04-02-2014

We're blessed with generous family, friends and neighbours who have given my kids plenty of clothes, primarily hand-me downs.  Now we're swimming in clothes.  I was wondering what would be a reasonable amount of clothes to keep?  I was thinking a week's worth as we only do laundry once a week (we're in an apartment so it's easiest) but I was wondering how everyone else handles kid clothes.  Currently DD1 has about 20+ shirts and I know she doesn't need that many!

Margo B's Avatar Margo B 09:49 AM 04-02-2014

This is a great question!  I have been wondering the same about newborn clothes myself.  Hopefully some super organized mama has some sort of awesome system to share with us :).  I like the week's worth idea, though it gets tricky when you live somewhere where it isn't always t-shirt or long sleeve weather consistently.  We do a seasonal "tub" too, where my husband and I store the non-seasonal items that definitely aren't currently being worn (big jackets/swimsuits) but that we want to keep.  So far it is a pretty good system.  Maybe each child could get their own small bin, too.  

I'm half tempted to have a sort of uniform so our baby just has all solid colored onesies/tops/bottoms that can mix and match, and just have 7 of each item.  :)

sillygrl's Avatar sillygrl 10:01 AM 04-02-2014

I desperately need to clean out our closets, too. My aunt works with a lot of people with kids the same age as mine and they are so generous with passing on clothes to us.


I have used this list in the past as a guideline:

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