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meco's Avatar meco 12:58 AM 10-05-2004
Sounds like we are all making headway. It is ard but once it is gone, it is hard to miss it :LOL

Another trick that helped me was packing up stuff I was on the fence about and either dating for 6 months or a year down the road and tossing it then without opening. Or open and then force yourself to go through it and weed it out.

Good luck!!!!!

spero's Avatar spero 12:20 AM 10-06-2004
My poor family....supper has been an hour late the past two nights, b/c I can't stop my decluttering mania! :LOL I so wish we could afford take-out for a week.

I didn't get around to decluttering my office today - had to grocery-shop and get to the bank to pay our school taxes. But I did venture into the attic and haul some stuff out of there...and it still is overflowing up there. 1/2 of the stuff up there is cast-off clothes, we have a few pieces of furniture and some basic baby stuff I want to keep (crib, carseats, high chair), building supplies for our (unfinished) house, holiday decos, hand-me-down clothes I'm saving for our youngest. Of the rest, some stuff is saleable, but most is just junk that I've collected over the years and simply needs to be tossed. Bleh! I'll have my work cut out for me, come spring.

I've priced and packed everything. I'm having the garage sale at my mom's (she lives in town and has more visibilty - we live on a private road that doesn't get much traffic). My van is full and ready to unload at my mom's tomorrow; and I still have four totes and two boxes that'll need to go on Thursday. Plus stuff from my office, if I can get to that tomorrow.

I've decided to donate all the craft supplies clogging up my office to our Religious Ed program and to the Library (for Story Hour). I only use the stuff for RE (I teach) and story hour (I assist) anyway...and I want to free up space in here so I can start sewing again.

This has been such a LONG time in coming. Let me tell you something...if I can do this, anyone can. I have been SO bogged down by all this stuff, for so many years. Now that I've started decluttering, I'm finding it difficult to stop. I haven't had this much energy in ages.

How's everyone else doing???
be11ydancer's Avatar be11ydancer 02:35 AM 10-06-2004
Don't throw anything away - have a garage sale! We did that last Saturday to declutter. It went well. We sold quite a bit of our stuff (mostly clothes and books). It was lots of fun and a great project for our family. The best part (aside from the money ) was spending time outside all day long. The girls just loved it. They loved the fact that there was furniture in the front yard and people coming over and toys and boxes to play with. They had a blast and were sad when it was over (they are 15 mos. and 3 y.o.).

So, consider a garage sale for decluttering. Whatever doesn't sell, just load it up and haul it off to Goodwill or a shelter that needs it.

Good luck!
spero's Avatar spero 12:28 PM 05-16-2005
We just had a garage sale over the weekend and got rid of so much stuff!!! It was a lot of work (I had to actually clean the garage b/c the Sat. forcast was rain), but so worth it!!! I invested about $20 in advertising and garment racks/shelving (which can be re-used to organize stuff in storage in the attic) and still made a decent profit.

I had DS (DH is still not able to walk well or carry stuff - man, so much has happened since I last posted to this thread! ) clean ALL the big toys out of the basement and bring down big stuff from the attic - I priced it to sell and we got rid of so much clutter!!! I also had stuff left over and still neatly packed away/priced from the fall garage sale.

Everything got marked 1/2 price yesterday...great way to get rid of stuff.

We have a little bit left over - next weekend is the town-wide garage sales in my mom's village, so I'll take it over there and hopefully unload the rest.

Still need to clear the junk out of the attic...1/3 is clothes which will be donated to Goodwill, 1/3 is pure garbage that needs to go to the dump, and the rest will be NEATLY (at last!) stored away!

Now I need to CLEAN my poor neglected house. :LOL
spero's Avatar spero 10:54 AM 12-06-2005
Rather than start a new thread, I'll keep it here.

OK, so I definitely got sidetracked for all those months that DH was in the hospital and then recovering at home - my mom (bless her!) stayed here for 6 weeks to care for the kids, and she made things WORSE!!! She's a terrible clutterbug, it was Christmastime, and she brought so many little knicknacks/goodies into the house! Not to mention that so many kindhearted ppl (bless them!) brought us LOADS of food, gifts, and paper products/etc. - our house was just overflowing, and I had to do a major overhaul once things settled down and my mom moved out.

Then when it got warmer I started cleaning out the attic (a task I've been dreading for YEARS - it was really, really BAD up there), and had two garage sales this summer. One was a great success ; the other, not so much. I ended up taking about 40 garbage bags full of clothes to the goodwill drop-off bins, and so far there have been 2 fairly large loads of pure garbage to come out of there. Everything that didn't sell in my garage sales is boxed and ready to go to our church's annual fundraising garage sale in the spring.

This is the first year we've been able to get out the Christmas tree and decorations without a hassle! And, I actually have a dedicated space to store/wrap Christmas gifts.

Last month, we decided to finish 3 rooms downstairs. (We built the house ourselves, and moved in before it was finished, in 2001. We'd had all the rooms primed and sprayed white, and no trim on the doors, windows, etc. A couple of walls still needed priming. DH's original plan was to go room by room, but he got sidetracked.) So I knew it was time to declutter these rooms; esp my office/sewing room, which has ALWAYS been a complete disaster and the repository for junk we didn't want visible in other rooms. I once had all the Christmas decos/wrapping supplies sitting in the middle of my office for a YEAR b/c I couldn't get them back in the attic. :

As a result...for the first time in four years, my office is functional, neat, and I am finally using the beautiful antique rolltop desk my mom gave me when we moved in. (Now I need a flat screen monitor, though.) And the room is now a lovely shade of plum. Our former playroom will soom become the dining room it was originally meant to be, and looks rich and lovely in a deep cranberry shade. And our living room is almost the room we envisioned so many years ago - neat, functional, and a beautiful deep blue. All the trim is done in those three rooms as well - we used pine and just sealed/poly'd it and kept the natural wood look, which I prefer.

The kitchen will be next. I've always had a blue-and-green theme going out there and I have hickory cabinets, I think the walls are going to be a light pumpkin color.

And I really need to organize my bedroom - although DH is the bigger culprit for the mess in there.

It's been slow progress; but with every step of the way I feel so much less burdened, my energy level goes up, it's easier to clean, my mood improves. I don't function well in chaos and clutter, I just shut down mentally and retreat, then NOTHING gets accomplished; and the house goes to hell, and it's a vicious cycle. It's hard to get started; but once I do, I find that it's even harder to stop!

Now I am working on being less of a consumer, and bringing less stuff I don't really need into the house. Which is an enormous task in itself.

It CAN be done, mamas! Trust me - If I can do it, you can! It might take some time (so far I've been at it for a year and a half), but once you start it WILL provide the inspiration to keep going!!!
mamajessica's Avatar mamajessica 12:47 PM 12-06-2005
I love these declutter threads. DP and I spent yesterday trying to get thru our junk in the "extra" room. Since we bought our house I feel like we haven't really unpacked. We have a small living space and I cannot stand feeling cluttered in, so our garage and the extra room hold everything that didn't fit neatly into the other 600sq feet. It's a lot of stuff, some big and some small. I really want to throw it away without looking at it because that's when we start keeping things. It also is very hard to declutter with a toddler. I didn't work yesterday (I only work one day a week that DP has off) and it was the first time we have been able to get anything done since there were 2 of us to keep an eye on DD. That's it for now
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