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eminer's Avatar eminer 08:42 PM 01-17-2005
Update: Dh and I sat down and made a weekly routine of sorts, including both his recurring work projects (he works from home) and housework. Stuff is still tending to spill over considerably from its allotted day, but at least we are now actually getting everything done at some point at least once during the week (ok, except mopping, but maybe we'll work up to that).

I in particular could now qualify for Housekeeping Goddess status IF there were only two rooms in our apartment. The bedroom and bathroom look great. I made the beds this morning, picked/wiped up twice today (in those rooms only), and it was no big deal. The problem is, these are the easy rooms. Now to attack the living room and the kitchen (which are still atrocious, and where all the messy stuff takes place)...

At least half of you are probably going to laugh or shake your head sadly at me, but last night was so great: Even after doing nothing up until 1:00 mass and then having a relaxed lunch afterwards and continuing to be fairly harmonious all day (meaning plenty of interruptions :-)), we had our work (including some paid work dh has to do over the weekends) put aside in time to prepare a one-pot dinner and eat it and relax afterwards and still get to bed by midnight. (Yes, this is supposed to be a big accomplishment. :LOL) We're so cool.

I'm off to clean the living room!

Cloth4Colin's Avatar Cloth4Colin 11:26 PM 01-28-2005
I'm on board!!! Things have gotten so disorganized around here that I feel overwhelmed & don't know where to begin....starting this weekend, I am going to do some major de-cluttering!!

Weekly threads...see you there!
Breathe's Avatar Breathe 12:21 PM 01-29-2005
It's almost February, Mamas! How are you guys hanging in?

My house is a disaster, we've faltered some on the weekly menus (mainly bc I'm doing this INSANE elimination diet) . . . can't believe how much momentum I've lost in only one month!

TwinMom's Avatar TwinMom 02:49 PM 01-29-2005

I'm not doing anything 'cause I had my baby on Sunday! I got my HBA2C, story and pic are here. I'm finding out that my dh is a better housewife than I am! I'll be here lurking but am going to take it easy for awhile longer. I don't want to crash into ppd like last time.
Breathe's Avatar Breathe 02:57 PM 01-29-2005

Hoping you're resting and not doing ANYTHING besides nursing that baby (and his big brother!).
TwinMom's Avatar TwinMom 05:45 PM 01-29-2005

thanks!! i chopped some veg this morning & put away laundry, but then dh got mad that i was doing stuff, so i'm back in bed resting and nursing.
Linda KS's Avatar Linda KS 08:47 PM 01-29-2005
Congradulations Deb! Take it easy!

I have good days and not so good days. Consistancy is on-going issue for me! My decluttering is going great, though. I'm working on the master bedroom and bathroom today and I have gotten rid of so much junk! The house really looks 100 times better than it did a month ago, and we have healthy snacks in the house. Our house is now on the market so I have to kick into high gear
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