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annettemarie's Avatar annettemarie 08:56 PM 02-01-2005


Mom4tot's Avatar Mom4tot 09:46 PM 02-01-2005

It figures, huh??

annettemarie's Avatar annettemarie 09:49 PM 02-01-2005
Boy, we seem to be showing up on all the same threads lately...

Mom4tot's Avatar Mom4tot 09:52 PM 02-01-2005
Despite not liking FlyLady, I love this new forum. I didn't like the 4,000 emails an hour telling me what to do. I also can't wear shoes in the house.

I do like a clean sink and doing a little bit every day.
annettemarie's Avatar annettemarie 09:54 PM 02-01-2005
She did get to be a bit of a self-righteous email-sending PITA.

I'm a control freak, too- I just need to be the one deciding what I'm controlling!

I love these new forums, too!

The Hidden Life's Avatar The Hidden Life 06:04 AM 02-02-2005
I liked the idea of FlyLady, but I just can't wear shoes in my house all day long. I did get a very nice shiny sink out of the experience though. What's the deal with all the emails? Does she think everyone leaves their computer on all day long to read all those reminders? I tried it a couple times actually, but never got the hang of all those "hotspots" and "zones." Whatever!
dharmamama's Avatar dharmamama 11:27 AM 02-02-2005
I lasted one week.


1) I was spending more time reading her darn emails than anything else.

2) I refuse to wear shoes in the house.

3) Her attitude is so SMUG!

I did benefit from learning about hot spots. It has helped my husband and I keep the bookcase, the TV stand, the kitchen counter, and the dining room table cleaner.

my2girlsmama's Avatar my2girlsmama 12:47 PM 02-02-2005
Hi there

I must have not noticed a whole home management forum! :

I tried flylady years ago and hated her!

While I do clean bits daily and we do a monthly huge cleanup, I will never wear shoes in the house! LOL

Happy to be here!
yllek's Avatar yllek 01:37 PM 02-02-2005
I tried it too... and ended up being completely bugged by the emails. And this was before ds.

Still, I like the idea of a set routine, little mini-tasks, and shiny sinks.
chalupamom's Avatar chalupamom 01:38 PM 02-02-2005
Yeah, I'm pretty much with all of you about this. I liked the concept but her application was a little much for me. I did get something out of it, though, and I do check back from time to time. Hotspot awareness is one great thing - my stairs, dining room table and kitchen counter are the better for it. I hated the shoe thing initially but now I've forced myself to wear clean bobo sneaks. It does make it easier for me to take bags to the trash, head to the basement, etc.

Still, I couldn't keep up. All those e-mails were just so annoying (even on digest) and even though she claimed that you'd save time with her methods I didn't see how. Between the "missions" and the zones and everything else as far as I could see it added up to the same old amount of time keeping house, just in a different way.
khrisday's Avatar khrisday 02:08 PM 02-02-2005
I got a lot out of Flylady, but I can't handle all those emails, and I needed to make my own "system".
I have my modified system of morning, afternoon, and evening chores, and I do try and get other things done- but they are "extra".
boysrus's Avatar boysrus 04:31 PM 02-02-2005
I was a flying flybaby for a few months, and then we moved and I lost it. I signed back up and couldnt get into it again. I acant stand all the ads thinky disguised as emails.
So, what did I take from her? her laudry system, get up immediately start one small load. That is great for me.
Cleaning the toilet daily(although I still always forget to do it!)
Hot spot minders!

My greatest success lately has been the sudden crystal clear knowledge that home maintenance is indeed in my job description as a sahm. DH has to go to work whether he wants to or not, and now, so do i. I make sure I spend at least two hours per day doing house cleaning, and at least one hour per day on a project-organizing , decluttering, decorating, meal planning, grocery shopping, bulk cooking, xmas gift making, etc.
By doing this, I got my house totally decluttered over Christmas and New Year, and I kept the other rooms clean too, becasue i still had to do my two hours in other parts of the house.
myrrhmaid's Avatar myrrhmaid 04:48 PM 02-02-2005
i flunked the get dressed/shoes part!
yllek's Avatar yllek 04:56 PM 02-02-2005
Ah yes... decluttering was a revelation for me. After I moved, I refused to unpack a bunch of stuff. Now my home is far less cluttered and much easier to keep tidy.

But my garage is a disaster piled high with moving boxes. :
MamaMonica's Avatar MamaMonica 05:06 PM 02-02-2005
I got a couple of things out of it- never read her book- and went "no email" when I signed up for her group which defeated the purpose, I guess.

I am impressed by people who have succeeded and want to be one of them. I haven't been able to make it work, though

I will not wear shoes in the house, either.
Mamame's Avatar Mamame 07:06 PM 02-02-2005
I hated Flylady for much of the same reasons as everyone here. I DO, however, LOVE Motivated Moms ( and purchased the planner. She is very manageable and covers much of the housework aspect - and some clutter control. I try to keep a few ideas from FL like the kitchen sink staying clean and the 27 fling but otherwise I'm a MM!
annettemarie's Avatar annettemarie 07:09 PM 02-02-2005
Aw, I wanted to be the one who posted about Motivated Moms!!

I like it much better as well.
darkstar's Avatar darkstar 07:31 PM 02-02-2005
I HATE FLYLADY. I hat all the emails, wearing shoes in the house is not good for me either.

I would rather live in a cluttered house than have that flywoman ruin my psyche

Mamame's Avatar Mamame 07:35 PM 02-02-2005
Originally Posted by annettemarie
Aw, I wanted to be the one who posted about Motivated Moms!!

I like it much better as well.
LOL - Sorry!
azyre's Avatar azyre 07:56 PM 02-02-2005
oooh ooh im a flylady failure!! Im a lazylady for sure. Thanks for this thread, youve shown me a new forum!!! I think the key to my house will be to declutter and give everything I use a home, rather than the things I dont use taking up all the storage. I do try and console myself that my DD will never complain I was too busy to hang out
Cranberry's Avatar Cranberry 07:57 PM 02-02-2005
I didn't like the emails and I refuse to shine my sink. :
my2girlsmama's Avatar my2girlsmama 09:06 PM 02-02-2005
I read a Feng Shui book on decluttering that got me motivated a couple years ago to regularly declutter. Now I do it often enough that our home can breathe.

My tips:

I regularly sort toys, donate them or give away. Or throw out. Most are bought at thrift stores and can easily be replaced for subsequent kids.

I do the same for clothing, and even though I may want more kids, the clothes the two I have now haven't or won't be using have just been sorted and placed into bags awaiting a visit to a kids' consignment shop, as well as a second hardly used bassinet, baby swing and bouncy chair. My plan is to use money earned from them to buy more for them clothes-wise in the store.

I regularly do the basement, our worst place for clutter.

Same for clothes.

Bills etc get placed in a sorting tray(s) and regularly sorted.

We bought a cork board for kitchen, which aids in my incessant need for notes!

All in all it is the little things that help declutter!
Starflower's Avatar Starflower 09:53 PM 02-02-2005
I am so glad I'm not the only FlyLady failure around here!

I like some of her ideas, but I hate the term "flybaby" - I think it's condescending. Plus, she sent an email about cleaning up your computer desktop and all I could think was that my inbox would be clean if she'd just leave me alone.

After my house got to be a terrible mess again (OK, all things are relative here - it's not like it's ever been tidy - even before baby), I decided to go back and tried her again. This time I used a new, alternative, free email address so all the flylady mail would be in one spot and my regular account wouldn't get bogged down. Truth be told...... I have no idea what the password is to that account and I can't remember if I ever even checked it. :LOL

I'm gonna go check out Modivated Moms now.
Starflower's Avatar Starflower 09:56 PM 02-02-2005
Almost forgot - Anyone ever watch "Clean Sweep" on TLC?

I have found this show more logical, interesting and motivational than FlyLady ever was for me. (Plus a lot of their subjects' homes are WAY worse than mine!)
Kathryn's Avatar Kathryn 10:11 PM 02-02-2005

I just got sick of getting like 40 e-mails a day.
mogit's Avatar mogit 10:15 PM 02-02-2005
At least the rest of you signed up with FlyLady. I took one look at her website and was so overwhelmed by the number of links and lists and rules and explanations that I gave up before I even started.

Come to think of it, that's the way I keep house--get overwhelmed and give up before I even start!
nitemarehippygirl's Avatar nitemarehippygirl 10:31 PM 02-02-2005
i follow a VERY loose interpretation of the fl program.i think it's wierd to wear shoes in the house, and although i am getting better about not having a huge mountain of dirty dishes, i rarely shine the sink. i like the idea of breaking housework down into a smallish amount each day though, because i never seem to have the energy to do a massive weekend cleanup, like most people do. i delete all the testamonials, and really the majority of the emails. i take some and leave some.
Ellien C's Avatar Ellien C 11:44 PM 02-02-2005
Oddly, the only thing I got out of it was to wear shoes when cleaning. That has actually helped, esp since the basement floor is so gross, I don't like to go down there without shoes.

The kitchen sink was completely counterintuitive to me. In my house it is a success if the dirty dishes make it into the sink! If I can't put them there - well heck! That's what it's for - that's where they're supposed to go.

I love Clean Sweep. My house looks like those houses - it really does.
chrissy's Avatar chrissy 11:46 PM 02-02-2005
Originally Posted by Mom4tot
Despite not liking FlyLady, I love this new forum. I didn't like the 4,000 emails an hour telling me what to do. I also can't wear shoes in the house.

I do like a clean sink and doing a little bit every day.
beanma's Avatar beanma 12:06 AM 02-03-2005
i hate somebody telling me what to do even though sometimes the ideas are good. i did look at her website, but never signed up. i do dig clean sweep. i definitely have areas of the house that could use the clean sweep crew to come in and sweep up! :LOL
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