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I never could stand emails for motivation no matter which website. I use my own version of flylady. For some reason she is so right about keeping the sink clean at the end of the day. I can't explain why it works for me. It has made so much of a difference in my house. My house is not perfect by ANY means, but it does have some order to it. Flylady lays things out for the person who needs the details and those of us who are in the well as those that are not as detailed. I like that.

The control journal has really helped center things for my household. I keep a monday through sunday grease pencil type chart up on the fridge. I then just choose 2 days a week I do laundry and 2 days a week that I do Bless My Home Hour which includes dusting, mopping, sweeping, vacuuming. I don't play all her games like fling boogie..but I like her concept of not spending all day on housework. And there are detailed lists that make you think of places you have not thought of cleaning before...only after you declutter though. I divided up my house the way I want to..two rooms to declutter a piece and it seems to work out. I make sure I pair the rooms up such that I don't end up with two huge declutter ones to do that week.

As for cleanhome, it was a turnoff that the only two comments of praise on the website was slamming the competition. Surely the person that owns that website has better comments than that! Rarely will there be a system that works for all. I like to look at a package and adapt it to my liking and only then will it become successful.

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I have joined both Cleanhome and Flylady for about two weeks now, and got kinda bord with cleanhome's e-mails....nothing new or inspirational. As for Flylady, yes there are a lot of e-mails, but when setting up to join, I chose the once daily bulk e-mail option, so I only have one to open up a day (I highly recommend this). E-mail problem solved!

Slowly but surely I am having success with Flylady. It's all about slowly building routines and decluttering in small 5 to 15 minute intervals. It's all about going your pace. You can add things to your routine as slow or as fast as you want. And yes, seeing that shiny sink in the morning puts a smile on my face . A sink full of dirty dishes used to discourage me and make the whole kitchen look trashed, but now that problem has been eliminated.
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Originally Posted by AmyY
OK I'm back
The thing for me is I have two 20-month-olds who require constant attention when they are awake, and an online teaching job that requires at least some attention when they are asleep.
I want to pipe in here b/c I have two 24 month olds who also require constant attention, a full time that has now turned to part-time job out of necessity and a house to take care of. I personally think that if you are trying to raise your children the right way, meaning what keeps them and your family the happiest and most well-adjusted, that in itself is a full time 24/7 job. Anyways, I moved our whole house, packed it myself with a tiny bit of help from my girlfriends, dealt with my dh's nervous breakdown and then ensuing physical and mental and emotional problems, and guess what, I still have boxes hiding in a basement room waiting to be unpacked 1-1/2 years later. And, you know what I say? SO WHAT? They can wait until my babies grow up and move away for all I care. I am raising my babies first, and decluttering and cleaning second.

I LOVE flylady because she is gentle and kind and anything I don't feel like doing is discarded and never thought of again. She is not the messiah and I don't treat anyone like the messiah. She's just a kind-hearted person out to help others and make a decent living in the process. I feel inspired by a bunch of the stories and even when I do absolutely nothing to declutter, I feel happy that I have a shiny sink and counter top (that hasn't happened since I got married 7 years ago, my dh is a SLOB although I love him anyway).

Well, I think I'm tired because I'm doing so much! I also nursed a long time, but they are weaned now. That is tiring on a 40 yo body. And, heck, I'm 40! I'm supposed to be tired at night by this age! Yes, I need more physical exercise, I gained 80 lbs. with the twins pregnancy that I have YET to lose (although every day I say today is the day and then I procrastinate the eating-less thing) and I think I have some vitamin deficiencies from the twins pregnancy. A woman's body can only give so much to the little darlings without breaking down and declaring a sabbath (meaning that I need to rest). But mother's of twins NEVER get a sabbath, at least I don't. No one takes care of my twins, no one cooks dinner, no one cleans a bathroom in this house except me. But I see 2 future helpers that I made myself and they are the happiest little creatures I have ever laid eyes on and I am proud of me for making them that way and will continue to do it no matter how tired I get and I think all good mothers feel the same way, but maybe they aren't dealing with twins and I have heard from mothers who have both twins and singletons that the twins were so much more work than the singletons. It only makes sense. Can you be easier on yourself and just wait it out? When the twins are older and more independent you might miss their needing you constantly. I know I will, I just love the little dinosaurs I have running around and pulling everything off the shelf.

If you aren't sleeping thru the night yet, and I am not yet b/c of the twins waking up once per night, but at different times, then that is a major cause of tiredness too. It'll pass and you will be back on top of your game and the house will look great when the kids are at school (even if it happens to be college). Time flies quickly, enjoy as much as you can and don't feel guilty about anything else, if you are being a great mother, that's the only important job right now.

YOu have a lot of intrusion on your privacy from well-meaning and helpful people that love you, but you still are missing your privacy. Soon you will not need so much help and then you will have your house back to yourself and can breath a private sigh of relief.
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Hey BoyGirlTwinsAPMama, there's a group in Finding Your Tribe for mamas in their 40s with little ones...come join us!

You know, this whole discussion reminds me of curriculum discussions. Some curriculums are fantastic as far as I'm concerned, but friends are really lukewarm towards them, and vice versa. It's just what works for each family and each individual. But sometimes we tend to get all wound up about our choices.
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After going "no email' with Flylady and trying out Cleanhome, I decided I like FlyLady better.

FlyLady tells you what to do- gives you a "mission" for the day. Cleanhome just tells you to go clean up. I seem to need the detailed instructions or I'll never figure out what I should clean up next!! I also missed her silly little humor and inpirational stories. I can completely understand why some people are turned off by that, but I like it.

I also like getting pop-up email reminders when it's time for me to start a routine, or go to bed, or make dinner. I have my email filters set up so that all reminders go into one folder (those I just need to read the titles before deleting.) The "missions" go into another folder, and everything else goes into the inbox. I still get my pop-up reminders but my inbox isn't cluttered. I only go to the "one a day" when I'll be away from my computer for a while- this way, when I get back, I remember to resubscribe to individual emails but I don't have several hundred emails to delete!!

Ruth, single mommy to 3 quasi-adults
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I wish I could get the scheduling software we used for maintenance when I was in the Navy. It would be great for applying to household chores and maintenance.

breastfeeding, babywearing, homeschooling Heathen parent to my little Wanderer, 7 1/2 , and baby Elf-stone, 3/11!

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