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LaLa's Avatar LaLa 12:56 AM 05-12-2005
anyone know?

Bekka's Avatar Bekka 10:31 AM 05-12-2005
In my old community there was a little shop called "Bits and Pieces" that had been established as someone's Eagle Scout project, which took in crafting leftovers and you could go there and buy whatever for a minimal amount of money, and the proceeds went to a charitable cause (like, supporting senior citizens in the community or outreach or something). I wonder if there's something like that where you live? It had somewhat limited hours, but you could do one big run?
Fiercemama's Avatar Fiercemama 12:44 PM 05-12-2005
Its my understanding that places like Goodwill are able to sell cotton clothes that they can't sell to rag merchants, who then recycle it into expensive papers.

I would put 'em in a clear bag and send 'em to Goodwill or the like. If they can't sell them to a rag merchant, they might be able to sell them as craft supplies in their store.
KariM's Avatar KariM 01:43 PM 05-12-2005
You might contact senior centers or nursing homes in your area. Our senior centers are always looking for crafting supplies.

jessicafairy's Avatar jessicafairy 01:58 PM 05-12-2005
You could freecycle them.
Also scouts, brownies, preschools, and senior centers are always looking for craft supplies!