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Boobs's Avatar Boobs 03:35 PM 05-21-2005
I've been throwing all of our cans and plastics into a rubbermaid bin on the back porch and then sorting them out when we take them over to the center. We don't have home pick up. This system really isn't working out. We can only recycle plastics 1 and 2 and aluminum cans and magazines and newspapers.

KyleAnn's Avatar KyleAnn 04:14 PM 05-21-2005
Since we've moved into our new home, I have one of those big cupboards that opens to hide 2 good sized trash cans, so I dump everything in there until they're overflowing.... : and they pick it all up together here.
Before I had that I also used to use the big rubbermaid-like totes, and dh had cut openings in the lids so we didn't have to look at the "trash" as much, but we didn't have enough to seperate everything either...I had always wanted to get a few of the taller, narrow garbage cans, but space was always an issue....
My dh's arguement was always, If you had more bins to sort them at home, it would be easier than having to do it later, but would you be able to bring several of those to the center?
I'm sorry-that was really of no help at all. Just chiming in to say that's how we did it too.
nepenthesea's Avatar nepenthesea 05:47 PM 05-21-2005
Right now, we have three medium-sized plastic trash cans - the narrow ones without lids. We put cans and bottles in one, carboard and paper in another, and plastic bottles in another. They sit side-by-side in my tiny kitchen, and don't take up too much room. The only problems are that I can see all the stuff, and if we ever have little ones running around, I will need to do something different, because they could get right into them.

We don't have home pick-up, either, so I usually pack the stuff I take to the community recycling trailer in plastic garbage bags, and leave them there, or dump them out and re-use the bags. My husband takes the paper, glass, and cans to our shed. He wants to build a house using all of that, so they sit in the shed until he can use them.
NaturalDad's Avatar NaturalDad 06:24 PM 05-21-2005
We don't have any trash pick-up where we live--we have to take it all about once a week to the dump/recycling center. Right now we have four bins in the laundry room where we put our recycle: one for paper, one for cans, one for glass, and one for plastic. We stack them on top of one another staggered so we can still put things in.