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Hi all:
I'm Judi and my son Connor is 5 months old. He is a wonderful boy who likes to be with me all the time. He has only recently started to do some independent play. I am finding it difficult to manage my household and personal hygene. I don't let him fuss for more than a few minutes to throw a load of wash in, or load the diswasher. How do I get my house in order? I find it difficult to vacuum, cook dinner, take a shower, etc. everyday. My son sleeps on me most naps. When I put him down to sleep he's up in 10 minutes. My mother does come over 3-4 days a week for a couple of hours. I use that time to power clean, make dinner and sometimes shower. On the days she doesn't come over, I barely get anything done. Also, I have to pump 4 times a day to have milk for DS. He never took to nursing .

Please tell me it gets easier. Do you have any tips? I feel like I'm not keeping an orgaized clean house.

Judi Mommy to Connor 12-19-04
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Have you tried wearing him in a sling while you do things around the house? But don't push yourself too hard. They are only little babies for such an incredibly brief time!!! And it will get easier, but probably not for about 18 years! Well, I am only partially kidding. The hardest time for keeping a tidy house is probably when they are toddlers. Toddlers love to strew EVERYTHING they can get their hands on all over the house and stick little things in little crevices. And throw things down the stairs. And climb onto chairs to get the breakable things you thought you had out of reach. And they really like to "help" you cook. Well, you get the picture! But, boy are they fun!
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It does get easier - in some ways! Like the previous poster said, don't push yourself too much, but I can understand the desire to have organization & especially the desire to have a shower!

At that age, I wore my son a lot - in the sling, in the backpack (got one for about $5 at a yard sale). Also he really liked the "Johnny Jumper" (hangs in the doorway). He would happily jump and bounce in that for about 5-15 minutes at a time while I got some stuff done.

As for showering, I found it nearly impossible to find time for, so I would just make DS' bath time my bath time. Not anywhere as relaxing as a solo bath or shower, but you can at least get clean & wash your hair!

As for cooking, if you can try to make meals in double quantities (or even triple) and them freeze them for other nights so you don't have to cook a meal every night. I also still love to use the crock pot - throw something in there in the morning (or even better - have DH do it) and it's done at dinner time.

Hope that helps,
SAHM to a spectacular little boy, born 5/2003
:bf AND SO excited to be February 2006!
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If you get the answer LMK, :LOL It's SO hard with a baby! Especially when you AP and refuse to let baby cry. That's how we live and it's really tough to stay on top of anything. I'm lucky to get done the absolute necessities. I do shower everyday. I take less than five minutes and put baby in a bouncy seat outside the shower door. I do have a mesh water sling that I used with past kids that wouldn't sit in a bouncy. An Ergo baby carrier (www.naturalbabies.com) would really benefit you at this point. Your baby should be getting enough head support to go on your back and the Ergo is a lifesaver for me. Can't wait until this baby is big enough to use one!

Good luck to you!
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It IS hard, especially when you have to use so many free minutes for pumping. (I'm an exclusive pumper too, so I know how hard it can be some days!) How nice that your mom is available to help so much.

It's amazing how much time it takes just to care for your baby's and your basic needs!

I try to focus on the things that bother ME most. Like I can't stand dirty dishes sitting on the counter, so I attack those whenever I have a chance. Other parts of my house may be messy, but as long as the counters are cleared off, I can deal with it. KWIM?
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Try using a front pack carrier or a sling so he can ride with you while you clean. You might also try holding him in the shower with you and soaping one half of your body and then the other half. Maybe relax your housework standards and do a once a week heavy cleaning and wipe up the rest with a rag as the need shows up and cook extra food and freeze it when you have the help from your mother. You could also babyproof the bathroom and bring a little play gym in there with some music and take a quick shower while baby is happy playing.
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I have a 2 month old who I wear most of the time (in arms, cos both him and me hate the sling - too tight, too hot). I do the beds with him rolling up and down the bed as the sheets and covers go up or down; I take a 3 minute shower everymorning either when DH is still at home or when the baby is happily seated in a baby seat in the bathroom; all the rest of the housework is either done when my mother or the cleaning lady comes around, except for bits here and there (like mopping the bathroom everytime anyone has a shower, or the kitchen after dinner) when the baby is sleeping or with siblings+dad. Yes, 1) standards are much lower; 2) I find it ok to put the baby down if he's contented, sleeping or I just need to take a quick pee...

Hope these tips help!

Marta, WAHM (occasionally...) to Manuel (May 2000), Mariana (March 2002) and João (March 2005)
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My 3-month-old loves to sit in his vibrating chair, it gives me 10-15 min to get things done. Will your son sleep/relax in the stroller? If so, then at least you can get outside to clear your head & exercise (my apt. always seems less messy when I'm not inside all day, cataloging everything that needs to be done!).
Bjorns are good, too. good luck!
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It didn't get easier for us till DD was 2 1/2. Looking back, I'm really glad we gave her so much of our attention. She seems to be very securely attached and many times I can go clean another room for 20 minutes while she plays.

I know there are some moms that can take care of a baby and a house. I love it when my mom babysits -- the house manages to get cleaned, as well.
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I went through the same thing with my daughter Sage. She's 14 months now and I still can't pee alone.

My tips are: snugglie on the front and dragging her swing through the house, anywhere I went that swing went. Exersaucer was great too.

I agree though---take it easy, enjoy your baby and worry about the house later---it goes sooooooooooo fast.

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To be honest, I don't remember how I got through. I, too, had a dd that required one of us (usually me) be holding her in order to sleep. And I also had to pump (she'd only nurse at night when she didn't realize she was doing it.) I'm sure I did what you are doing, power cleaning when you have the chance. Wish I had better advice or something, but maybe just knowing someone else, too, survived what you're going through will help!
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