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Nik's Mommy's Avatar Nik's Mommy 07:56 PM 07-25-2005
I have recently gone through a large sweep of our house. I had a large yard sale (Dh calls it "People paying us to take our junk away" :LOL ). Everything that didn't sell was packed in the back of our truck that night and dropped off at a local charity..... well, everything that didn't sell that they accepted. I took many big boxes out of our house for the sale, and only returned with one..... which I hope to get rid of those items on ebay or at another sale. I feel great about the decluttering!!!

The one box I didn't even try to sell or donate was my box of textbooks from university. I have kept the ones I want to keep, but I don't need my chemistry, sociology, English and some of my psychology books. These books are perfectly good. Someone out there could learn a lot from them. My dh says I should just take them to the recycle station...... but it is so hard for me to "throw out" books! It seems wrong!

Are there organizations that take donations of used university textbooks? They are too old to sell at the university, as it's been 10 years since I graduated!
Or do you have another idea for textbooks?

PikkuMyy's Avatar PikkuMyy 06:37 AM 07-26-2005
Why don't you bring them to the charity as well? We often buy books at charity thrift shops.
Momtwice's Avatar Momtwice 10:31 AM 07-26-2005
A lot places that take books do not want textbooks. If nothing else you may want to tear off the hard covers and recycle the paper pages.
Lisalucy's Avatar Lisalucy 12:55 PM 07-26-2005
Hmmm, I wish I knew of a specific program that accepted texts. I know that the publishing company I worked for donated *dented* texts to schools in other countries in need. Also, prisons have libraries and educational programs that accept donations I'm sure. HTH

EFmom's Avatar EFmom 01:04 PM 07-26-2005
I'm an academic librarian and we get tons of people wanting to donate old textbooks. Really, there's not that much to do with them. Those programs to ship books overseas normally don't want old textbooks (dented ones are different). Often the recipients have to pay duty on the shipments, and it's not worth it to get out of date material.
Nik's Mommy's Avatar Nik's Mommy 06:33 PM 07-26-2005
The charity I don't most of my stuff to specifically says they don't take ANY textbooks.

There is a federal jail in a near-by community. Maybe I'll give that a try. Otherwise, I think the books' fate is to go to the recycle station.

Thanks for your suggestions!
Amys1st's Avatar Amys1st 09:10 PM 07-27-2005
Christine, I feel your pain- I too graduated over 10 years ago (dosent seem that long does it? )

Well with all of mine plus DH's we worked out a plan. It was tough but I had not opened any of those books since their final for the class so in my decluttering I figured it out. DH wanted his, so fine (save that for later) but I did get rid of all gen Ed class stuff except- Calculus, Physics, Foreign languages, and one Art History book. The arguemnt came from my bil the CPA. He said save math books since by the time our kids get to this level, they will have been computerized and calulatored to death and not know how to do these type of equations. Even though I have never used this type of equations again, I never knew I would need it for my dd for when she went thru it.

He also suggested putting them up on ebay. But we have a local used book sale coming up and they were very happy to take ALL of the remaining texts- esply my Art History stuff.
Amys1st's Avatar Amys1st 09:12 PM 07-27-2005
Originally Posted by Nik's Mommy
I have recently gone through a large sweep of our house. I had a large yard sale (Dh calls it "People paying us to take our junk away" :LOL ).
sophmama's Avatar sophmama 10:00 PM 07-27-2005
I've sold them for pretty good prices on Amazon.com. $15-20 each. It adds up.
greentextbooks's Avatar greentextbooks 05:13 AM 12-31-2008
I would sugest using GreenTextbooks.org
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woodchick's Avatar woodchick 10:35 AM 12-31-2008
I'm pretty sure that GotBooks? will take textbooks. We have one of their retail shops in our town and there's a whole section with old textbooks. You can check their site to see if there's a drop box or a pickup service near you.
Mama2Xander's Avatar Mama2Xander 03:02 PM 12-31-2008
I know this is an old thread, but just thought I'd mention that I recently got rid of a stack of old textbooks on craigslist (posted them free). They were from when DH and I were in school (1998-2001), so definitely not the newest editions, and I made that clear in the ads. There was SO much interest in them! Probably at least 10 emails per ad. Even after I marked them as "pending pickup", people were still emailing and asking to be next in line if that person didn't come. It was kinda funny... I didn't think anyone would really want them!