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gardenpoetry's Avatar gardenpoetry 08:48 AM 08-27-2005
microfiber mop with Dr. Bronners or nothing
spray bottle with water, tea tree oil and lavender
microfiber cloths

That's about it. Oh, and I do have a vacuum cleaner, but dh does that!

PikkuMyy's Avatar PikkuMyy 09:29 PM 08-27-2005
Microfiber cloths

Other than that, I don't have any particular tools - certainly not any of the disposable kinds. For those that use the disposable sanitary wipes - please look at the ingredients and make sure they're not antibacterial or anything, which is horrible for the environment (adds antibacterial chemicals to the water, etc. which kills important bacteria and helps promote bacteria-resistant germs.)

I use a broom and dustpan for my floors, I use towels under an old sponge mop to clean the floors with vinegar and water, and I use orange cleaner for countertops and bathroom. I also am a big fan of non-chlorine bleach, which I use to disinfect in the bathroom, sponges, toilet, grout, and for stains on laundry (or keeping whites white.)

If I'm not using a microfiber cloth to clean, I'm probably using a cloth napkin or rag, which I throw right into the washing machine. If I'm not doing laundry soon, I put a little non-chlorine bleach on it, then rinse and hang dry.

ETA: My biggest cleaning "tool" is Ecover's natural stain remover (like Shout) which gets out blood, oil, etc. like nobody's business without petroleum-based cleansers, phosphorous, or animal testing/products.
lilyka's Avatar lilyka 12:59 AM 08-28-2005
I recently got a swiffer like mop but it came with a microfiber pad and a wooly pad (for touching up the floor finish with a something like polyurithane) I love it. easy like a swiffer but throw it in th wash when you are done. you can use it wet or dry.

My one disposable convience indulgence, oh wait i have two, are windex wipes (and really I would be throwing away paper towels if not these) in my bathroom (otherwise the mirror never gets done) and the other is my magic erasers. don't tell me why they are bad *lalalalala I can't hear you* because il voe them and use them very sparingly. like sharpie emergancies.

adn Ihave to second the ecover stain remover. that stuff rocks. We bought a bottle to put it to the test and it got out everything! which is great because we didn't fair so well with the natruial detergent we tried.
whateverdidiwants's Avatar whateverdidiwants 03:19 PM 08-28-2005
For me, it's all about the cuban mop: http://www.cubanfoodmarket.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?. It makes Swiffers feel totally flimsy in comparison, and you just toss the cloths in the wash afterwards.
Heffernhyphen's Avatar Heffernhyphen 04:10 PM 08-28-2005
Tell me more about the Cuban mop. We have wood floors and the guy who refinished them said to only wet mop them, no soap. So about once a month I get down on hands and knees and swish some wet diapers around. Then I have to follow up with dry diapers so it doesn't dry all spotty. I'm looking at about an hour of Cinderella time.

Would the Cuban mop do this job for me? If so, you may be my new best friend, because my current method is a pain in the . . . knees.

whateverdidiwants's Avatar whateverdidiwants 11:17 PM 08-28-2005
Guess the link isn't working correctly. If you go to www.cubandfoodmarket.com and do a search for "mop" it'll come right up.

It's basically a thick dowel on the end of a broom handle. Instead of getting on your knees you could just push the wet dipes around with the mop, then switch out them out for dry dipes. Should work perfectly.
Sherra's Avatar Sherra 06:30 AM 08-29-2005
Good lord. The posts here have been so helpful. I have not only learned so much but I didn't even think of half the things that you folks have brought up.

Keep the ideas coming. I think I may get rid of my swiffer jet and I never thought I could.

Clean house clean planet is an awesome book. I'm floored at the information. All I can say is the heavy marketing from regular mainstream products really worked on me and I didn't realize it.

lilyka, you crack me up.

Heffernhyphen's Avatar Heffernhyphen 10:13 PM 08-29-2005
Originally Posted by whateverdidiwants
Guess the link isn't working correctly. If you go to www.cubandfoodmarket.com and do a search for "mop" it'll come right up.
No, your link worked perfectly, and I found the mop just fine. Just wasn't sure what was attached to the wood part, and if it could take that much water. I thought maybe there was some kind of tape or sticky stuff involved that might get hosed.

Juliacat's Avatar Juliacat 03:52 PM 08-30-2005
A squirt bottle of diluted scented vinegar and a rag.
LoriG's Avatar LoriG 09:41 AM 09-02-2005
For a mop, I use the Sh-Mop that I got here: http://www.thecleanteam.com/sh-mop.cfm
I love this mop because the terry pads stay on GREAT, and have good scrubbing power. Mine came with a set of 3, and you just toss them in the wash.
I also dislike throw away stuff, so I use rags for cleaning most things, except the toilets. I just throw them in with my whites, it's not any extra work.
Bleu's Avatar Bleu 01:30 AM 09-22-2005
I have a Casabella mop but I would have gotten a Cuban mop if I knew about that before I got mine. It looks very sturdy. I used the regular -- what, Rubbermaid? -- ones they sell at grocery stores and K-mart for years, but I used to break them pretty regularly. I'm apparently a somewhat over-enthusiastic mopper. And my mop has a replaceable sponge, so you don't have to throw the whole thing out when the sponge part gets nasty. I was appalled at the price, but it works much better than the lighter-weight mops I had before, plus, like I said, the no breaking is a definite advantage.
cloudswinger's Avatar cloudswinger 12:37 AM 09-25-2005
I have the Hoover floor mate. It's a wet/dry vacuum with little spinning scrubbing brushes. I like that I'm not pushing around dirty water, since there are 2 tanks, one for release and one for collection. We've got an senile old dog who doesn't always remember that she's supposed to pee outside, so this is really good for that. Nothing disposable either. Plus I can vacuum and mop in one step.
sapphire_chan's Avatar sapphire_chan 04:19 AM 10-02-2005
Originally Posted by Heffernhyphen
All the disposable convenience tools (Swiffers, throw away Pledge sheets, disposable toilet brushes . . . .) really annoy me.
My mom makes her own swiffer cloths from microfiber fabric. She's had a swiffer since they first came out and has never bought refills.

Rebecca's Avatar Rebecca 03:56 PM 10-03-2005
I'm boring. We use very few different items to clean, and no gimmicky, disposable things.

Brooms, dustpans and vacuum cleaner
Rags and microfiber cloths for any cleaning (including windows, unless i have some newspaper handy which is great for windows)
A bucket and scrub brush
Toilet Scrubber (only for the toilet)

We let the cleaning cloths air dry until I have enough for a wash load every few weeks.

The only nasty cleaner I use is a bleach-based shower spray to get rid of the mildew now and then. Otherwise, natural soap or vinegar or borax/washing soda/baking soda type cleaners really do work. Don't fall prey to marketing. The products may actually work and help around the house, but they are pricey, wasteful and not at all necessary. It's actually liberating to use less and feel good about it when you walk through the cleaning product aisle at the store, and you don't need any of it (it'll give you a headache from the perfumes after a while of going scent-free).
Starr's Avatar Starr 04:19 PM 10-03-2005
I love my Mister Clean Magic Eraser , it works great on scuffs, cleaning the oven, kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, and it all disappears so there no waste

Otherwise I have a broom, dustpan, Lysol to disinfect, bucket, old rags, tooth brush, swiffer, vacuum, glass and furniture cleaner

To clean microwave take damp washcloth and I pour some lemon scented lysol on it, microwave for 25 sec. leave in there and then wipe down the mess, it steam cleans it so it comes off easily and smells good.
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