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Jam-packed FULL of clothes I HATE! 2 33.33%
Jam-packed FULL of clothes I LOVE! 1 16.67%
Almost CRAZY but still WORKABLE at this moment! 9 100.00%
It hardly OPENS yet alone FUNCTIONS!! 3 50.00%
My closet is perfectly organized. 2 33.33%
Super BARE ~ only the minimum & necessities! 2 33.33%
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Why do we have so much stuff??

I have been freecycle'n my butt off trying to
get rid of all the stuff I have in my little place.

In the idea of Fung Shui ~

Everyday I walk around my home thinking
"what can I give away? what don't I need anymore?
what doesn't make me happy? do I really want that?"

Sometimes my place just seems INSANE to me!


I have a 3 year old, a messy man, a website biz and my
natural clutter tendencies to *fight* with on a daily basis.

So a few month's ago I borrowed a book from my local LLL group
called the Flylady (?) on how to get organized & declutter.
it was sorta a over the top housewife book but it
did have several good ideas that have
helped me get more motivated and aware of my "hot spots"
(areas that clutter up fast) and how to defuse them.

and then I started to read a bit up on Fung Shui,
moved everything around and
now my place is looking pretty good but I am still
actively trying to attain simplicity, organization &
just have less stuff.

this week I went threw my shoes and I have 6 pairs
waiting to find new homes via Freecycle.
it's crazy ~ i'm literally scared to go threw my clothes.

What is it about us that we cannot part with our stuff?

I've narrowed myself down to a few *excuses*:

~ I think I'll need that at some point
~ I can reuse that and create a ______ with it!
~ So & so gave that to me.... isn't it special?
~ I'm saving that stack of papers for reference....
~ I should really save that for my kids.
~ It still works - I can't just toss it.
~ That was expensive.


And I really need some wisdom & insight on my clothing issues.

I live in western PA and we have all 4 seasons to the extreme
so every few months, the weather requires a different dress code!

but seriously folks, please motivate me to downsize.....

How do you *let go* of clothes?
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~ It still works - I can't just toss it.
It's a waste if it's sitting in my closet not being used. If I give it away, it can bless somebody else RIGHT NOW!!!! If it sits in my closet for a few years, it might go out of style or get damaged in some way before anybody has a chance to use it.

Ruth, single mommy to 3 quasi-adults
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Originally Posted by Ruthla
It's a waste if it's sitting in my closet not being used. If I give it away, it can bless somebody else RIGHT NOW!!!! If it sits in my closet for a few years, it might go out of style or get damaged in some way before anybody has a chance to use it.

Absolutely. Look at your closet and say to yourself, "OMG I am guilty of greed and gluttony."

Free yourself, and help yourself and others.
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#4 of 7 Old 08-19-2005, 02:01 PM
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My best way to declutter anything is to ask "what would my life be like if this wasn't in it?" So, with clothes - if I didn't have that, what would I wear if I didn't have that? Like a fancy party dress - Am I likely to just buy something new for occasions that require something that dressy? Is there another dress I prefer? Would I never wear it because it has a stain/snag/doesn't fit well? If the answer is 'I'd be really dissappointed at the next party, because this is the dress I would want to wear' I keep it - otherwise adios! The other thing I do is set limits *before* I look at how many I have - how many sweaters/jeans/shoes do I need? then pare down to that number - that way I only have stuff I really like around, and not so much clutter. I hate looking in my full closet and feeling like I have nothing to wear because I can't see the stuff I like for the stuff that doesn't work for whatever reason!! - jen
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I was just thinking that there's NO reason why I have
clothes from 10 years ago and good point for the clothes
I only wore once and probably never again.

It's is the *sentimental* clothes that always get me:
the vintage coats my grandma gave me and my old
funky shirts that I just had SO much fun in....

I'm still thinking I should CHOP UP my sentimental clothes
and try to use them for my winter sewing if I can't just
handle passing them on.

"OMG I am guilty of greed and gluttony."

So true! I have definitely thought to myself that I am also
guilty of excessiveness ~ I can't imagine what my closet
would look like if I was an avid shopper. Most of my clothes
are hand-me-downs from friends & family.

Thanks Mamas!! I am feeling WAY MOTIVATED to
get in the closet & DEAL.

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I am one of the "bare" voters here. I always hated the way my mom hoards clothes. She has 3! huges closets full of stuff. She has stuff in there that is at least 30 yrs old. And if there is some event (like my cousins wedding) she HAS to buy something new for that because she just CAN'T where something that she as already worn on anonther function. Man that just tickes me off. Because at the same time she is constantly whining about not having enough money to pay the bills and she already tried to get me to send her money twice.

My closet looks very very different from hers.

I have

2 pairs of blue jeans
3 pairs of colored stretchy jeans (olive, beige, peach) my absolute favorite!
3 pairs of thin summer pants
6 pairs of shorts
10 t-shirts
3 Tank tops
2 sweatshirts
2 Sweatpants
1 pair of strechy capris (work out pants. i use them for house cleaning)
4 nightshirts
3 sweater jackets ( i put them on over the t-shirts in winter)
3 bras
15 undies
10 pairs of socks
1 winter coat
1 raincoat (the kind you roll up and put in your pocket)
2 pair of winter shoes
1 pair of sneakers
3 pairs of birki sandals
1 pair of garden clogs
1 pair of leather clogs

That is it. And I love it! I always know what I have. I always know what goes with what and I never have to look for anything at all. I don't have any run down clothes. I can wear everything in public without being ashamed to be seen in it. :LOL When I clean and cook I wear an apron to protect my clothes.

The same theme goes for my kids. They don't have much more than I do and it works well for all of us. DH is a slightly different story but that is work related. He works in uniform. But he doesn't have a huge amount of clothes either.

The kids have aprons too.

I do laundry once a week (We have a huge front loader. It's running right now) And then we are set for the week ahead.

I am very happy with it.

Maybe this helps
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Cinnamon, you make me sick :LOL I am a clothes horse tho nothing like your mom as if I dont wear it in a year it is OUT.

I love to yard sale and becuase I buy clothes so cheep I have lots as do my 3 dd's

Ahhh to be organized and to actually know how many clothes you have

My closet is neat and tidy but not my dd's as they like to many outfits a day and arent to good at hanging clothes back up. Their method is the dump on the floor

Cinnamon, you must not live in a very cold climate as I notice you dont really have a winter wardrobe, like sweaters and the such. Do you make house callsto help people pare down clothes :LOL
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