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mandib50's Avatar mandib50 11:08 PM 09-03-2005
argg!! i have so many recipes, most of them loose papers from magazines, i don't have a good system at all, they are shoved in a binder and make it really hard to find them without having to go through each paper. any ideas?


Shiloh's Avatar Shiloh 12:05 AM 09-04-2005

Then print them out and if they are favorite stand bys go to an office place and have them laminated and bound
beachbaby's Avatar beachbaby 10:51 AM 09-04-2005
I've been thinking about doing this with my recipes, but haven't yet (done it with all my knitting patterns, though!):

putting all recipes in a 3 ring binder with plastic page inserts...that way, you can just remove the recipe you are using at the moment. Also, if you are a messy cook like me, it'll keep your recipes from getting splattered.
TwinMom's Avatar TwinMom 10:54 AM 09-04-2005
I have my recipe in page protectors in a binder. They're divided by categories, like soup, beans, one-dish meals, desserts, salads, sauces, pasta, etc. I have a huge binder full of them; every time I try a new recipe that the family likes I put it in there. One other thing I do is I make notes to myself on the recipes. I'll write down what the family thought of it the first time I made it, who liked it and who didn't, what I might change next time, what I did change if anything. Some recipes are marked all over, with a new recipe handwritten below the original because I changed so much that it became something else!
pumpkin's Avatar pumpkin 11:54 AM 09-04-2005
I do the binder with page protectors as well.
For recipies on small slips of paper, magazine clippings, etc., I slip a piece of cardstock into each page protector and then add the recipe. It makes the pages a little more sturdy.
mandib50's Avatar mandib50 02:11 PM 09-04-2005
thanks, i think i'll try the page protectors. i'm a messy cook!
falcon's Avatar falcon 10:53 PM 09-05-2005
I love the binder with page protectors for recipes! I have two thick binders for my recipes, one is just dinners (alphabetically organized by category bean soups, casseroles, chilis, tempeh dishes... you get the idea). The other binder is for breakfasts, lunches, desserts, and side dishes (and is alphabetically organized by main ingredient, or the ingredient I am least likely to have on hand, if there are several main ingredients). I love this second binder the most... it is sooo terrific if I get a bunch of zucchini or blueberries or something on sale. I always have a bunch of easy recipe ideas ready to go for using them!

I think the binder system takes a little while to start (if you begin with tons of unorganized recipes like I did), but is pretty easy to keep up with (since you'll know right where the great recipe you just found in a magazine should go). I've been organizing my recipes this way for a few years now, and I couldn't imagine doing it any other way
mandib50's Avatar mandib50 03:12 AM 09-06-2005
great idea about the alphabetizing! regardless i need to get more page protectors and i'm so grateful for your ideas!
Dov's Avatar Dov 05:25 PM 09-07-2005
We scan recipes and use the computer (it's in the kitchen). Less space, less clutter. Although it definitely lacks the ingredient smeared charm of page protectors and binders :LOL
SillyMommy's Avatar SillyMommy 05:34 PM 09-10-2005
What about a program like Mastercook that you could enter them all into? Oh, how I would LOVE a puter in the kitchen!
falcon's Avatar falcon 06:55 PM 09-10-2005
Before binders I used to organize recipes on the computer and I didn't like how long it took to type them all in (some mags like Family Fun are nice enough to put most of the recipes found in their mag on their website, so all you have to do is cut and paste, but a lot of my other mags do not offer this convenient feature). It only takes me a few seconds to clip and file mag recipes in the binders. Plus I preferred my page protectors getting crumby/sticky to the computer keyboard... but of course non-slobs won't have this problem