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spring2's Avatar spring2 07:08 PM 11-10-2005
I have always wanted to use an organizer but I can't imagine how it would work. Did she go through your clutter? It seems like only you can decide what to throw away, where to put things etc. Can you give more details on what she actually did during the day. I am trying to imagine how it would work in my home.

Many thanks!! Spring

Satori's Avatar Satori 07:28 PM 11-10-2005
She decided where to put every thing and it was pretty much a if its not something I really need or was really attached to, it went in the trash.
momto l&a's Avatar momto l&a 07:42 PM 11-10-2005
So do you still like it? And is it still working well for you and dd?
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