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jee'smom's Avatar jee'smom 11:42 AM 11-08-2005
hi! i just got an idea for myself. when i go through magazines, i always rip out articles and save them. (for my own knowledge, to show dh, to show my students...) then i end up with piles of paper. it's overwhelming to me, but no matter how much i say i won't do it, i do. so, my idea is, next time i rip out an article, i will hang it on the fridge. i will give myself one week to either commit it to memory (and throw it away), put in my work bag to take to work, or show dh. at the end of one week, i must make my decision on what to do with it. maybe this will work? i'll have to try it and see! wish me luck... i'm so sick of all of the piles of paper!

srain's Avatar srain 07:37 PM 11-08-2005
Another idea- I'll often scan stuff into the computer to save- virtually unlimited storage space there!
countrymom's Avatar countrymom 03:04 PM 11-09-2005
Why did I never think to scan it??!!! WOW..great idea.......
For a while, I was puncing w/ 3 ring punch & putting in a binder--but they'd sit & sit in binder--I like the put on fridge for a week idea!!!!