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I've looked on Flylady and Organizedhome but I can't seem to find inspiration for how to move houses (and cities!)...can someone help??? :

ETA: I will be moving in 4-6 weeks and haven't decided yet whether or not to hire professional movers (am leaning toward not) or just renting a U-Haul...

Thank you!!!
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We moved SO many times as a kid! Now I've lived in the same house since I was married Here are some tips that we did, to help the organization whenever we moved.

1. Do one entire room at a time: closet, any shelf, bedding, wall decor, curtains, ect.

2. Pack each kid a small suitcase w/ 2-3 days worth of clothes, and couple of toys. Once we even went on a minivacation after we moved, instead of staying the night at our new house. IT was a long move, and my parents needed a day or so to recouperate before tackling the unpacking! Fun for us kids!!! Include a towel or two, toothbrushes, ect. Just like if you were going on vacation. You can live out of this until you get the new place situated.

3. Don't pack *any* food. Use up *all* canned and packaged food, and all the stuff from your fridge (I wouldn't do this if it was a short move, but if you're going 4-6 hours away, you'll have to keep fridge stuff cold, ect., too much trouble). Donate what you can't use up.

4. When you put stuff in the moving van, put it in room by room: LR furniture, boxes of LR stuff, pics, ect., then dining room, kitchen, and each kid's bedroom. Don't make yourself walk around boxes in the LR, for example, you'll be packing it first, and unpacking it last! Start at the front door and make your way back to the farther rooms. You'll unpack in reverse, bedrooms, bath, kitchen, LR. This way you won't be walking around boxes, or having to move a box 5 times. PUt it in the room it goes in, out of the way, and then go to the next room. Make sure and label EVERY box with the room it goes in, and what's inside: Mike's toys from closet- Legos, FP farm set; Bathroom- misc. stuff- meds., extra towels, toothbrush holder.

When you unload, take every box to it's corresponding room. If it goes in the closet, put the box in the closet. bedding goes in a corner until you get the bed up. everything else can be stacked in one place in the room until you can get to it.

We would always just do one room at a time. Usually starting w/ organizng the kitchen. First you have to cleanout all of the cabinets, ect. then decide where to put certain items. When you pack, be sure to pack up the most frequently used items in one box: Pots and pans -everyday (for your skillet, pan, stuff you use everyday) and pots and pans, misc. You can leave the misc. one packed, but still whip up something easy using your everyday box, until you have time to unpack all of your other stuff. We would usually do one entire room before moving on to the next. We also always cleaned the new house before we put our stuff in it, so I'd leave some cleaning supplies near the back of the moving van, easy to get to. Also, we would only unpack the necessary stuff at first, just to get situated.

Good Luck!
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Oh wow! Thank you so much! Those are awesome tips that I would not have thought of. That really, really helps. Thank you!
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Originally Posted by Free Thinker
2. Pack each kid a small suitcase
the 1st time I scanned this I thought it said "pack each small kid in a suitcase" which of course I knew was wrong, it just struck me as funny!

great hints! We are moving next week (just 1 mile up the road) but I am sick of taking all my junk with me everywhere & looking for inspiration to get rid of some of it before it clutters up my new house! I'll keep reading...
good luck with your move OP!
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Recently, we moved from a three-bedroom house to a small 2 bedroom apartment.

First I went through each cabinet, closet, drawer, etc. and got rid of absolutely everything I didn't want to have to unpack when we opened the boxes. I also purged with the idea of how much stuff we could actually fit into the new place so I didn't move a bunch of stuff I'd have to get rid of.

Next I packed all the rooms by room as was suggested already. I marked the boxes by room (and main contents) and whether or not they were fragile. I also bought some big round post-its and marked each room by a color.

Then I made a move-in chart of the apartment and gave each room a color so, for example, every box or bag or piece of furniture with a purple dot went to my daughter's room. Each bathroom also had its own color.

On moving day, I put old sheets and curtains I was getting rid of on the carpeted areas of the apartment like pathways. (You could also use tarps.) I put the color chart on the front door and a similar room chart at each room showing its color and where I wanted the furniture to go.

I was able to do that since I'd seen the apartments before and had some basic measurements. Knowing where the furniture was going to go really saved me as my daughter was starting the school year the next day. My husband couldn't figure out why I would do all this, but we were unpacked by the time they each got home from school and work and were able to start "living" there immediately. Our move had a bit of emotionally draining circumstances to it and it was a lifesaver to feel at home right away with all our comfortable things about us.

Good luck and I hope you just love your new place!

American in Australia; fiber artist; craft blogger; 2 grown kids; Aspergers
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Just went through it. I have been through it so many times but each time I learn something ( I have been back-n- forth between N. CA and MN a few times, latest was my closest- just a few miles)

What I learned this time
yes- pack by room and importance together.
Keep a box labeled brightly as JUNK DRAWER that has two different styles o' screwdrivers, tape, string, sharpies, pens, pencils, a hammer, nails, lightbulbs etc - things that you need to help unpack and hang stuff on walls (or else you unpack and set them aside until you find your hammer etc)- also anything in your junk drawer that you use a lot- keep this visible and accessable at all times!

I don't know about you all- but I packed abd labeled so well- "fragile" "basement" (that's another thing- label by floors so that they just get atleast there) and by the time things got packed and unpacked from the u-haul none of it mattered b/c I was not at the u-haul door delegating. Seriously, those guys (brothers friends etc) needed me to say "that goes in the Kitch" etc
Sounds anal but so helpful! And i think appreciated even by the loaders and unloaders! And I do suggest U-Haul

Has anyone tried those college student employed moving companies?
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