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crunchykids's Avatar crunchykids 08:54 PM 02-10-2006
I have a breakfront (china hutch) that came from my grandmother (who is still living, she's 88 ). We had to move it out of the kitchen quite awhile ago and it's been in one of the downstairs bedrooms. It still is used to store china/liquor/cookbooks etc. DD is moving into the room, so it needs to be moved out, the only place that I think I could put it would be in the downstairs hall. Would you do this or would he get rid of it? I doubt that I would be able to give it to another family member and I know that my grandmother would be hurt if we gave it away.

The other is a steamer trunk that a great-great aunt moved over from Ireland. It is currently in the garage because we don't have room for it in the house. It at least is useful for storing stuff inside.

I know that once the kids are older I will have room in the house for these things again. But dc#3 is not even here yet and I realize that older means like 8 years. I also know that I am holding on to these things because of the sentimental value. Do I need a reality check?

Shiloh's Avatar Shiloh 11:19 PM 02-10-2006
keep em.
teacup's Avatar teacup 11:33 PM 02-10-2006
I'd definitely keep them.
momto l&a's Avatar momto l&a 12:36 AM 02-11-2006
They are family heirlooms, keep them.
Slabobbin's Avatar Slabobbin 12:43 AM 02-11-2006
No way would I get rid of them. It may seem like a good idea now but I think you would regret it later.
erika h's Avatar erika h 12:59 AM 02-11-2006
Those are definite keepers. These items are not "just taking up space", there is real family history there.
USAmma's Avatar USAmma 01:07 AM 02-11-2006
Oh keep them for sure! They may seem like clutter now but they will be more valuable to you when you have more time on your hands to keep the house. Both of those things could be very valuable, too.
CarrieMF's Avatar CarrieMF 11:59 PM 02-11-2006
ITA, keep them. My grandma died in Dec and my mother doesn't understand why I want some of the things I want, yet she wants the old dresser that my Grandpa's side of the family handed down to G&G when they got married.
lenore80's Avatar lenore80 09:12 AM 02-12-2006
Keep them! Worst case sceneario you can store your kid's clothes in it.
marybethorama's Avatar marybethorama 03:32 PM 02-12-2006
Keep them.

You can use them to store anything. I used one as a diaper table once (now it's in my bedroom. My china cabinet is now holding board games.

I can totally relate about space concerns. Keep them anyway though. You may be able to find space later.
sunshinestarr's Avatar sunshinestarr 11:47 AM 02-13-2006
To echo everyone else, I would definitely keep them! There's nothing wrong with a little semtiment.

SneakyPie's Avatar SneakyPie 02:27 PM 02-13-2006
I'll be the voice of dissent -- I might keep the breakfront depending on age & condition -- is it actually a lovely antique, or did it simply belong to your grandmother? (Previous possession does not *necessarily* an heirloom make.) And honestly, I can't stand trunks. They usually stink inside (stinking up their contents), they're heavy if full and bulky even when empty, we travel with suitcases now not trunks, they never fit with the decor I like, and if the top is at all rounded it can't even be used as a tabletop. (Can you tell I keep trying to get my husband to dump the 2 "family heirloom" trunks we're saddled with? )
teacup's Avatar teacup 06:33 PM 02-13-2006
I'll take 'em, I'll take 'em! I can't wait to have my Grandma's. For now, Dad has dibs.

Carrie, I think it is especially hard to part with things when you've first lost someone. When my Grandma died, it felt like her things WERE her. They were all I had left, save photos and memories. And some things are so quintessentially (sic) that person. I still have some crochet projects she started and never finished.