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#31 of 42 Old 03-22-2006, 01:44 PM
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I think a household without a tv would be nice. The family sitting around doing things together and talking. Hmmm...it that works for you, then go for it!!!
I on the other hand, am a tv junkie. (Technically I don't watch much cable, but we watch a ton of movies) I cannot and will not live without my tv.
But good for you for making that decision. I'm sure you will find it to be a great decision for your family. Congrats!
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Ya, I'm with them! I'm envious, too. I didn't have (or want) a TV until DH (just D-boyfriend at the time) moved in and he had to run out and get a TV before he shriveled up and died. I've managed to fend off every request (from him and DS for cable. Just what we need-500 more channels of pure crap.) Admittedly, for him, watching TV helps him learn more English.

But, just like a woman who hooks up with a junkie and then picks up the needle herself, I find that I, too, have become too dependent on this damn box. DH works second shift, and I like having it on as some kind of "company" even if I'm reading a book and not watching it. It can be kinda' scarry in a house at night. Soon, I'll be a SAHM with an infant, alone for 8-12 hours a day...I'm afraid I'll be totally sucked in to mindless crap...how can I avoid the trap????? (HELP!)

We're moving in a few months, maybe it'll get dropped "accidentally"?????
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We've been TV-free since June '05. Best decision ever! I feel so much more peaceful and calm without the boob tube.

We do still watch DVDs, tho. (We have netflix and also get free DVDs from the library, including choice TV shows.) I am noticing more and more that my tolerance for how many DVDs I can watch in a day has drastically lowered. (When we had a TV, we would do marathons of old movies that lasted all day long... I can't do that anymore!)

Our set up is perfect for us: we have a DVD player hooked up to a projector in the living room. And a HUGE screen that rolls up when we're not watching anything. Movies on the bigger screen are perfect, and we don't have the same "focal point" problem as we did when we had a TV (b/c the screen rolls up to the ceiling and isn't noticeable when not in use).

The hardest thing for us to give up was sports. We're big football fans. My DH watched the superbowl at a sports bar this year (not the best environment in the world, but we didn't get invited anywhere -- I didn't go b/c the smell of beer and cigarettes is GROSS, but I did follow the game online a little). We follow our football team online via internet radio, but it isn't as good as watching games.

However, we both still agree that being TV-free is worth it!
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Good for you! You won't regret it!

DH and I cancelled our satellite service 5 months ago and have been basically tv-free since then (we watch maybe 1 or 2 videos from the library each month). What really sealed the idea for me was the incessant commercials constantly telling me the next thing I need to buy to make me happy. I don't even like the idea of renting videos as, for the most part, the $ only goes to make huge corporations richer and more intent on churning out crap.

I will never go back to the tv-life. It's just too easy for me to get sucked into mind-numbing hours of tv, even if I only intend to watch it occasionally. Right now, I'm considering getting rid of the tv/entertainment center all together to give more space in our living room.

SAHM to two amazing boys
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we don't even have the option of tv. There is no reception or cable here. I don't miss it (well maybe general hospital, I've been watching that since i was in the womb). I have a gift subscription to parents magazine. The editor wrote about how she turned off her tv for the benefits and reported that her kids didn't go outside any more tha they did before, they now just watched movies all day. Her conclusion: turning off the tv does nothing to benefit families.
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no tv here either. you are gonna love it!

Liv, SAHM of 3 kiddos 





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GOOD for you!!!!!

We only have one in the house and the kids get a movie a couple times/week and I watch the news at night.

It is incredible how addictive it can become.
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Great for you! My DH and I haven't had TV for the past 4 months--before that we went without one for 4 years and never missed it. Now we're considering getting hooked up again. I'm not sure whether to do it or not. It'd be a great learning tool for both my DH and DC to learn English with (it helped me a lot with Japanese), but it can be very addictive. If it weren't for that I definitely wouldn't get it. But I'm debating if I should get it just for the language exposure or not.

Suppose if we do end up getting one we can do the "out of sight, out of mind" set up too.
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Good job!!!!!!
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Wow! I wish I had the choice... you totally made the right one, imo! I don't want to be ever more repetitive since so many have already responded to this but I read the plug in drug after joining the mamas of no tv kids tribe and I've been loving it. Enjoy your piano.

Christina, mama to 3 kiddos, Southern California
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Bravo to you! I hope you still have some videos though, sometimes you need some quiet down time and tv "deprived" kids usually are just zombified with a video. We have many friends who do not allow their children to watch tv and when they come over I have to remind my dh to turn it off. They are not allow to watch due to content of commercials etc. One boy just goes zombie the second he sees it on commercial, sports event, anything and I turn it off and tell dh to do something else for awhile. We have a hard time understanding why this happens b/c our kids are oblivious to what is on the screen and their attention span is not that long with most tv programs. I don't get the tv / babysitter thing -- it certainly doesn't work for us.

I grew up in a virtually no tv house. When I was little there was 1 channel that was only on for 3 to 4 hours a day (this was the station, not a rule by my parents). So, I was allow to watch Seasame Street if we were home when it was on.
When we moved we never had more than an antenna and again very few channels and very little tv time. Then the tv antenna was struck by lightning and no tv for 5 years. Let me just say "current events' at school without a tv to watch at home for homework really set in that we were poor, very poor and I never did tell the teacher we didn't have a tv, I just got a bad grade.
When we moved we finally got a tv, but we went back to the 1 channel country and we were never home.
I enjoyed the little tv we did get. When I got married my dh had cable!!! Talk about an addiction. I made up for lost time, I developed a feeling of depravety from my childhood.
As a child, my family never spent money on entertainment like movies, video rentals, cable tv etc. I don't think we even owned a VCR until 1992. And we still never spent money on videos.
So, today in my own home, we have cable tv. My dh couldn't do without his football and other sports to watch. I tried when we moved here by telling him I wasn't dealing with the cable company, we were only a month without tv. We have the very least amount of cable you can get, antenna do not work here for broadcast pick-up too many mountains.
I think I watched a show for an hour day before yesterday! If it's off, the kids don't even turn it on and if it is on, often times they turn it off. I love going to my mom's -- there is no tv! And if we've (the kids and I) have fallen into a bad habit of watching, a trip to mom's will cure it fast.
I truly do applaude famillies that turn the tv off for good. There really isn't anything good on anyway. My df is living with us and she is just shocked at the content of primetime, her kids are at her mom's and she actually has had some time to turn the tv on. She's right, there isn't really anything that good on or worth filling our minds with.
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We had our TV in our main living area and instead now have a piano there too (from in-laws house - DH is a piano player and has been stuck with just a keyboard for years)!!! Definatley an AWESOME decision...the only time you will wonder if it was the right decision is when you have heard MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB being played for the 100th time
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