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We rent a duplex (connected to the other side only by the carport roof) that's about 725 square feet. Our bedroom is perfect--it fits a king size bed and a twin size bed foot-to-side perfectly, filling the whole back wall and most of the side walls and leaving space to get to the bureau and the tiny closet. Under DD's bed is a giant suitcase and 2 ikea underbed boxes to hold extra blankets and sheets. Our 2nd bedroom is the office/sewing room. It's a big L of desks and then a shelving unit on the back wall. We've put shelves up everywhere we can but still have boxes under our desk from our move a month ago. We have one bathroom---it's tiny, the diaper pail sits in the shower all day and goes in the hallway when we shower. Our living room/dining room is very nicely proportioned. Our kitchen is smallish but we've found a place for everything, our portable dishwasher is in front of the window and the frige overlaps the window a bit as well. We have a great storage room with the stacked W/D, water heater, and shelves up to the cieling everywhere. We keep tools, cleaning stuff, the vacuum, wine, platters, the blender and waffle maker and kitchen things we don't need often out there. It's very organized! We love the space and the small size is fine as long as the layout is good. Unfortunately we have 8 boxes of books that haven't found yet in the month we've lived here. We'll work on that soon I hope!

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1550 sq. 3 bedroom townhouse. Just perfect for us. But know that we're starting to think about maybe having a fourth baby I have no idea where to put him.
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Currently living in a 3br/2ba 1300 sqft house with 2 kiddos and 2 adults. Still plenty of room for us- we don't even use the third bedroom at all.

Moving in June to a 2500 sqft house.
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1700 sq. feet. Most of it is a greatroom (living, kitchen, dining in one big room) with bedrooms off the side and one small hallway. 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, one office (small room w/ no closet). It is probably slightly too big for our needs. We are trying to have less "stuff" and we probably have less than most people. But all the stuff ends up being spread out over the great room. Even though we don't have many toys anymore, the kids create new toys out of kitchen tools, TP rolls, boxes, bags, etc. And I still have a mess to clean up at the end of the day. Yesterday my toddler did some gardening in the houseplants.

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We have 1400sf now. 2 kids under 5 and two dogs. Plenty of space. Actually a little too much since I'm the only one who ever cleans anything. We're probably moving to a 1000 or so sf house to save money to buy later on. We jumped the gun on buying and are regretting it. We'll have a fenced in backyard in the other house and enough room but I imagine it will be a little cramped. We will have minimal clutter. I am DETERMINED to keep the clutter down in the next house!

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Double Post!

Stacey reading.gif Happy wife to Rick coolshine.gif ,homeschooling Mama to Jacob, Noel, Joanna jumpers.gif  and a sweet stork-girl.gif due in the Spring!
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1600 square foot - 1 large master bedroom, 2 decent size bedrooms.

1 adult, 1 3 year old, 1 cat 1 dog. Plenty of room but some space not used well and other space hard to use. Would still work well with second child.

When 2nd adult (father) is visiting - it gets crowded. . A den or sitting room would be nice during these times.

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Just under 1100 sq ft. It's me, DH, DD (3) and DS (8 weeks), plus our cat and fish. DH says he can't imagine having any more people living here though. Our neighbors below us have the same exact place with 2 adults and 4 kids.

It's plenty of room, but the space is not designed real well. No storage at all (so vacuum is in one of the bedroom closets, etc.) and the kitchen isn't very big (it's a 1-person at a time kitchen). The worst part is it's a condo, so no yard at all. BUT this was the only way for us to buy anything here in San Diego, so it works for us right now!
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Our house is almost 1800 sq. ft. 3 bedrooms. It's me, dh , ds and the cat.
Dh needs a home office so that's what one of the bedrooms are used for.
I think it's perfect for us. Roomy, but not too big. The only thing I don't like is the open foyer in the front of the house. We never use that door, always the side door into the kitchen. Wasted space, it bugs me because it's not used, but it's not really big enough to use for anything else either.
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2800 sq ft
5br 3bth
kitchen great room, study,
2 car garge 3/4 acre,

ds 10 dd8 they share a room
ds 5
dd 3
dd7 mos
youngest 3 have own rooms..
master bedroom w. bath

i am pgnt w. #4 ( 8&10 are newly adopted nephew/niece)
so we need more space. DH and I want each child to have thier own space... we have a huge playroom...

we are planning our 'new' dream home.... it will have a basement-walk out that serves as a huge playroom/craft room etc..... we will also have a kiddie size 'potty' a definate must.... as for living space we want a large kitchen and great room... a library area and office...

we are working with an architect on basic plans while deciding if we will build here or out of state... im pushing for moving...
dh and i wanted 6 kids.. bio kids... i am pgnt w # 4... which puts us at 6 kids... however DH and I want 2 more...

I also want commercial quality applicances... i seem to always be running the washer or dishes etc..

good luck
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1100 sq ft. 2 adults 2 kiddlets 2 cats

3 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath good open kitchen/dining/living room and a little added bonus room that is like 60 sq feet-ish that is officially called the "school" room

my take on the matter is the bigger the house the more room you have for stuff. We lived in a tiny trailer w/ ds #1 and my sil. moved into this house, sil moved out and we had another wee one. The boys share a room the other is spare/junk/laundry center/catch all computer stuff.

I don't think I want a bigger house right now. We'll see when the boys are teens.
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950 SF house...

2 adults
6 yr old
18 m/o

The kids used to share a room but dd would keep up ds too much and he was so tired... so we made a room out of an old "utility room".

big kitchen (nice!), medium/small living room. small bedrooms. decent bathroom. and nice big yard. It's an apartment on the bottom floor(not so much basement b/c it's above ground) of my parent's gigantic house (they have 4 HUGE bedroooms and 2.5 HUGE baths etc... which is WAY TOO BIG!!! I would hate it! it's like 4 times the size of ours for just 2 people!)

I love our place... I do wish for a bit more space for company and indoor play. I think 1400 would be really really nice. it gets so cramped in the winter when we're all stuffed in here. and we are a stay at home kinda family.

we only keep what we actually use or love or both! I declutter often and sadly my packrat mother takes in most of it! I hate clutter!

I prefer to own my stuff, not it own me. and when you have too much it owns you. you have to make space for it, pay for housing for it, and dust/polish/clean/vaccuum it. BLEH! less time and money for the good things in life.

keeping things organized, clean and simple is the best way to live if you wanna actually enjoy your life!

most people in my area live in what I consider mansions. we are way below poverty level here which is sad. (for them, not us!) avergage home is 2800-3000sf easily. many are bigger. no thanks!

5 y/o DS said to me one day "maybe if daddy gets a new job you can afford your very own beds!" haha this whole time he thoguth we shared a bed b/c we were too poor!! LOL

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We have a 3000 sq foot house. Part of that is our unfinished basement.
There are three of us. Me, dh, and ds. We also have 3 cats and 1 hampster.

There are three bedrooms and three bathrooms.
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We just bought our first home, and it is just shy of 1200 sq ft. Honestly, I think it will be plenty big enough. We have done some serious purging, and organising lately, which will definitely help!

Julie Married to my sweetheart
Mama to DD (8) DS (7) & DS (1)

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3300 sq feet, not counting our unfinished, practically filled to the gills basement (DH is a total pack rat). We've got 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, family room, kitchen, playroom, MBR sitting room (where we've made our home office), living room and dining room. Also a 2 car garage (where we actually park our cars), a shed and about 1/3 acre yard.

We have too much space, IMO. Our stuff expands to fit the available space. I often daydream about living some place smaller so it would be easier to clean and I'd be motivated to declutter and perhaps not buy so much stuff.
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860 sqr ft, two adults one toddler. It's too small for us. Well let me qualify, it's too small for us, and DP's big freakin' couch, his 60 inch monstrous television, the gargantuan entertainment center that houses said telly, and then of course there is the large speakers and sub-wolfer for sound. There isn't much closet space either. But come to think of it, if DP just moved out and took all his stuff with him, DS and I would fit fine in this house.
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2800 sq ft including a finished walkout basement. 4 bed, 2 1/2 bath (1 full, 1 half upstairs, and a 3/4 downstairs). That's for two adults, a toddler, and no pets. We have a lot of crap, and I would like to get rid of it and have more space to live in. That said, it's easier to make a large space livable when you have a lot of crap than when you're trying to pile it into a small apartment like we used to. It's possible to temporarily throw everything into a storage room and leave the rest of the basement in good shape for entertaining on the spur of the moment.

My husband keeps saying he wants a bigger house so we'll have more room. I keep telling him we'd have more room if we got rid of a lot of stuff. It's an ongoing battle. I would consider him pathologically disorganized, and I mean that seriously, not as an insult. He's one of those people who will go into a room that's 2 feet deep in trash and scrap paper and spend two hours alphabetizing the CD collection, and then wonder why he can never seem to get it clean. So I think organizing will have to mostly be my project ... it's just a question of finding time and energy for it, while working full-time and taking care of a bouncy little monster at the same time.

Also, in our defense, in case this sounds like way too much space, my husband does run a home office out of the house, and we plan to have a couple more kids, so it's not totally wasted on our junk.
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