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tikva18's Avatar tikva18 03:25 PM 07-07-2006
Originally Posted by Tummy
: Good Gods she makes me so mad some times!!!

This weekend my mother wants my 8 yr old to come over and help her clean up.. ok, sure thing.

Well, while I was there she had him load my truck up. I mean there was 5 boxes of $H!T in my truck. Things she "gave to him." Mind you three of the boxes were of unopened glass cookie jars (not small!)

I tried to tell him that we did NOT need this stuff, but he really wanted it.

I told my mother cleaning her house did not constitute sending it all to mine!.. she laughed at me: It does not matter how I talk to her or tell her not to do this kind of crap.. she continues to do so.!!!

Mind you.. she is the kind of person that..
*no one EVER does ANYTHING for her.
*She always puts others before herself (her words NOT mine)
*She never asks to have something done for her.. she TELLS.

Oh must I go on?

She thinks I'm kidding!!! My home is so cluttered as it is.. I am in serious NEED of cleaning mine out.!

Just needed to vent.
Are we related? My mother paid a mover to empty her basement into mine! I had just moved into my house was getting ready to remodel - had all of my things stored in my garage for the remodeling and was on bedrest w/ the twins - nd she PAID a mover to send me her junk.

Did i mention that she lived in central iowa and i live in Chicago?

A&A's Avatar A&A 04:12 PM 07-07-2006
I hate it when people do that!!! My MIL just did that the other day, although it wasn't five boxes. And she gave my dd a vinyl bag that was DIRTY! I don't want your clean cast-offs, let alone your dirty ones.
marybethorama's Avatar marybethorama 11:20 PM 07-07-2006
I'm just sooooo thankful that my mother is a ruthless declutterer

My MIL is a packrat but she never gives anything away and someday it will go to my SIL I'm sure
Penelope's Avatar Penelope 01:16 AM 07-09-2006
Cut and paste of an email I sent my brother:

So Mom sent me a box which arrived today, and I thought I’d just share a partial list of the contents with you.

- three boxes of slides I took as a child. (I do not own a slide projector, btw.)

- a yellow tank top I wore as a ten year old

- sixteen assorted buttons

- doll clothes (totally normal)

- an eraser, still in the box, from Drug Fair (original price: 39 cents)

- a half-used box of watercolors from Super Fair

- a birthday card from Grandma Midge for my first birthday

- a black placemat-sized bit of fabric with five human figures corralling elk on it (wtf?)

- a book called “Apache Vengeance” from the US Army Aviation School Library, stamped Property of U.S. Army (sic the US and U.S.)

- asssorted jewelry from Grandma Midge (I assume) including a rosary (unexplained)

- a photo mislabeled as having been taken with my “Brownie Camera” (I have never owned one)

For today, then, just be glad you’re you, and not me.

eta: it also had a certificate for completion of a pottery class I took in 1983.
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