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I'm trying to figure out how to organize the bedrooms-what needs to be in those rooms? Do you keep toys in there? Just beds/dressers? We live in a 3 bedroom home (1300 sq feet) and have 2 small children. We are in the process of a major declutter/organization but am trying to figure out what other people do.
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Well, right now our daughter's room is somewhat of a storage room because she still co-sleeps with us but we do have her clothing and such in there...

....however, when we do fix up her room I want to make it fun, functional, and comfortable. Since we only have a 2 bedroom (for now) I plan on just skipping the toddler bed all together and putting in a full-sized bed so that if we have over night guests, they can sleep in there (she can sleep with us, which she will probably be doing for some years yet) -- I plan to have a dresser for her clothing and keep some of her clothing in the closet. Other than that, maybe a side table next to the bed. SInce her room is pretty large, I want to have *stations*...an art station in one corner with an easel and perhaps a little 3 drawer bin or shelf with bins for paints, crayons, paper, craft stuff...I may also paint a big square on the wall in chalk paint too so she can chalk on that...then I want a dress up area -- we have a little wooden cubby with a door on it that is about 3 foot high, perfect to hang her dress up things and to keep a box in the bottom for accessories etc. I will put a mirror next to it, probably attached to the wall. It is big enough too for a little reading *station*, a small comfy chair or even just floor pillows and a few stuffed animals next to her bookshelf (bracketed to the wall so it can't tip over). I have a big wicker basket which holds all her musical instruments too, which will probably go in there as well. We will keep some toys in there too, but we keep them throughout the house in baskets and bins, tucked away but accessible to her.

Stuff like that, I do like the idea of *stations* .. i think it makes for easier clean-up and also helps with organization of different activities a child may like to do, they can always find their *stuff* for a particular activity...

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by Adamsmama
I'm trying to figure out how to organize the bedrooms-what needs to be in those rooms? Do you keep toys in there? Just beds/dressers? We live in a 3 bedroom home (1300 sq feet) and have 2 small children. We are in the process of a major declutter/organization but am trying to figure out what other people do.
I have bought shelving or the closet maid stuff from HomeDepot and put in the closets. This way all the clothes and shoes are stored, along with toys. This is working well in our boys' room. They have bunk beds, a dresser, and a chest of drawers. I use the chest of drawers for storage, the dresser for clothese storage, and under the bed we store toys in a roll away bins.

I am in the process of doing Katie's room, which has a similar storage unit in the closet for items like diapers, wipes, and other baby items plus her clothes. In the next few months we will move in her crib, but the changing table is already in there. I have baskets underneath the table items we use daily or need on a regular basis.

I use a lot of clear cubbies to store toys and crafts. This has helped a lot.
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A set of bunkbeds, 2 Rubbermaid totes full of the few toys they didn't want to rid of yet (but never play with, after all...they're "too old"), 2 highboy dressers and a desk. We store larger toys (Lego bins,etc) under their bed.
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Baby- with us in our room. Thereis an extra chest of drawers for his clothes in our room, and a basket under the buffet table in the dining room for his toys. Poor homeless waif.


Toy Box
Closet with shelves on one side and chest of drawers on the other

Loft bed with desk underneath
Closet with organizers
Chest of drawers
Tall shelving unit
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Right now, we're in a one-bedroom, but we're moving into our own house May 1, which will have 3 bedrooms. What I'm going to do there is have a separate bedroom and playroom for DS (18 months). The bedroom closest to ours is quite small, and that's where he'll sleep once he transitions from our bed (whenever that happens ). In there, he will have his bed (we're going to buy him a twin), dresser, and the closet with his clothes. Oh and the diaper shelf thingy and pail.

The playroom is larger, but far away from our room and near the living area, which is why we're not going to make it his bedroom. In there, I'll put up some shelves and hopefully bins/baskets for all the toys. I also plan to get a small table and chairs for art projects and the like and want to paint a chalkboard on the wall. All playtime or educational type things will go on in there.

When he is older and wants more space/privacy, he'll probably move into the bigger room and we'll turn the smaller one into a media/game room or something. And if we have a 2nd child while still in this house, we'll have a couple years of co-sleeping before we have to decide what to do with rooms then
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What's in your kids room?

Not my kids since they won't move out of my bedroom. You'd think a 5 year old would want at least a little privacy, but I guess not.

We live in a 3 bedroom/2 bath singlewide and DS's bedroom is at the other end. His room is fairly large. DD is screwed--her bedroom is tiny. DS has bunkbeds (hand-me-downs from his cousin), a dresser, and a computer that's on top of his dresser. He also has a closet literally overflowing with toys that I HAVE to do something about one of these days. DD has a twin bed and a lot of junk since I've been using her room for storage. I don't know what I'm going to do with that stuff when she moves to her own room. Maybe I could have her share a room with her brother...
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Let's see...

Two twin beds
One nightstand in between with lamp
Laundry basket with lid
My rocker
Dds' rocker
Doll cradle and dolls (they have 5)
Walker wagon with a few larger stuffed animals

When I had severe insomnia several years ago, I read sleep research most nights. To sum it up, people sleep best in a space dedicated to that purpose. When other activities (i.e. tv watching, desk work, play, computer use) happen in the same place, the activities, or thoughts of the nearby activities, can distract us from our sleep. All of this to say we keep to vast bulk of the toys in a separate room. The girls clothes are in the closet, and there is nothing under the high beds except a step for the little one to climb in on.
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I agree with the idea of keeping bedrooms primarily for sleeping. Our boys (4 and almost 2) sleep in our bed, but even in their we just have books, a few stuffed animals, no toys. They can play in the living room or the basement and until they want to play without us around (hard to imagine they ever will?). But I agree that for sleep hygiene it's a good idea not to have stimulating things around and to associate that room with quieting down and going to sleep (and cuddling, etc.)
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Ayla sleeps in our bed, but none of her things are in there.

In her "room" she has a futon set up like a couch (for reading, resting etc), a humungous shelving unit (takes up one full wall) which has all of her books and toys on it, and a short, but long dresser that has all of her clothes. Her closet has her dipes, wipes, out of season/outgrown clothes, etc. I'd say it's pretty well-organized.

Grateful midwife and peaceful mama to my wonderful children: dd11, dd8, ds5 and 07/15

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We have a 3 yr old boy and a 2 yr old girl, and they share a room, all that is in there are thier beds, and a dresser, that is where diapers and wipes live, and 18 million books , we read quite a few books before bed and nap so we have a ton of books in there, and that is it. And their clothes, they hang in the closet. No toys in there, they used to but i took them out.
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dd's bedroom has a twin trundle bed (so we can sleep 2 adults if need be), a dresser, tiny closet, changing table, and that's where dh and the dog sleep right now, since the dog won't sleep alone and wakes up the baby when she gets all excited if she hears the baby wake up to nurse...

Some day I think we'll let the husband and the dog back into our room, but not until dd sleeps longer stretches at night.

What I'd *like* in her room is a double/twin bunk, dresser, closet, and maybe a small adult size chair, since I doubt she'll sleep there before she's ready.

All the toys are in the family area, and we do keep the bedrooms for sleeping only.

Lisa, mama to Lauren, Elliot, angel Marion, and baby due in the fall.
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bed and dresser. topys are in the playroom. thier beds each sleep 3 so even if we went down to a three bedroom one room would be the playroom.

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Bunkbeds, two dressers, two small bookshelves (one for books and a bedside lamp, one for toys - I put puppets in a basket, scarves in a basket, put one basket per shelf, and dolls/stuffed animals on the top shelf.) Also an adult-sized chair - it's nice to have a place to sit where I can put on socks and shoes for ds. Dd's CD player is in there too.

Their room is fairly full, but can be tidied in about ten minutes. They play in there quite a bit - it's a comfy, nice space.

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: >> That's me responding in my whacky/lost-it sense of humor...

What is in my kids' room???? Well, see we have a very small place and they share what Used to be their playroom as their bedroom also and besides the two loft beds and two dressers, play kitchen, two book shelves, shelves of bins, desk under aidans bed and shelves also, a table for Anna under her bed and the doll stuff... ummmmmmmm There COULD BE ANYTHING!

Honestly... I am about to give up with that one.
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We took the dressers out a long time ago, when space was getting tight. Our 2 kiddos share a closet for their clothes, and that has worked beautifully so far.. it's easy to piece together an outfit and easy to put things away.
We have a lot of wicker baskets for toy storage and those are on wooden shelves. We do have two toddler beds in their bedroom, but those serve more for a playspace rather than a sleep space (because they're both still in our bed! ) Their room is small, but it's cute and I think we've finally figured out how to use the space efficiently.

~e, wife to my sweet T , mama to my turtleman (12) , sunshine (9 ), and monkey (6)
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