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Delight's Avatar Delight 04:06 AM 05-09-2006
There are so many of us on decluttering missions lately...I thought it would be fun to post photos of our successes! I didn't take any before shots, but you can use your imagination. Everytime I open the doors to my cupboards, I am filled with JOY!! I wanted to share the joy with everyone...and I'm hoping others will post too. I love "seeing" what you're all up to! Plus, it encourages me to keep going.

My kitchen cupboards:
The dishes -- I followed Kincaid's advice from this thread and cut back to FOUR place settings. I stored the rest in boxes in the basement. This has made a HUGE difference! I love it.

The food -- I still need to go get more glass jars to store my dry bulk items in, but this is a huge improvement for me. I have a teeny tiny kitchen, and no cupboard space. But now I have room to spare! I recovered the shelves with contact paper which really made it look crisp and clean again.

The hall closet:
I have always had TONS of excess beauty products. I think it's taken me 4-5 different cleaning "events" over the last several months to convince myself that I don't need that stuff. I only kept what I am using right now. For homeopatic meds, bandaids, etc. I kept of course. And towels...I only kept 6 nice towels. You would not believe how many towels I had accumulated...oh my. This helps us to reuse them too. I also got rid of all extra blankets...I have a nice blanket and comforter on our guest bed which is plenty extra.

That's all for now. Thanks for letting me share! Next?

Momtwice's Avatar Momtwice 09:57 AM 05-09-2006
I see we have the same Lane mini cedar chest.
Proudmomoftwinsplusone's Avatar Proudmomoftwinsplusone 05:25 PM 05-09-2006
I am inspired. I am going to clean out my kitchen cupboard tomorrow. There is so much stuff that is tucked away and hidden, and then it goes bad or stale. I like how everything is visible in your cupboard. I like the four setting rule too. Very nice!
Stayseeliz's Avatar Stayseeliz 06:41 PM 05-09-2006
corrie43's Avatar corrie43 06:51 PM 05-10-2006
c_something's Avatar c_something 11:55 PM 05-10-2006
Way to go ladies! I should take your ideas and run with it! Congratulations everyone!
Boobs's Avatar Boobs 10:36 AM 05-11-2006
Those photos are very inspiring!
sapphire_chan's Avatar sapphire_chan 10:24 PM 05-11-2006
Originally Posted by Stayseeliz
I am especially impressed by the way you made a naked baby doll turn into a real girl.
p.s's Avatar p.s 02:07 PM 05-12-2006
Oh boy, can I play?...I am now so motivated to ACCOMPLISH some decluttering this weekend.
Bad Mama Jama's Avatar Bad Mama Jama 03:49 PM 05-12-2006
You all inspire me to get going...
holliebug's Avatar holliebug 03:56 PM 05-12-2006
Great inspiration!
Bad Mama Jama's Avatar Bad Mama Jama 04:54 PM 05-12-2006
Originally Posted by sapphire_chan
I am especially impressed by the way you made a naked baby doll turn into a real girl.
That is too funny. Okay. I just cleaned up a few things and I'll be taking a bag of clothes down to my local sheter this afternoon. Woo hoo!!! After only 60 minutes of buckling down and getting rid of stuff....
VWChick's Avatar VWChick 08:34 PM 05-12-2006
WOW! You guys are great!

I was so inspired that I just bagged up SIX large garbage bags of clothes to go to charity. The bad part is that I have MUCH more to go!
RainbowSquidney's Avatar RainbowSquidney 08:46 PM 05-12-2006
This is my baby's room.
No~I never make the bed.....
chanibell's Avatar chanibell 03:26 AM 05-16-2006
Delight,your closet/pantry looks absolutely sexy dahling! Gosh I love organization.
Stone Fence's Avatar Stone Fence 11:28 AM 05-16-2006
So inspiring
girlstar808's Avatar girlstar808 12:49 PM 05-16-2006
Thanks, I needed a shot in the arm to get going!