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I've been simplifying all areas of my life, and I have now moved onto my beauty routine/ritual. I have recently downsized to just some powder base, cheek gloss which doubles as lip gloss, and some mascara. I use Dr. Bronner's soap for everything, so I don't need to have so many products. I've been growing out my hair for the last year in hopes of simplifying that routine as well.

Has anyone else started re-thinking their personal routines after they started to simplify everything else?

Sara ::: Mama to Bella Grace & Lucy Mae Cultivate inner beauty, the gentle, gracious kind that God delights in. 1 Peter 3:4
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My beauty routine for years has been combing my hair in the morning, at night when I remember, and mosturizing at night. Maybe if I ever learn to wear makeup properly I'll wear it more often. I do do mascara and shadow for special occasions. I'll put on lipstick, but it never looks right and comes off right away because of hayfever. Foundation's hopeless.
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I struggle with this because of my acne....but I have determined that toner is just about worthless - not only do I save the step and money on toner, but I no longer need cotton balls!

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OK - sometimes I'm just a "wash your face in the shower kind of girl" but now that I'm 30 I decided to try to "fight the wrinkles" - when I remember.

I use a facial cleanser every morning in the shower then when I get out I put on moisturizer -- some days that's all I do.
Other days I'll also put on an additional SPF moisturizer (living in TX it's a good idea) and let that soak in while the kids are getting dressed or we're eating breakfast.
Then (somedays) I'll continue with my "make-up" --if I'm feeling fancy - or if I'm feeling icky sometimes it makes me look more awake and alive... I like to do this right before I leave the house (usually while encouraging DS to go potty before an excusion).... I start with what I think is the most important product and that way I can stop at any time.... First I do eyeliner ( I love it!).. sometimes I add eye shadow (a light color) then a bit of blush followed by lip gloss or natural looking lipstick....occassionally at this point I'll notice a blemish and cover it quickly with foundation.

My night time routinue isn't very existant but I love to give my self a facial while the kids take their BATH!!! A little cleanser, followed by a mask (let it dry) while kids play and I brush and floss my teeth really well...rinse face, moisturize, if the kids are still happy I'll put lotion on my legs...

That's it for me!
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This was not intentional, but now that use Burt's Bees tinted moisturizer, I have one less product to apply. Also, my skin is so soft and moisturized that I don't have to apply a nighttime product.
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Grew out my colored blond hair and grew my hair long - no longer blow dry and curl and no longer apply hair spray. No longer use hair conditioner. No longer buy fancy facial cleaners or moisterizers and have noticed no difference even at almost 37.
I do occasionally wear just a bit of makeup, but only on special occasions. Just brush and pull back my hair for me!

Warm wishes,
Tonya - Simple Living Mom of 5

Simple Living, Joyful Homemaking, Homeschooling Mom of 6
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With me, it's way simple. Glycerin soap and cool water. A tea tree oil shampoo twice a week. Drip dry, and then brush. Some alcohol-free moisturizer in the winter, and sunscreen in the summer. Lip balm with sunscreen if I'm going to be outside much. If blemishes start up, some witch hazel boiled for ten minutes, cooled, and applied with a tissue. That's it.

I wear makeup on my first day at a new job, at job interveiw, on Christmas day, and at weddings and funerals. Not all that often.

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I recently stopped wearing any makeup. I use Chapstick, and that's it. My makeup routine was simple anyway - bit of foundation, mascara, clear mascara to keep my brows in line, chapstick - but I've just stopped completely. It's too hot here to wear makeup in the summer anyway.

Otherwise - facial wash in the shower, moisturizer afterwards. Wash and blowdry my hair 2-3 times a week. Growing the hair out in hopes of being able to skip the blowdry, or at least do a quick blow rather than the long straightening blowdrying I do now.
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hmmmm.... what beauty routine? I use baking soda and vinegar to wash my hair (and bs on my body too). I don't wash my face, never have since middle school except for one summer when I worked at Burger King and the grease was terrible! I wear my hair in the same braid every day and it's really quick and simple to do. I'm so low-maintenance it's ridiculous we use Dr. Bronner's for everything else (laundry, hand-washing, dishes)....

love and peace.

mama to two girls and due in November!
: Circumcision can never be undone :
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i should try to simplify-but quite honestly products are my indulgence-i am however trying to not buy anymore and just use what i have-it's a start

Mama to Noah and Sophie and Stella 7/4/ 2010
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My routine for the past year has been Dr. Bronners for body (it's our handwash, too) and baking soda for my face which I wash in the shower. I use pure unrefined shea butter as my face moisturizer and since it naturally has about SPF 5 in it, I don't need a separate sunscreen . I have been very pleased with this and haven't noticed all the little lines around my eyes like I did before. Unfortunately, I do have to blow-dry my hair since I cut it early last year: but I'm growing it out again so I can shower at night and throw it up in a bun to sleep...I miss that ease.
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it's funny, but after being a long-hair sort of person all my life i have found it incredibly simplifying to have it short. it feels like i'm wearing my hair now, instead of it wearing me. man, it's made my life easier. i realize there are practically religious long-hair threads on mdc, & bitchin' if it works for you, but at 43 i was ready for a change. it dries so fast, & i don't have to condition (it's all fresh!), i can play with product or not. the only thing that needs to be done is get it trimmed, & compared to everyday care, that's nothing.

i might feel differently about it if i had thin straight light hair, but i have thick incredibly heavy hair that does its own thing, & won't stay in braids or anything. what a misery it's been. i have beautiful pictures of it long & glistening to remember it by, but no more weight on my head. whew!

(makeup- everyday, moisturizer. the steam room does a great job now on my pores & complexion. special occasions, light mascara & cream shadow, blush, undereye concealer. tinted gloss. clear polish on nails.)
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I love this idea. I've been trying to move toward this for a long time and I've made alot of progress lately.

I almost never shampoo my curly hair anymore. I use a simple conditioner daily. I used to blow dry and straighten it with products and serums; now I absolutely refuse to blow dry or straighten. It was as though I said to myself, "enough". enough smashing the life out of my hair with this horrendous appliance; enough blasting my head with heat, all of it! I feel like I'm rebelling against all of it now.
I let it dry on its own and do what it wants, and I'm loving it.

I wash my face daily when i think it needs it and moisturise morning and night. I've been using a jojoba butter around my eyes instead of my former eye cream. Will see if I continue to like this.

I use coconut oil on my body after baths (am really liking this).

Makeup...powder and lip balm only. If I want to do a bit more, I like eyeliner and eyeshadow. I try never to wear foundation, but sometimes my face forces me to. Watching the "makeup collection" diminish is wonderful and freeing.

One thing I am really enjoying is the relief of not having all the bottles and containers and endless toiletries. They just clutter up my space and my mind. Having only a few multi-purpose items in the bathroom gives me great joy!
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I've gone from being a Mary Kay consultant using

facial cleanser
day solution
night solution
eye cream
eye makeup remover
lip mask/balm
blush mascara
eyeshadow (2 different kinds, one cream, one powder)
brow liner
lip liner
lip color
body wash
disposable razors

nail polish
nail polish remover

getting hair colored professionally every 3 months (atleast $120 a pop)

Dr. Bronner's
Cetaphyl moisturizer
reusable razor
aloe vera for legs
shorter, natural color hair
anti-perspirant (working on that, not having a lot of luck)

2x a week I'll wear foundation/mascara/blush/lip color
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I'm growing my naturally curly wild as it can get hair out.
I'm sick of trying to tame it with chemicals, at least now I can just braid it or put it in a ponytail.
My MIL is an Avon lady so she constantly gives me stuff... I have an entire box full of makeup and lotions and creams I'll probably never use.
I do use a coco butter moisturizer on my skin and hair (I have REALLY dry skin and hair) and I'll throw on a little lipstick if I feel like it.
And I am a headband addict. Love my headbands.
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I feel like my routine is fairly simple. My hair is the shortest it has been in a long time and I still need to style it. However, it doesn't take a very long time (5-10 minutes) and I feel like it makes me look "finished". Sometimes I wish it was still long, though, so I could just put in up in a ponytail and be done with it!

As for my daily routine, I shower every morning, usually shampoo and condition each day but I'm trying to shampoo every other day and just wetting and conditioning in between shampoos. We'll see how that goes. I use Burt's Bee's Complexion Bar on my face. A bar of tea tree oil soap for my body. I shave everyday with a reusable razor. I use Burt's Bee's moisturizing creme on my face in the morning, and a serum (got the recipe on another MDC thread) with olive oil, tea tree oil, and apple cider vinegar at night. As for makeup, I use eyeliner and blush/bronzer everyday, as well as lip balm. If I feel like I need it I'll use concealor under my eyes and a pressed powder all over.

My routine sounds like a lot but it really isn't. I do my hair and wear makeup most days because it makes me feel better about myself, and to me it is worth the half hour or so it takes me each morning.
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Ha! I don't have a routine in that I don't do anything everyday. Well, maybe brush my teeth. I don't wear makeup, I never have except for really dressy occaisions. I just can't stand the tediousness of it. I try to shower every day, though it often doesn't happen and I wash my face in the shower and sometimes I moisturize at night, if I remember.

Mightymoo - Mom to DD (6) and DS (4)
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My routine is pretty basic...

Wash face with homemade soap and use Aubrey's Organics moisturizer
If I wear make-up that day, I use a Burt's Bees concealer under my eyes, BB powder, and BB eyeliner over my brows, and some natural/non-toxic/plant-based mascara.

Wash face with homemade soap, swipe with witch hazel, and olive oil for moisturizer

After I shower, I rub some olive or jojoba oil into my hair, especially the ends
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Mine is:
evening primrose oil and vitamins w/ a BIG glass of water
Trader Joe's shampoo/conditioner
Burt's bees avocado preshampoo/conditioner (works as a styling aid too)
Dr. B's soap (purchased at trader joes)
Kiss my face scrub 2X a week
Burt's Bees moisturizer 2x a day
trader joe's grapefruit/sugar scrb (this stuff is NICE and cheap $5.99 for a big jar)
trader joe's deodorant
trader joe's mint/baking soda toothpaste
Trader Joe's lavendar oil moisturizer (see a pattern here)
kiss my face lavendar moisturizer (nice stuff)
lots and lots of sunblock-as we live in the southwest and I am very fair
a little witch hazel midday to cool off the mass of freckles that result from said sunshine
a little tinted lip balm
a little shimmer on the eyes
a touch of mascara

and some auric blend perfume oil when I feel like it...

wow-I think i'm girlier than I thought....not a very simple routine at all-oh well-i guess i'm just kinda decadent(comes from being a leo) and like judesmama, it makes me feel good too

I get my hair cut at a local place for $10bux and I have some henna in my medicine cabinet I've been meaning to use but lately I've just let the sun bleach my hair out. I sometimes try to shape my brows-as they get bushy sometimes but it's not my biggest concern lately

RN, Tree-huggin, chicken-raisin'chicken3.gif, mountain climbing, yoga attempting namaste.gif Mama to Miss Areading.gif (10) and Miss K joy.gif(8). Newly re-married wife to DHpartners.gif We're pregnant!!belly.gifExpecting our new little addition this November!


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Right now, my daily routine looks like this:

Morning: Brush hair, put in ponytail
Brush teeth if possible (I have a 4 month old, and no one to hold her in the bathroom. )

Night: Shower every other night, shave pits (sometimes legs too), shampoo and conditioner
Brush teeth
Braid hair (my hair is almost to the bottom of my butt, so I keep it braided at night to keep it from going all over the place)

It can't get much simpler! I was actually thinking about beginning to do MORE with my routine!

I moisturize as needed, and I use a crystal and baking soda for deo.

I cut my own hair twice a year.
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