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June Challenge?

kathirynne's Avatar kathirynne (TS)
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06-01-2006 | Posts: 1,523
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I started the year off with a de-cluttering bang, but have since fallen off the wagon. :

Who's up for a June de-cluttering challenge? I am leaning toward the "eliminate 500 things" or the "focus on 3 problem areas in your home" type of challenge, but I'm open to other possibilities.
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06-01-2006 | Posts: 4,197
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I have a newborn so I'm not up for doing much, but we're also moving this month, so I will declutter some as we're packing
hotmamacita's Avatar hotmamacita
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06-01-2006 | Posts: 6,977
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Whatever you want. I am up for the challenge.
zoomom's Avatar zoomom
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06-02-2006 | Posts: 271
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I'm in, doesn't matter which challenge- we could use help in both! I did get a pretty good start going through a ton of my clothing I even ended up with a HUGE bag of clothing to donate!
mimid's Avatar mimid
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06-02-2006 | Posts: 3,149
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I'm in! I have a SA pick-up on the 13th so I need to get everything together.
merrybee's Avatar merrybee
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I'm in. I need some motivation in this area! Maybe this is what I need!
Stone Fence's Avatar Stone Fence
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Yard sale in 2 weeks!

I'm forcing DH to throw out some stuff too!

Even if I don't make 500, my basement will be better and the things that go are BIG (futon frame, lamps, tables)
wawap's Avatar wawap
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Yard sale in a month! I want to shoot for 1000 items this month. I did 500 in less than two hours last month. (: )

Disgusting! :

But, aside from specific "numbers" of items, I want to just get the house started with a overview decluttering & get it all organized for the big yard sale.

Lazyhead's Avatar Lazyhead
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I'm in. We're having a yard sale at the end of the summer so I'm going to count items going into the yard sale pile. I'm also gonna start small--200 items. That way I'll feel like I accomplished something.
Do we list everything we sell or how does the challenge work exactly? My first one...
kathirynne's Avatar kathirynne (TS)
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06-02-2006 | Posts: 1,523
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Based on the replies thus far, I have decided to make the June challenge a "get rid of 500 things while focusing on three problem areas of your home" challenge.

In other words, choose three problem areas of your home, and declutter them with the goal of eliminating 500 total items from those areas. (If you declutter those areas and haven't reached the 500 item goal, feel free to declutter other areas, as well! )

How does that sound to everyone?
Lazyhead's Avatar Lazyhead
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06-02-2006 | Posts: 2,111
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Ok I'm in. My 3 areas will be the "guest" room upstairs, which is really a catch-all crap room, the basemet and the bedroom/closet. Yay!
anthasam's Avatar anthasam
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06-02-2006 | Posts: 1,203
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I'm in! I wish I could say that after several months of participating in challenges, I didn't have clutter, but that would just be a big lie

My areas:
1) "Spare" room -- now being used as storage, but DH and I were talking of TTC in a few months, so I would like to start clearing it out.
2) Guest room -- tends to gather stuff that I don't have time to put away but need to keep out of DD's reach.
3) Garage -- need to make space for DD's outdoor toys and still be able to park two cars.

Bring it on
PeacefulSeams's Avatar PeacefulSeams
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06-02-2006 | Posts: 1,980
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I'm in!! Even though I have been decluttering, it looks like I didn't really do anything. MY goals this month are:

1. Office: dumping ground for everything I don't want to deal with. My number 1 area. I have no space to walk and everything is falling over. It looks like a tornado went through it.

2. Storage closet: went through last month..going to go through again. I am sure my Dh packed a whole bunch of things he "might need soemday" or "paid a lot of money for". Maybe I can convince him to finally get rid of the bowflex that has been unused for 5 years now.

3. A combination of areas. All the closet in our place (3) are in dire need of organization! My laundry area needs some work and the linen closet.

I think I can easily get 500 items out of the office alone. Wish me luck!!
kewb's Avatar kewb
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06-02-2006 | Posts: 3,272
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My goals are the same as last time:

1. The garage. I made a miniscule amount of progress

2. Basement storage closet. Also a miniscule amount of progress.

3. My bedroom. It was decluttered but is quickly cluttering again thanks to lack of time and laziness.
hotmamacita's Avatar hotmamacita
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06-02-2006 | Posts: 6,977
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Originally Posted by kathirynne
choose three problem areas of your home, and declutter them with the goal of eliminating 500 total items from those areas. (If you declutter those areas and haven't reached the 500 item goal, feel free to declutter other areas, as well! )

How does that sound to everyone?
My office, game/homeschool room, dh office. Whew. 500 items? Okay. You are on.
marybethorama's Avatar marybethorama
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06-03-2006 | Posts: 3,376
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Upstairs storage area (includes out of season clothes)
HydeParkB's Avatar HydeParkB
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06-03-2006 | Posts: 1,267
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I'm a previous declutter challenge failure too. :

But, I'm going to try again. We'll see what happens.

My goals:
- The baby clothes. I want to keep some, in case we have another. But really, there is too much to store in our small house.
- The baby gear. Ditto.
- My closet. Not only are there too many clothes, but I've got a ton of junk.
merrybee's Avatar merrybee
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06-03-2006 | Posts: 651
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Ok here are my 3 areas:

1. "Toy mountain" -in the family room- enough said

2. Entry way -drop off spot for all mail as well as anything else that can be dropped, kicked, or tossed into the area.

3. Desk -aka "paper mountain"

How do you count paperwork anyway? Somehow counting a piece of paper as 1 seems cheating.
coldfeet's Avatar coldfeet
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I'm in! We just recently moved from a 2500 sq ft, 4 floors (including the basement) house to a 1600 sq ft, no basement house. So I have some major purging to do. A lot of our stuff is still at the other house, and we've been living without it for 5 weeks now, so I'm sure it's safe to say we can live without most of it.

Currently, my problem areas are:

1. The other house -- need to get that cleared out soon, sorted out and everything in it's place.

2. My current master bedroom. It's not horrible, but it's small so it gets cluttered really fast.

3. My office/scraproom. It's the catchall since we've lived here. If I cannot find a place for something to go, it ends up in the office/scraproom.

hotmamacita's Avatar hotmamacita
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06-03-2006 | Posts: 6,977
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Okay, I have about 30 so far.
JenLove's Avatar JenLove
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06-03-2006 | Posts: 3,191
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Count me in as well.

1. My bedroom. It's not really that bad, but I always leave that as the last place to clean. It's really just the nightstand and the shelf underneath.

2. The office.

3. The bathroom. I need to go through all of my cosmetics.

So far, I have 45 items gone.
Ambrose's Avatar Ambrose
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06-03-2006 | Posts: 3,652
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I'll try this...

1.) The bedroom (dh's and mine) - see other thread how I totally trashed it in my attempt to declutter. :

What I've done so far: Moved the 4 completed clothes storage bins into the smaller hallway closet where they belong, allowing us walking space and we can now make room for ONE of us on the bed... :

2.) The garage- while we don't have much in there, the things that ARE out there are most likely things we don't really need.

3.) My desk- Goal: Declutter the paperwork AND come up with a system to prevent it from getting that way again.... think it's possible???

What I've done so far: Hung the wall calander above my desk as opposed to the hallway. Made the wall that is the length of my desk my "bulliten board" (I use tape instead, so I don't have something ELSE cluttering the place) and have taped important papers (car ins info, Birthline mini calander, application for DH's birth certificate, etc) onto the wall around the calander. I have also placed 5 envelopes on the wall. Labeled: Charter Bill, Electric Bill, Acorn Loan (DW), Acorn Loan (DH), Groceries and every week I plan on placing the amount allotted in the envelopes before I go spend money elsewhere. I also have placed the slip you detach from the bill into the respective envelopes so when I PAY the bill the envelope flap actually falls shut because there is no slip holding it up ... SO I KNOW I PAID IT!!! Having the stuff on the wall staring at me has actually gotten me more motivated to DO the stuff because it isn't hidden away in a pile. I will take a picture with my disposable camera one of these days and as soon as I develop it onto a CD I'll post a pic of what I've done, so you all have a better visual of this (I'm sure you think it looks like a graffiti of bills!!)
merrybee's Avatar merrybee
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06-04-2006 | Posts: 651
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I am switching my desk for my closet-- still havent found my summer clothes!! So it is more urgent
henhao's Avatar henhao
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06-04-2006 | Posts: 2,402
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I'm in! I started on Memorial Day and already got rid of 50-60 things. I'm keeping a list of the 1st 100 at my blog. Hee hee!

Part of the trick for me is not bringing the stuff into the house in the first place. I bypassed one of my favorite stores today, because I knew I didn't need more gunk! AND I skipped vistiing the thrift store to get clothes for DD. I hate shopping yet I find it fun to shop for her!

We're giving away lots on freecycle; it's fun to put stuff on my porch and have it disappear.
Plaid Leopard's Avatar Plaid Leopard
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06-04-2006 | Posts: 2,578
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Hi everyone -
I've been lurking here the past week or so and would like to join in the fun!

I got to the point where I just wouldn't go in my living room it was so messy and depressing. Then after reading some posts on this forum i got motivated, rearranged the furniture, threw away some junk, organized the bookshelves. it felt so good to do that, and now I can bear to go in there.

I have a lot of stuff to go through and get rid of in the rest of the house, but it is certainly difficult with a packratty husband and 3 kids.

One challenge for me is the recycling. All glass and plastic drink bottles must be returned to the store (there is a 25cent deposit for each one). Some plastic items are picked up curbside every other week. Other glass and all paper/cardboard must be taken down the road to the bins. As we don't have a car and the bins are not really on our way to anywhere, this doesn't happen very often. SO we have loads of trash sitting around all the time.

Another challenge is the sheer volume of tiny playmobile toys and marbles and THINGS my children collect and that are everywhere. How do I get them to keep there stuff in their rooms?

In any case, my goal for this month is to get my bedroom, dd's and the office in order, in addition to getting rid of things.

Last week I took 2 bags of glass and 2 boxes of paper/cardboard to the recycling bins.

I have 2 big bags of clothes to give away.

I have a stack of books to donate to the library.
Free Thinker's Avatar Free Thinker
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06-04-2006 | Posts: 2,485
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I need to get into this again! Keep myself motivated MIL is about to cancel the yardsale we planned for next weekend, but I still need to go thru some stuff and box it up for a future yardsale.

3 Problem Areas

1. Office closet
2. My closet
3. Kitchen all needs re-organized

And my goal is to put 500 items into yardale boxes, or in the trash!
BinahYeteirah's Avatar BinahYeteirah
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06-04-2006 | Posts: 3,094
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It looks like we're moving in a month or two, so I need to get rid of anything I don't want to move. We are currently in a 3-bedroom house, and moving to a 2-bedroom apartment (4 rooms total - 2 bedrooms, a living/dining room, and a kitchen). We have TONS of empty space here, but I'd like to retain some of that uncluttered feeling in the new, smaller place, so I hope to get rid of as many things as I can. I set a goal of 200 items, but I don't have any spots that I intend to focus on. I just want to do it all.
henhao's Avatar henhao
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06-05-2006 | Posts: 2,402
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Problem Areas:

1. My Dh's office -- he needs to set up where he wants to work as we're now using his study as a bedroom. He's working on it now, I think, as I can hear lots of sliding of furniture and banging up there.

2. My study. Basically, I want to go through my desk and organize it.

3. Basement -- We threw lots of stuff here from other areas we cleaned out. Oops!
crunchymomof2's Avatar crunchymomof2
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06-05-2006 | Posts: 853
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I wanna try this. We had a small yard sale a couple weeks ago and made alot more money than I thought we would. So I want to pay more attention this time. And get rid of more.

Three Rooms
1- Kids room (too many toys)
2- my room (boxes that havent been unpacked in 6 months)
3-Kitchen(unused appliances)

I think ill get started on the kids room tomorrow. This will be good motivation.
Heather30ish's Avatar Heather30ish
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06-05-2006 | Posts: 211
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Oh, please! May I play too?
DH and I were just sitting around, exhausted, last night, depressed over the state of our household. We have a house that's too small for the 4 of us and we are recovering packrats. We have 2 little ones and find it so hard to get anything done; by the time the daily chores are finished, there's never much time to work on anything else.

My areas:
1) kitchen: need to declutter and get this usable again; I cringe everytime I do anything in here.
2) master bedroom: need to get bed off of frame and onto floor so baby won't fall, need to stop using this room for storage, need basic cleaning in here
3) porch: this was recently painted and dropcloths are still waiting to be taken up, a new rug is leaning in the corner, books are off their shelves and piled on our dining room table, rendering that unusable...

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