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boingo82's Avatar boingo82 01:32 PM 06-22-2006
Originally Posted by nym
Wow.. I never realized how tiny my house is til I saw some of these pics!
Yeah that! The pics are beautiful, but my house would not look that decluttered if it were empty!

nym's Avatar nym 04:19 PM 06-22-2006
heh, no.. my house really is tiny! I've showed a few pictures, but you can't really see it. Here is a pic of my space. I am standing at the front door, with my back against the wall. To the left is my living room, of which I have posted pics before. On the other side of the living room wall is the doorway to my sons bedroom, which I have posted before too.
To the right, after the dresser full of library books, is the kitchen. The bathroom (I mean hole in the wall) is behind the wall where the book dresser is.
Just after the table on the left is the doorway to my bedroom, directly across from that on the right is the door to the backyard, then my fridge, waher, dryer and you can see out the window into the backyard.

That is all that there is to my space heh

sunshinestarr's Avatar sunshinestarr 04:32 PM 06-22-2006
Link doesn't work nym!
Glover_Girls's Avatar Glover_Girls 05:56 PM 06-22-2006
I'm somewhat to post my photos as my house looks like it has a long way to go compared to some other fabulous mamas'! But I feel like my livingroom is in good shape except for the one piece that is always loaded! This link also shows the office/playroom which I also posted on another thread to give a mama an idea of how I organized the room. It won't win any decluttering awards! Definitely a work in progress.

Suggestions and comments are welcome!
nym's Avatar nym 07:11 PM 06-22-2006
hrmm.. it works for me. Ill put it in my gallery I guess


Its the top pic
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