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mamocak's Avatar mamocak 10:54 AM 06-24-2006
I have 4 kids ages 2-9 and so I really am sick of the toys. My kids don't play with them and they just clutter up everywhere: Sooo, I want to keep the good ones and get rid of the rest.

What about little people, rescue heroes, puppets, stuffed animals, transformers, matchbox cars, etc. I'm so sick of all the plastic stuff in my house:

Any ideas?

Heidi's Avatar Heidi 01:55 PM 06-24-2006

All are great!
Aeress's Avatar Aeress 10:36 PM 06-24-2006
when deciding whether to keep a toy, I look at its play value.
1)does my child use it?
2)is it durable, will it last?
3)does it have all the pieces?
4)does the oty offer open ended play oppurtinities or is it a single use toy (or a toy that can be only used in one way)

when determinig what to keep or buy, I try to keep these in mind. I also try to buy more natural toys but my girls often get toys from family that are plastic but if the girls love them, then they stay.

*clementine*'s Avatar *clementine* 05:14 AM 07-05-2006
I went through the same thing and just switched to Waldorf toys. If you type that in a search online you will get some great hits. It's addictive. I'm so excited about the toys we buy now. I still try and keep how many we have to a minimum though, as they seem to get overwhelemed by even too many quality toys. I bought a playstand and a silk to go over the top of it and then slowly added toys to be put inside of that. I got a wooden kitchen set and dishes and wooden vegetables etc. My daughter has played in it everyday for two years now, she's four. Even my nine year old son and my tweleve year old daughter play in it. Whoda thought?