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~MoonGypsy~'s Avatar ~MoonGypsy~ 10:35 AM 10-02-2006
Okay, I don't know if this counts but... We got our quarterly bonuses last weekend and I paid off and closed one credit card and 1 small personal loan. Yay! These definitely contribute to the "clutter" in my life so I am going to count it.

Only 438 items left to boot out of my life for good!

stellimamo's Avatar stellimamo 10:44 AM 10-02-2006
68 items gone this weekend (including 4 pairs of DH's holey underware!!!) . I tackled our clothes and the linen closet this weekend. Next is the craft pile. It use to be the craft cornor but you can't see the conor anymore. I'm up to 115.
Cate's Avatar Cate 12:37 PM 10-02-2006
I wish I'd seen this thread a few days ago, I just decluttered the toy room and storage room.... I couldn't even begin to estimate how much stuff went out... I'd actually guess I hit the goal yesterday .
gnutter's Avatar gnutter 03:41 PM 10-02-2006
ok-so far about 8 items--but I am cleaning out two closets tomorrow-I am studying for a test today.
I have diapers to auction on ebay-how do I count these-obviously not by diaper or I would be halfway there! :LOL
I am thinking as counting them as 3 items. one for each auction. we'll see how short I come up at the end of the month.
Mackenzie's Avatar Mackenzie 05:47 PM 10-02-2006
Got 20 now...not many but I only started about 15 minutes ago
Bex80's Avatar Bex80 06:01 PM 10-02-2006
OK, I got rid of 6 toys at the consignment store, the bag of dipes to be returned to my friend is in the car, a bag of sposies and a bag of randomness for goodwill (a scarf, some stuffed animals, etc...), I'm typing up all my recipes that are on bits of paper and have thrown out a lot of paper clutter that way, and that's it for now. ETA: 3 of ds' old toothbrushes. So far I'm 13/500.

I wish I had started counting back in Sept. when I got rid of a *lot* through decluttering! oh well. This is more of a challenge. The stuff I got rid of in Sept. was the obvious stuff. Now it's finding the stuff that's hiding-stuff that's disguised as useful or that I am irrationally attached to.

Moon Gypsey--the CC thing *totally* counts! WTG!!
stellimamo's Avatar stellimamo 06:03 PM 10-02-2006
I'm typing up all my recipes that are on bits of paper and have thrown out a lot of paper clutter that way, and that's it for now.

What a good idea.. I soooooo need to do this... and toss the recipes that aren't keepers.. thanks for the motivating idea!
jennay's Avatar jennay 10:58 PM 10-02-2006
Wow - 500? But I really need to do it - our house would look so much better with 500 items gone! And it's only Oct. 2nd.
mamatowill's Avatar mamatowill 08:42 AM 10-03-2006
I got rid of one dress, one suit coat, and two lawn chairs yesterday. That makes my count up to 4!!!! I have stuff ready to go for today too.
sunflowers's Avatar sunflowers 11:26 AM 10-03-2006
I'm in!!! I don't know if I can keep an accurate count of the items I purge but I can dedicate at least 30 minutes over the course of every day. If I do 5 mins here and 10 minutes there I've already lost 2 days of October so I'm logging off to purge my "junk" drawer! Thanks!
taradt's Avatar taradt 12:40 PM 10-03-2006
Does anyone know what you do with old expired medications? The medicine chest is my next task but it is all expired stuff

paxye's Avatar paxye 12:49 PM 10-03-2006
Originally Posted by taradt View Post
Does anyone know what you do with old expired medications? The medicine chest is my next task but it is all expired stuff

Around here you can bring them back to the drug store and they will dispose of them for you... maybe call a local drug store and ask?
elephantmargaret's Avatar elephantmargaret 01:24 PM 10-03-2006
OK, I'm up to 30 items (and haven't even started on the baby clothes!). To goodwill: 20+ kitchen items, to trash 6 magazines.
Bex80's Avatar Bex80 01:50 PM 10-03-2006
Everyone is doing awesome!!

Just checking in--

Today I am getting rid of/giving away:
2 window valances
1 shower curtain liner
1 soap dispenser
1 magazine rack
1 length of red fleece
1 metal planter hanger
2 dead plants (okay, will throw those away)
1 bunch of old/expired papers
1 broken picture frame
1 old shirt
1 old pants

So that brings me up to 22/500. The day isn't over yet though.
~MoonGypsy~'s Avatar ~MoonGypsy~ 02:06 PM 10-03-2006
Originally Posted by taradt View Post
Does anyone know what you do with old expired medications? The medicine chest is my next task but it is all expired stuff

I second the pharmacy rec. Don't flush them, as that gets into the ground water.
sweetfeet's Avatar sweetfeet 03:02 PM 10-03-2006
I'm going to join. I'm due anytime and I'm all nesty anyhow. Maybe I'll actually declutter rather than shift the crap like I normally do. If I can get rid of 500 items it'll make it so much easier to keep the house tidy after the baby comes.

Oct 3:
Cleaned out desk drawers. Total items tossed: 54

Oct 4:
Cleaned out bathroom. Who knew I'd have 3 empty bottles of shampoo under the sink? Total items tossed: 18

Oct 5:
Goodbye outgrown summer clothes. Total items tossed: 21

Running total:93
EviesMom's Avatar EviesMom 03:27 PM 10-03-2006
Sigh. Ended up at staying at my parents house last night, so I didn't get to get rid of anything here... but I did get lots of rest and a caretaker for dd so I could be :

So I'm off to a slow start, only 1 item gone right now: activity table dd has long outgrown. But... off I go to the closet to do some while she's napping!
Mackenzie's Avatar Mackenzie 04:01 PM 10-03-2006
Originally Posted by Mackenzie View Post
Got 20 now...not many but I only started about 15 minutes ago

Add 40 to that and I now have 60.
Ambrose's Avatar Ambrose 04:23 PM 10-03-2006

My post partum doula came over to help do laundry today but since I couldn't get ahold of the caretaker to recharge the laundry card she helped me organize the kitchen. And in the process helped me get rid of FIFTY FOUR things in my kitchen that we don't use!

We aren't done yet and she'll be coming over tomarrow to help me finish.

I'm in shock. I didn't know I had 54 things in my kitchen that I didn't use or need!!
Kaitnbugsmom's Avatar Kaitnbugsmom 05:58 PM 10-03-2006
Got rid of 5 bags of junk handouts from the county fair and kids health fair, and 4 weeks worth of DH's military newspapers, so that's 9 items for me. And I'm on a cleaning frenzy so there will be more.
jennay's Avatar jennay 10:00 PM 10-03-2006
I got to a slow start but did manage to get rid of 14 items today on freecycle. So I'm at 14/500.
IansMommy's Avatar IansMommy 11:28 PM 10-03-2006
I'm 30/500. I got rid of 30 old books today. Woohoo!
*andiflipping*'s Avatar *andiflipping* 01:10 AM 10-04-2006
I need to get to work..I have been slacking over the weekend:
mamatowill's Avatar mamatowill 02:27 AM 10-04-2006
I got rid of two more items today. Yoohoo I am now up to 5 whole items gone. I have two bags of clothes to go to Goodwill and I know of more outfits to go. Oh wait- I got rid of 3 gift bags. I also got rid of empty bags that were hanging around. So I have gotten ridden of 8 items. On a really happy note while I was sorting through everything I found 200 dollars in cash in a birthday card from January! So decluttering has already paid off.
~MoonGypsy~'s Avatar ~MoonGypsy~ 02:48 AM 10-04-2006
Okay, so today I added 5 sheet sets to my donation bag, 10 pairs of DSO's jeans that don't fit, 3 blankets that were too scratchy for me, a whole 'nother bag of misc donation clothes, I completely emptied out the guest room dresser (didn't keep ANY of it!) and put together a box of stuff that my brother needs to come get out fo my house.

I'm going to guesstimate and round down... I'll call it 50 things.

Only 388 things to boot out of my life forever!


Rebekah, Thanks!!
2GR8KIDS's Avatar 2GR8KIDS 03:06 AM 10-04-2006
I'm in but I'm off to a slow start. So far:

- 2 bags of old paperwork recycled
- 1 box of papers moved from home office to work office (at least it's out of my house!)
- 1 book sold- mailing it tomorrow
- 2 tiger cub scout uniform items passed onto a friend's son
- 2 items removed from freezer and eaten for dinner! (I'm trying to clean out the freezer)

I'm working on a bag for Goodwill and batches of stuff for the used kids' clothing store and the library book sale, so hopefully I'll pick up the pace.

8 items so far.
sageysmom's Avatar sageysmom 03:39 AM 10-04-2006
Lovin' this my count is now 223- way ahead of my 15. whatever/day.
Funny seems like so much then I think not even half way there.
Tomorrow taking on the kitchen.
LynnS6's Avatar LynnS6 04:10 AM 10-04-2006
2 bags of paper recylced (old student papers, "art" from ds - lets face it, how many scrawls do I need?), old greeting cards...

Total = 33 things? (need to check).

At this rate I may need to stop counting BAGS and start counting individual items. There's got to be 50 pieces of paper in that one bag alone!
sunflowers's Avatar sunflowers 10:55 AM 10-04-2006
Today I joined Freecycle. I keep trying to get rid of stuff like DVDs and books but can't manage to just drop them at my local Goodwill. I'm pretty attached to some things I think this way, I know they'll get loved! At least I hope so...

And who knew there was Freecycle group right in my small town?

Total tossed: 4
Pieces left: 496 :
Amys1st's Avatar Amys1st 03:39 PM 10-04-2006
Wow this has really taken off!! I am so glad for everyone.

Here in Chicagoland, we had some flooding. We were lucky, no flooding unlike dh's clinic and a few neighbors and friends. But our bsmt seepage
made the carpet down there wet. We were planning on throwing it out anyhow, so one more item!!

Count- 53. Today during dd's preschool time, I will hit her playarea since I need to move it all back after the storm.
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