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beachbaby's Avatar beachbaby 06:05 PM 12-26-2006
just called the thrift shop and they will be open Thursday so I can finally get rid of a bunch of boxes i've had sitting around for months! yay!

spiritmomma's Avatar spiritmomma 01:40 AM 12-27-2006
The holidays are slowing me down, ladies!

DH cleared out my sewing/craft/scrapbooking room (you can see the floor now!) so I can organize it and get rid of more excessive stuff... I'm thinking I may not get to 200 this month, but I plan to get rid of at least 500 things by the end of February. This month was just to busy to plan a project like this!!! Not to say I've given up, just that I need to either focus or extend my deadline to be more realistic for me.
Eli's_mommy's Avatar Eli's_mommy 04:18 PM 12-27-2006
I got rid of about 20 more things. Cleaned out my purse where I stash tons of stuff and got rid of the garbage in there. Quarter way cleaned out one of my three junk drawers (yes three!).

I know a lot of people get more clutter during the holidays, but since we celebrated at our house, the presents that are now gone make the room look tons bigger! I kinda can't wait til the tree is gone. It's crowded in my living room!


I better kick it up! The month is almost over!
Star's Avatar Star 05:21 PM 12-28-2006
Wahoo! I just went through all of my make up and got rid of 3/4 of it. Most of it was bought 4 years ago and it's just not my style anymore - plus I feel icked out at how old it is. I was maybe going to keep a few lipsticks until I put them on and was revolted at the smell of petroleum in them. So, I got rid of 34 items just from make up!

I also have 56 items in my donation box that are all going out the door within the next few days :-D I'm on a roll and I know of so many more things I want to get rid of.

90/200! I'm hoping to have 200 by dec 31st.
beachbaby's Avatar beachbaby 05:48 PM 12-28-2006
i just took about 10 (some smaller than others, but still 10!) boxes to the thrift store! It was stuff that was packed up months ago, but still sitting in our office/computer leat 100 items. So, I'm up to 161/200! Yippee! Now just have to get some boxes up to the attic and install a few shelves and that room will be liveable for the first time since we moved in 1.5 years ago. I'll have to post pics when it's done!
Star's Avatar Star 07:00 PM 12-28-2006
Beachbaby, that is AWESOME!
Eli's_mommy's Avatar Eli's_mommy 01:03 PM 12-29-2006
Alright, I got in gear a teensy bit last night and got rid of 20 more things (they're in a bag by the door and I'm taking them to the thrift store tonight!)

I dug through my makeup that I never use (hopefully I can convince myself to get rid of more of it soon!), I went through my kitchen again and got rid of bottles that don't have any nipples, I went through the babies stuff and grabbed out a couple of his blankets. I'm having a really hard time with stuffed animals. Part of me wants to get rid of all of them, but then I look at them and think- 'well so and so got him this one, we can't get rid of this one!' Sheesh.
nova22's Avatar nova22 01:40 PM 12-29-2006
I haven't read all these posts : but I'm jumping in on the decluttering bandwagon. I'm going to start RIGHT NOW. I am tired of all this clutter that doesn't enrich our lives in any way, and leads to constant frustration. I'm so excited to get it out of here.
A&A's Avatar A&A 02:38 PM 12-29-2006
So how do you count items? Do old magazines count?

How about new junk mail that you toss as soon as it comes in? Does it get to count, or just things that have had a presence in your home for awhile?
Eli's_mommy's Avatar Eli's_mommy 07:47 PM 12-29-2006
I don't count things that are garbage... ie: mail, things you should have thrown away prior to decluttering (things that are obviously garbage and serve no purpose).
FuzzyOne's Avatar FuzzyOne 07:48 PM 12-29-2006
sadly, it looks like i am not going to make december's quota - we are leaving town first thing in the morning and won't be back until the 1st and i don't have time to do any more purging because i have to pack and get the house ready for our departure.

i'm looking forward to january, though - happy new year everybody!
anthasam's Avatar anthasam 02:46 PM 12-30-2006
I'm back here in the home stretch to reach my goal

Currently, I'm at 110/200.

I'll post later today - I have several "piles" around ready to donate/freecycle/sell/etc!!
anthasam's Avatar anthasam 09:44 PM 12-30-2006
Me again!

17 pairs of too-big underwear
12 of DH's shirts to trash
14 of DH's shirts to Goodwill

43 for today

I have a bag of holiday items being picked up tomorrow AM:

- stack of 75 Christmas cards
- 4 ornaments
- 4 holiday nick-nacks
- 2 holiday tins

11 for tomorrow AM

Eli's_mommy's Avatar Eli's_mommy 07:35 PM 01-02-2007
I got nuts right at the end! Got rid of a ton of baby hats and more mama clothes! How many hats does a baby really need? I probably have 20!

I made it!!!

220/200 :
beachbaby's Avatar beachbaby 07:49 PM 01-02-2007
let's see...the stuff is still technically in my posession, but it's all packed up in the car ready to go:

19 cds
1 picture frame
1 knife set
2 books
2 cd towers
7 items to return to my sister
10 items trashed from the bathroom cabinet

203/200! Yay! Mission accomplished! My computer room/office is almost completely decluttered and organized! I'm so, so happy. That room has been my major hotspot for a year and a half. I was always so worried someone would peek in there and see what a mess it was. Now we can actually have guests sleep over there on the futon.
beachbaby's Avatar beachbaby 08:13 PM 01-02-2007
Originally Posted by Eli's_mommy View Post

I made it!!!

220/200 :
Woo-hoo! and thanks for starting this challenge!
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