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sun-shine01's Avatar sun-shine01 03:57 AM 12-19-2006
One thing that helps me purge -- I keep three large totes of different colors to make it easier. When I pick an Item up and decide to get rid of it - I already have a place for it.

Green - Freecycle stuff to put at the curb when I get a call on a post I've made.

Red - Stuff to take to the consignment store.

Silver - Stuff to take to Goodwill.

When they are full I load them in the car and drop them off when I am in town.

hellyaellen's Avatar hellyaellen 04:43 AM 12-19-2006
ooh thats a good idea!

i think i'm going to just donate alll the crap thats in my car to goodwill tomorrow. to clear out the car for sorted crap to give away more thoughtfully
ericswifey27's Avatar ericswifey27 04:58 AM 12-19-2006
Originally Posted by Kleine Hexe View Post
I love purging so I also got excited when I saw the pics. DH hates it when I go on my purge "rage" as he calls it. I will grab just about anything and throw it out.

My mom is always always ALWAYS saying that my house is a mess and how I haven't figured out how to balance (aka ignore) my children and keep house. I was *thrilled* when I went to her house just this past weekend and noticed the hidden dirt and yuck. Her house is not cluttered with toys and such like mine. However, my house is clean. As in I clean the yuck stuff. I noticed that the bottom, sides, and back of her toilet had not been cleaned in awhile. It was yucky. It made me smile. Why? Because my toilets are clean. I clean the whole toilet and around it at least once a week. I can't stand dirty toilets. So while my kids have their toys all over the floor I don't worry about what yuckness they may be touching when they grab the ball that rolled behind the toilet. I can now say that my house is cleaner than my mom's.

Wow. Got that out. Back to the original thread.
I think we have the same mom.... my mom had 3 of us under two at one point, when my twin sister and I were born and my older sister was just 22 months, so my mom also likes to rub that in for extra "oomph".

Does this sound a teensy bit familiar:
Gee, Amy you only have one kid. I had 3. I did it all. I cooked, I cleaned, I worked, I yadda yadda yadda... You need to..... TUNING OUT HERE...
mommaof3boz's Avatar mommaof3boz 01:21 PM 12-19-2006
OP-Come on girl we want to see where you're at in this process!! Pics, pics.
ollineeba's Avatar ollineeba 07:41 PM 12-19-2006
Originally Posted by mommaof3boz View Post
OP-Come on girl we want to see where you're at in this process!! Pics, pics.
I'll join the chant... PICS, PICS!
cdmaze's Avatar cdmaze 11:03 PM 12-19-2006
OK, ok!

So- here's the first improvement pix. I didn't do it alone- in fact I hardly did anything but nurse my fussy baby. I got massive help from AngieB- a fellow mama on here who is preggo and still spent a few hours de-scumming the kids room and picking up my living area, too. Thanks so much!
We went through all the drawers and took out all the too small and summer stuff- plus we got rid of two bags of trash. Yikes. But no more vomitting drawers.

I'm submitting more shots of the house and letting you see the rest- so I can be accountable:

Here's my family room:
Notice the white trash bags in the foreground! Gone!
Heres the other side of that room- still needs work- the table is buried.
Here's the kitchens- still needs work:
Dishes need to catch up, island needs clearing, etc.
Bedroom is actually better- but still working on that massive laundry pile.
Downstair bathroom- dirty and junked up, atm.
This is dh's problem- just had to share.

So- I hope to have more improvement by tonight. Stay tuned!
Boobs's Avatar Boobs 11:21 PM 12-19-2006
Oh wow!! Big improvements! I think your home is adorable. I love the paint colors. It has so much character! Love it. Your house can be clean when the kids grow up and move out.
mommaof3boz's Avatar mommaof3boz 12:44 AM 12-20-2006
You're getting there mama!!! YEAH! GOOD JOB!!!! Amazing what a little chanting will do. HHHMMM maybe I should try this...clutter, clutter go away and don't come back another day.
Penelope's Avatar Penelope 04:44 PM 12-20-2006
Lookin' good!
mamaley's Avatar mamaley 07:39 PM 12-20-2006
Wow, it looks so much better! I agree with the pp, your house looks so cute...I really like the wall colors. Keep it up!

And you have just inspired me to get off my butt and do some much needed cleaning!
tuck's Avatar tuck 02:19 PM 12-21-2006
I am So curious and cant open the links
Lucky Charm's Avatar Lucky Charm 02:37 PM 12-21-2006
It looks awesome.

I love your house, just love it!
momofcutie's Avatar momofcutie 03:42 PM 12-21-2006
Do you live in a cottage? It looks cottage-y!
sapphire_chan's Avatar sapphire_chan 04:46 PM 12-21-2006

That is quite the improvement.
cdmaze's Avatar cdmaze 05:24 PM 12-21-2006
Now- I just need to get the rest done so I can take more pix! Unfortunatley i think I may have food poisoning or something today- not good. Not horrible- but enough that not much will get done.
chanibell's Avatar chanibell 06:52 PM 12-21-2006
I just want to come over and help you was my first thought. I hope it goes ok, Hey one room at a time lady. Thats all you can do!:
hannahi's Avatar hannahi 08:05 PM 12-21-2006
For a minute I thought you wanted to see pics of my house!
Glad to see that you're making progress. We're all in this together!

Stone Fence's Avatar Stone Fence 01:04 PM 12-22-2006
Hope you feel better quick.

I think I've seen pics of your house before (the colors are pretty distinctive). Keep up the great work!
cdmaze's Avatar cdmaze 02:29 PM 12-22-2006
Im better today- I hope to get the downstairs in shape while finishing the laundry.
marybethorama's Avatar marybethorama 06:16 PM 12-22-2006
Originally Posted by cdmaze View Post
OK, ok!

This is dh's problem- just had to share.
My dh has the same problem

Great job!

I really like your house.
northwoods1995's Avatar northwoods1995 06:43 PM 12-22-2006
I just want to say kudos to you for having the courage to post these! And your progress so far is AWESOME!!

I knew two families with houses like this when I was growing up. You are not alone.

Good work for getting it straightened up!!
mamamelia's Avatar mamamelia 11:12 AM 12-23-2006
hugs to you mama, my house looks like pretty much all the time. in fact, right now i am having a 10 min break from cleaning. i am having christmas eve dinner at my house this year (which is tomorrow for me as i live in australia) and i am on a freakin' rampage tonight cleaning up the place. i want to sleep though.. my newborn will be up soon and my tornado toddler has driven me crazy all day. it's 12am. ok back to work now.

cdmaze's Avatar cdmaze 01:49 AM 12-24-2006
Hugs mamas!

After my diarhea fest on thursday- I was blessed friday morning with a sore throat. Since DH just got over Strep throat- I decided to go to the doctor and guess what! Me too! Just in time for the holidays!

I still have to clean- dont give up on me! I NEED to post my clean house pictures! Dont stop pushing me!
mommaof3boz's Avatar mommaof3boz 01:54 AM 12-24-2006
To heck with the cleaning you need to rest and get better. You can now use that for a true reason not to have a perfect house. Do what you can...bathrooms and kitchen counters and dirty clothes and forget it til you're better.
ollineeba's Avatar ollineeba 02:44 PM 12-24-2006
I agree with the pp.. you need to rest & take it easy, mama. Your progress so far has been amazing, but you need to take care of yourself!
You can get back to it when you're feeling better
goodcents's Avatar goodcents 10:45 PM 12-25-2006
have you read clearing your clutter with feng shui by karen kingston? its so great nad puts clutter in perspective from an emotional/spiritual point of view. good luck! your brave!
Cloverlove's Avatar Cloverlove 02:54 AM 12-26-2006
Amazing transformation- great job!

Are you feeling better? How was your party? Did the house feel great?

Your house is super cute, btw.
goodcents's Avatar goodcents 10:41 AM 12-26-2006
yes totally amazing transformation - so impressive!
simple living mama's Avatar simple living mama 04:51 AM 12-27-2006
Your post cracked me up!!!!! Oh it's good to know other peoples houses get as messy as mine so a big THANK YOU to you.
bendmom's Avatar bendmom 03:57 PM 12-27-2006
The kid's room looks wonderful! You are doing great!
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