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carolina~mom2be's Avatar carolina~mom2be 06:54 AM 01-28-2007
oh boy.... the embarassment begins... i took these pictures about 2 days after Christmas (before i started a MAJOR declutter project). We had a house full of people and all of their mess and germs!!!!! DH deleted a lot of the pics, but i'll share with you the one's that i still have on the camera and post back once i'm finished!!!! the worst rooms happened to be the ones he deleted (bath and living room) ~ our guest room and dining room stay pretty clean for the most part!

the laundry room:


the other side of the laundry room that we use as an office:


our kitchen:


the nursery (aka - clutter catcher!):


our bedroom:


thismama's Avatar thismama 12:24 PM 01-28-2007
Thanks for the love about my place. I adore it, honestly, it is not fancy or huge but it is so *me* and it feels so nice and warm to me. Being able to keep a home I can enjoy being in is a skill that has been hard-won for me.

My 'playsilks' teacup - I hadn't thought about them that way! I am a huge second hand shopper, literally almost every single thing in my house has been found second hand or curbside or gifted or 'inherited' from somewhere, and I always get pretty cloths whenever I see them at Goodwill or Value Village or wherever.
Mom4tot's Avatar Mom4tot 12:56 PM 01-28-2007
TM, I still can't believe you just moved in there! It looks fantastic~ so homey

carolina, I love your kitchen (the kitty too). We recently painted ours and left some of the cupboard doors off. The dishes are much more accessible and it looks very open.
Lilacmoon's Avatar Lilacmoon 01:37 PM 01-28-2007
OT but Carolina , the pics in your sig are wonderful! What a beautiful family. Ohh and nice color in the kitchen too!
Wild Flowers's Avatar Wild Flowers 01:50 PM 01-28-2007
teacup, they are mostly boxes from things we have bought/when we were redoing our kitchen, so yes, that does mean they have been there for 8 months...I am not sure if anyone could get anything out of them. If they could, I would be using them to pack stuff up to goodwill with. They just need to be recyled.
Sammsma's Avatar Sammsma 02:25 PM 01-28-2007
Originally Posted by teacup View Post

Sammsma, I love your kitchen cabinets. Just the right shade of wood and the lines are so nice. I desperately want to paint ours, but I can't justify the work. (read "I'm too lazy") And I love the sloped ceiling int eh girls' room. I always thought it would be so cool to have a room like that.
Thanks. We had the cabinets put in a little over a year ago and I still love them. Our kitchen was so terrible before. It was small, cramped, with very little storage. My girls love their sloped ceiling, but I hate it. It makes storage difficult and I bump my head at least once each and every time I'm up there. I do love the amount of light the sky lights let in, though. I took those pictures at night, but during the day the sun just floods into their room.
my2girlz's Avatar my2girlz 07:24 PM 01-28-2007
hellyaellen's Avatar hellyaellen 07:25 PM 01-28-2007
just wanted to say how inspiring this thread was for me last night. did major cleaning. can't takes pics right now but lets just say i have areas i really need to clear out and clean.

the garage is a biggie. thats where all my de-cluttered stuff to yardsale/donate goes. temporarily anyway.

the computer room is another project. i got two filing cabinets a while back and i've been tackling the scary boxes of paperwork...very slowly in addition to the closet which is full of stuff to e-bay. and i have a chair full of boxes filled with random wiring and cords. its bad.

dds room is my current obsession. she has boxes filled with tiny plastic toys, barbies and horses.

well company just turned up but i'll revell in my sucess areas later...
accountclosed3's Avatar accountclosed3 07:37 PM 01-28-2007
because i slept in today, i have a small pile or rabbit poop on my bedroom floor, next to his litter box, and down stairs in my living room. my bed is unmade, my bathroom is messy (dirty clothes in a pile to be taken down to wash, clean clothes not on the hooks), and i have dishes in the kitchen that need to be washed (about 15 dishes).

also, my dining room table has a number of piles of papers--work papers for me, work papers for DH, a box to be sent back (returns), two envelops for people to whom i'm sending something, and the tax information for the accountant.

so, all in all, not too bad.
Sihaya's Avatar Sihaya 07:42 PM 01-28-2007
Originally Posted by teacup View Post
Sihaya, I lovelove your screen. That is beautiful.
Thanks! We originally were supposed to move into a studio apt in someone's basement and I bought the screen on eBay to break up the living space from the sleeping space (which now seems ridiculous to me because we sleep in our living room). But when that fell through, I didn't really have anywhere to put it. I'm still not really happy with where it is now and have no idea where to put it in our new place (which we haven't seen the inside of yet).

Posting pics here inspired me to do some basic picking up and run a load of dishes yesterday. It's much nicer in here now. I also pulled everything out of the closet in the spare room and DH and I are planning to do some decluttering in there this evening. I am much more inspired to get it done ASAP now that it's all spread out on the floor instead of hiding neatly in the closet.
beckyand3littlemonsters's Avatar beckyand3littlemonsters 07:43 PM 01-28-2007
A mess
pookel's Avatar pookel 08:00 PM 01-28-2007
Originally Posted by Sihaya View Post
My dad refused to paint rooms bright colors when I was growing up, saying that only hippies have burgandy living rooms ("hippy" is my dad's worst insult ), so I think I have some issues to work through first.
That's really funny, because my conservative Republican parents have a burgundy living room!
pookel's Avatar pookel 08:02 PM 01-28-2007
Mine ought to make everyone feel better:

Living room


Husband's office

I have a toddler who won't sit still and who we just pulled out of daycare, a full-time job, a packrat husband, and terrible morning sickness. I just can't do this right now.
broodymama's Avatar broodymama 10:23 PM 01-28-2007
We haven't hung up any pictures yet, hopefully will get around to that in the next couple of weeks so it will feel more like home. I'm starting to paint the rooms so I want to get that done before I hang them up.

Foyer - not too bad, I just straightened it up yesterday. Now I just need to hang up the coat rack and key holder.

Living Room - Ummm, ya. Needs a bit of work. Yes, those are still some moving boxes that need to be unpacked.

Dining Room - I took down the lovely 1970's wallpaper on the back wall, now I need to repair the drywall before painting. Lots of crap on the table that needs to be put away. The 2 cabinets on the left are part of our entertainment center, which will go in the basement once it is remodeled.

Kitchen - Not too bad. I'm experimenting with paint colors on the back wall, trying to see what I like.

DS' room - Plan to take down the border at the top of the room and painting, then will hang up pictures and decorate.

DD's room - Also plan to paint her room and decorate, and those curtains from the 1980's have got to go!

Office - Ugh. Lots of crap in here, more crap that needs to go in here. Hate the border, the color is going to go too.

Master bedroom - Lots 'o work here too. Cleaning, ripping down the lovely bamboo wallpaper the previous owners hung, paint, hang curtains and pictures.
Master bedroom closet - Yep, gotta find my laundry basket.
mightymoo's Avatar mightymoo 10:32 PM 01-28-2007
Thanks everyone for sharing! I love looking at everyone's home - even in the messy state, somehow I feel like I get so many more ideas from homes that people REALLY live in than the pictures in magazines which are just a corner of a room made up in some studio, kwim?

And its so nice to remember that yes, Laundry does pile up in the corner of many other moms bedrooms and the toys are all over everyone else's living room too. Somehow it makes you feel less isolated I think!

We should probably do a 'show off your clean house' thread so we can all show off what our houses look like when they are clean too! But i'll probably have to take a picture of one room at a time because it rarely reaches the clean state all at once!
carolina~mom2be's Avatar carolina~mom2be 10:54 PM 01-28-2007
Originally Posted by mightymoo View Post
We should probably do a 'show off your clean house' thread so we can all show off what our houses look like when they are clean too! But i'll probably have to take a picture of one room at a time because it rarely reaches the clean state all at once!

no kidding!!! :

oh - red sonja - i have to know where you got the wooden piece of furniture in your office with all of the cubes... i love it!
pookel's Avatar pookel 11:30 PM 01-28-2007
Originally Posted by mightymoo View Post
We should probably do a 'show off your clean house' thread so we can all show off what our houses look like when they are clean too! But i'll probably have to take a picture of one room at a time because it rarely reaches the clean state all at once!
I want to see before and after pictures from everyone. It gives me hope to see other houses that have been salvaged from the depths of clutterdom.
broodymama's Avatar broodymama 12:55 AM 01-29-2007
I want to see before and after pictures of my own house, I'll take them if someone else will help me clean!
Originally Posted by carolina~mom2be View Post
oh - red sonja - i have to know where you got the wooden piece of furniture in your office with all of the cubes... i love it!
It's 2 wooden bookshelves side by side, just inexpensive ones from Lowes. All the books that are supposed to be in them are still packed up in the basement.
Ambrose's Avatar Ambrose 10:56 PM 02-04-2007
RealtorMouse's Avatar RealtorMouse 02:19 PM 01-09-2008
Bumping this forward... I think it took a lot of courage from all these wonderful moms to post their "Before" pictures.
JamesMama's Avatar JamesMama 02:38 PM 01-09-2008
It is a complete disaster. A COMPLETE disaster, it takes some negotiation and careful stepping to get through the living room, the hallway is even worse, the babyswing and several boxes of unopened cereal are stacked up on the kitchen floor.

The only moderatly clean room in the whole house is the bathroom.

BUT in my defense I'm moving so most of my 'mess' is stuff I'm getting rid of (I don't have a car so I can't take it to goodwill) and trash (I'm going to take it down here in a few) and empty boxes that I need to pack.

I'm just fixing to hop in the shower so once I'm out I'll take pics...then I'll do a 10 minute tidy and take pics again. Not much I can do with most of my stuff. *sigh*
vannienicole's Avatar vannienicole 02:47 PM 01-09-2008
kamilla626's Avatar kamilla626 06:01 PM 01-09-2008
Originally Posted by pookel View Post

I have a toddler who won't sit still and who we just pulled out of daycare, a full-time job, a packrat husband, and terrible morning sickness. I just can't do this right now.
Our home looks like that - even worse in some areas. And I don't have a good excuse. We're just lazy.
normajean's Avatar normajean 06:11 PM 01-09-2008
It's tidy, the livingroom & family rooms are clean, bedrooms are straight but need to be dust mopped. Kitchen is good but I need to unload & load the dishwasher.
kissum's Avatar kissum 06:24 PM 01-09-2008
I'm at work, so no pics, but I'll be brutally honest.
My bedroom has 2 big laundry baskets sitting in front of the closet, to remind me to wash them.
Neither my bed or DD's bed is made. So covers on the floor.
I have 3 laundry loads that need to be put away in the living room, cluttering up the couch. DD's laundry basket is in the middle of her room, for the same reason mine are- I am way behind on laundry!
I have laundry in the wash and in the dryer, and I haven't vacuumed, mopped, etc in a week, which badly needs to be done.
My kichen is clean though!
seap3's Avatar seap3 07:22 PM 01-09-2008
I really liked seeing all the pictures, especially the kitchens & the ones with the kitties.

I have to admit, the clutter in some of the rooms actually would make me feel very uncomfortable to imagine it was mine, but I liked the honesty of everyone showing their less than neat homes.

Here's mine. My family is a bunch of slobs. Keep in mind we live in an older fixer upper mobile home and don't have much money, so we've done the best we can, and alot of the remodeling is only 1/2 done, so you might still see some icky panelling. I can't believe I'm actually posting this, LOL. I actually took the camera and didn't touch a thing after I saw this post.

Living Room:


Entryway/Computer area:

Master bedroom (dd still cosleeps and doesn't actually use the toddler bed, but I'm hoping, and yes, there are 2 different colored walls, dh thought it would be a good color, but after painting a bit, it looked weird so I stopped. And we got rid of the closet doors for now.):

Now the horrible parts come -
Ds's room (he broke both his curtain rod and roller shade, so currently has a sheet for a curtain.):

Dd's 'room'. (not really hers, she wanted to get away from her brother and wanted us to just put her mattress in there until we get back to remodeling, it's only partly done, and will eventually be the master).

And the half done bathroom with all the piled up laundry:

Uhg! now I'm off to clean up a bit. This post has inspired me.
broodymama's Avatar broodymama 08:05 PM 01-09-2008
My house looked better a year ago when I took those pictures than it does now, that's for sure! Some of the boxes from when we moved in are still there. :

2 kids with rotavirus + 1 mom with morning sickness = 1 really messy house!
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