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Master bedroom sheets? 4 but we use the sheets on our bed and also guest queen bed, so it feels like we have only two as one is on the bed and the second one is in closet when guests leave, we'll put new one on. Sometime we would have guests coming back to back so needed to prepare beds asap.

Children's sheets (for bedwetting-aged kids)? again like above question, we have maybe 4. Two is used on other twin beds for guests and future kids' beds in other rooms (we have 4+ bedrooms)

Place settings? 10- two sets are 4 pieces set those doesn't match but looks good together, and two plates we bought from mexico for those date nights at home after kids r in bed.

Bath towels? too many 15+.. just decluttered and got rid of like 6, Am thinking about giving away few more. I should check onto our local pet shelter if they would take our towels. We got many beach towels from gifts so could keep the newer ones and give away the old ones. We use two in rotation for dining table bench to cover the foam cushion with waterproof pad in between and a towel to keep it clean. or else I'd hate myself to remove the cushion cover everyday after spills and mess. towels are easy to wrap the foam cushion and wash it every other day or a week if it's not too dirty.

Kitchen hand towels? 10ish as long it fits in our drawer

Children's books? Toys? plenty of books, I could delcutter some old books frmo my childhood years that are outdated and not classic ones.

toys .. we weed those before xmas and bday to have room for new ones that DDs would get. We keep toys in a hidden box inside a footstool (IKEA brand) in formal living room, toy box in the back guest bedroom and downstairs in the family rec room on the shelves. If it's not fitting there then some has to go.

Clothing per person? plenty. I may only have 5 ok-ok fitting pants.. 15 shirts between XL/XXL due to my huge boobs for bfing and my postparturm body.. not a large selection of clothes yet. I got plenty of lounge pants tho.

Sponges/rags/whatever you use for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom? I have to confess here, we buy bulk sponge from costco for scrubbing duties. we would discard it regularly. Sometime I would put the scrub in the dishwasher to disinfect it few times before discarding.

Anything else you can think of?

pots.. just got a new set for xmas from mom so got rid of my whole old set mismatching and extras. Feels good to see it go.. kept two for camping gear box.

blankets. Feels like I dont have enough decent ones for decoration on chairs/sofas. but I really have ENOUGH!

throw pillows- plenty of them. Im dying to get myself motivated to use the sewing machine again after a long break and sew new covers for the throws.

cloth diapers.. I'm trying to sell many unused diapers on TP here.. so I'd feel less overwhelmed with diaper stash for Lila.
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How many of these things do you need? (just for fun)


I'm just many of all these things do you need to be comfortable, but still organized?

Master bedroom sheets? 3 Sets Flannel sheets

Children's sheets (for bedwetting-aged kids)? N/A

Place settings? Nope

Bath towels? 10

Kitchen hand towels? 10

Children's books? Toys? N/A

Clothing per person? Lots I love Clothes

Sponges/rags/whatever you use for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom? Lots becasue when ever SO gets hold of them to do anything he throws them away after one use. it drives me crazy!!!

Anything else you can think of? Nope
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First, we have no kids here regularly.

Master bedroom sheets? 1

Place settings? 2 dishes per person, still not sure on silverware & glasses etc

Bath towels? 2 per person

Kitchen hand towels? 10+

Clothing per person? This is harder to quantify. No more than fits in my given storage space.

Sponges/rags/whatever you use for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom? 20 or so
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Master bedroom sheets? I don't have a master bedroom But I have one set of sheets for my futon.

Children's sheets (for bedwetting-aged kids)? My kids are past that age but they each have one set of sheets

Place settings? Maybe about 8 plus some random extras... my dishes came from a church rummage sale.

Bath towels? We have 8 of these but generally only use 1-2 at a time. So I guess we could ditch some.

Kitchen hand towels? About 10-12... we don't buy paper towels though so we use them a lot.

Children's books? Toys? :

Clothing per person? My ds and I don't have much clothing but my daughter has, um, a lot.

Sponges/rags/whatever you use for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom? See dish towels above. We also have some old washcloths.
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Master bedroom sheets? ds sleeps with us so I'd prefer 3 as there have been nights he's thrown up on the bed twice

Children's sheets (for bedwetting-aged kids)? dd has the same size bed as us and I'd prefer it if she had at least 2 sets, so 5 total.

Place settings? I'd like to have 8 settings b/c I prefer to do all the dishes once a day and not over and over

Bath towels? 6 towels would work for us I think, 4-6 washcloths

Kitchen hand towels? 4-5 towels and 4-5 washrags

Children's books? lots and lots, I like having many different things to read for the kids. 2 dozen at least good ones for variety
Toys? a dozen or so wood and knit foods with other pretend plates, etc, some stuffed animals, dress up clothes, blocks, cars, small animal figures, legos, puzzles

Clothing per person? 3 jeans per person, 9 or so t-shirts (dh and I nearly exclusively wear t-shirts of varying styles), a few dressier shirts, a few dress pants for dh, ds and I, 2 skirts for me, a few dresses for dd, 15 socks for me (I like lots of socks!) and everyone else, dozen pairs of underwear for everyone, and 3 bras for me, oh and 2 pairs of jammies for each season. Make changes for shorts/capris for summer, etc

Sponges/rags/whatever you use for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom? above

Anything else you can think of?

Mom of a 7 yr old, 4 yr old, and 1 yr old. Wow. How did that happen?
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Master bedroom sheets? 3 fitted sheets (2 in constant rotation and one raggy back-up for sick stomach etc.. incidents) we co-sleep

Children's sheets (for bedwetting-aged kids)? don't have any this age but my 11 year old has 2 sets and we have 3 sets with mattress covers for the toddler bed which is only used for naps

Place settings? We have way way too many (I am trying to cull out extra dishes as part of this months kitchen challenge)

Bath towels? 2 bath towels per family member, 1 hand towel and 1 facecloth per family member except me I have 2 hand towels no facecloth

Kitchen hand towels? 6

Children's books? Toys? I can't even begin to count

Clothing per person? Again way way too much

Sponges/rags/whatever you use for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom? 2 kitchen sponges about 50 odd job/cleaning rags
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Master bedroom sheets?

Children's sheets (for bedwetting-aged kids)? 2 x sets for the kids and for us

Place settings? 8 large plates, 6 bowls, 4 side plates

Bath towels? 2 sets each

Kitchen hand towels? 6

Children's books? Toys?

Clothing per person? around 100 items total for me, dd probably around 100 as well, dh maybe 60-70, ds maybe 60-70

Sponges/rags/whatever you use for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom? Kitchen cloths x 3, floor rags x 2, bathroom x 1

Anything else you can think of?

It's a Delight-Filled Life.

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We have 2 summer and 2 winter sheets for our bed and for dds bunkbeds.

Dishes I have an embrassment of riches. We have 12 kitchn plates and 12 bowls. cutlery for 8. We have about 16 mugs too and a dozen glasses. There are 3 of us.

Good dishes I have two sets, one with place settings for 6 and one for 14. Also silverware 2 sets one place setting of 6 and i for 14. Plus lots of other dishes. They are my weakness.

Bath towels 2 each plus 4 extra hair towels. about the same for hand towels and washcloths.

7 hand towels and 24 tea towels and 8 dishcloths, plus big basket of rags instead of paper towels.

Childrens books - hundreds although I have been downsizing by donating to our local free library and to family members. Toys - my collection is mostly getting donated and passed on (I used to be and early childhood educator) and my daughter doesn't have lots of toys.

Clothing - daughter has 5 pairs of pants (2 for play) and lots of tops and sweatshirts/hoodies and somehow recently with christmas ended up with about 6 pajs

I have two good jackets, 2 pairs of good pants, 2 sweat pants and 2 jeans.
6 turtlenecks because I hate being cold, 6 shirts 3 sweaters and 6 workshirts. Also 2 dresses and 2 skirts.

dp is the clotheshorse

We keep a basket about the size of a file box with rags. We like old underwear and socks, teeshirts and old worn out soft sheets.
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Master bedroom sheets? I like 2 sets per season- well 2 sets flannel/2 sets percale, but I don't use top sheets so that saves some storage space...

Children's sheets (for bedwetting-aged kids)? I double make their beds so if they wet in the night, you just remove the wet sheet and the wet mattress pad and they can go right back to sleep. So I always have at least 2 mattress pads and like to have 3 sheets (1 flannel). but you only need to store one sheet as 2 are usually on the bed... Flannel can be used in summer for a pinch. I also like to have one spare blanket/comforter because it seems that usually gets wet too but if you have more then one kid, one spare is usually enough for everyone...

Place settings? I like enough for 8 even tho there are only 4- me and the kids. I want silverware for 12 tho... seems we never have enough, especially spoons...

Bath towels? 2 per person and a few hand towells (these double as spare kitchen ones in a pinch)

Kitchen hand towels? 4

Children's books? Toys? As few as I can get away with... plus I rotate them.

Clothing per person? I like to have 6 outfits per *child* but for myself I find 5 (in season) tops, 2-3 pair of jeans, and a polar fleece, to ne good for this time of year. Come summer I have 3 or 4 summery skirts. I am a minimalist for my clothing. I am losing weight so that helps too... I do like to have enough socks and undies... running out of these at in inopportune time sucks. I do wash daily or every other day so we are really well set with 6 "pairs" of each.

Sponges/rags/whatever you use for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom? 4 or 5 maybe?
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I'm not answering but I realized I have a hall closet full of linens I store but don't use! It's always so junky in there. One shelf is for my children's bath caddys ($1 item that has truly been useful and long lasting) that holds their soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc. so that is why there is a little less room in there.
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Master bedroom sheets? We used to have 3. That was a little too many I think. Now we are down to one, because we just bought a new size mattress. One is not enough, I think I need two, but no more. We have a warm flannel one right now for when it is cold. But that is going to be way too hot in the summer, so I plan on getting a soft cotton one.

Children's sheets (for bedwetting-aged kids)?
I think 2-3 per kid, depending on how often they wet the bed. once a week? or everyday?

Place settings?
casual-4, minus one plate that fell on the floor and broke!
formal-8, i think.

Bath towels?
4 for me and dh

Kitchen hand towels?
hmm 2 good thick ones, and a pack of maybe 6 I just got for christmas that are not really useful, but look nice!

Children's books? Toys?
I agree with the can never have enough books! I liked my mom's strategywith the toys. If she noticed my brother or sister not playing with something anymore, she would hide it upstairs for a few weeks. If they never asked about it, then it was given away.

Clothing per person?
One dresser full per person, plus whatever your closets can hold!

Sponges/rags/whatever you use for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom?
10 or so for kitchen dishes, 10 or so for showering, and maybe a dozen rags for cleaning. I don't really need all of them, but that is the way they were sold!
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