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shelf's Avatar shelf 12:47 AM 02-16-2007
I couldn't do it. Heck I have probably 9 different salts and that's without the other spices. I'm a penzey's girl all the way. Heck, I keep more than 9 spices in our camper and we only take it out on weekends

my favorite 9 would be:
chili powder (sweet, spicy and chipotle)
garlic powder
onion powder
crushed red pepper

there are more and that's without mentioning any of the spice blends

I may have a problem

IdentityCrisisMama's Avatar IdentityCrisisMama 12:54 AM 02-16-2007
I totally could. As it is, I only have a couple. I have a lot of herbs that grow all year in the garden and I don't us a lot of spices.
Leilalu's Avatar Leilalu 01:38 AM 02-16-2007
I guess I just don't see spices as something that it is a good thing to de-clutter. I collect like a madwoman.n Always going to the co-op and stocking up
northcountrymamma's Avatar northcountrymamma 01:52 AM 02-16-2007
I could do it if I also was allowed my fresh herbs, I think...but I'd miss a few for sure!

My nine:
garlic powder
kelp granules
salt free spike
garam masala
dry mustard

nova22's Avatar nova22 03:20 AM 02-16-2007
I could use these and nothing else:

onion powder (love the taste of onions, hate the texture)
garlic powder (though I strongly prefer fresh garlic)
whole peppercorns (I like 'em freshly ground)
bay leaves
KaraBoo's Avatar KaraBoo 08:47 AM 02-16-2007
Originally Posted by Leilalu View Post
No freakin way

I would need at least 3 of those

I am a spice freak. I love seasonings, spices, herbs, etc. I am afraid to go count mine now

Ditto! (Funny, cuz my first response before reading yours was, "No Freakin Way!")
mamamelia's Avatar mamamelia 11:21 AM 02-16-2007
we use fresh garlic and onion when cooking. we are so accustomed to the taste of fresh garlic and onion that we could never do it in a dried spice form. my 29mo is addicted to a garlic-lemon sauce that we make with grilled chicken (loads of freshly crushed garlic with a little sea salt, a few drops of cold pressed olive oil, and a good amount of fresh lemon juice poured over). when the chicken in her plate is finished, she just grabs the bowl and drinks the sauce. *shudder*
she always screams out "chicken and saucy time!!!" with great excitement.. but then again, this is the same child who asks for slices of raw onion to eat..



our sea salt and whole peppers are in grinders.

my spices would be:
1- all spice
2- cumin
3- cinnamon
4- rosemary
5- thyme
6- mint
7- oregano
8- basil
9- bay leaves

i would like to add a few more, like vanilla pods, marjoram, star anise, cardamom.. but if i HAD to do 9, i would pick the above.

our mint and basil are home grown and dried, and are in big glass jars. the rest are in smaller glass jars. as for herbs and spices like parsley and chilli, we would just use fresh. want a lemon flavour in your dish? add fresh lemon juice.. and so on.
Leilalu's Avatar Leilalu 01:21 PM 02-16-2007
Originally Posted by KaraBoo View Post
Ditto! (Funny, cuz my first response before reading yours was, "No Freakin Way!")
Great minds think alike
pinksprklybarefoot 05:10 PM 02-16-2007
I couldn't do just nine, but at this point I am more used to cooking at work than at home where we have two milk crates full of spices! For home, I buy mine in the bulk foods section at the grocery store so they come in little bags and shove them in a drawer. I also couldn't believe how cheap it was to buy them that way. Pennies (they are organic, too!) vs four dollars to buy it in the jar.
frogguruami's Avatar frogguruami 11:11 PM 02-16-2007
If I had to I could get by with the following dry spices

1. Cinnamon
2. Italian Seasoning
3. Chili Powder
4. Kosher Salt (Pepper would be in a grinder so we wouldn't need a tin for that)
5. Whole Nutmeg
6. Cayenne
7. Cumin
8. Oregano
9. Basil

I hope I never have to get by with only 9 spices though!!!!!
wife&mommy's Avatar wife&mommy 12:53 AM 02-17-2007
Originally Posted by MelanieMC View Post
there's no way I could get mine down to nine. If it was me I'd prob. just put the 9 I use most in those containers and keep the rest in cupboard/pantry.

(actually, if it was me, I would get another set of containers, or maybe 2 sets so they could all be on display )
I thought of doing more but the sets are $25 - $30 each!
Leilalu's Avatar Leilalu 02:30 AM 02-17-2007
why not add a few short shelves in your kitchen for spices?:
Jade2561's Avatar Jade2561 03:59 AM 02-17-2007
1. onion powder
2. garlic powder
3. pepper
4. Italian seasoning
5. cumin
6. thyme
7. oregano
8. dill weed
9. Parsley

Man, nine would be hard
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