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momkrupp's Avatar momkrupp 03:37 AM 02-25-2007
Hi, my name is Joanne and I am new to the website! Married 12 years and have three kids, 11, 6, and 22 mo. Live in Utah. I'm almost 34.

I stay at home, and struggle a lot to keep my house clean and organized. So far I am loving this forum, you seem like a great bunch of women!

I enjoy seeing all your house pics, and one of these days I will have to get brave and post mine

Now, my question,

Do you Ladies go to yard sales? I am addicted to them once Spring arrives, and it will be here soon. I am proud to say that I save a ton of money on my kids clothes this way. However, it's always tempting to bring someone else's clutter home as well.

How many of you shop yard sales and do you find this to be a big clutter contributor or do you do pretty good on limiting the junk? Can we be frugal AND clutter free?


lanamommyphd07's Avatar lanamommyphd07 03:40 AM 02-25-2007
I keep a list going of "looking for" things when I go to thrifts or yard sales. This helps a lot--half the time I think, huh, I didn't even see if they had a ____ or a ___ but I bring home some piece of crap that I didn't need. The list keeps me in line.
mightymoo's Avatar mightymoo 04:18 AM 02-25-2007
Yeah, I usually have something I'm looking for when I go hunting. However, yes sometimes I end up bringing things home. Less and less as time goes on and I take the lesson of decluttering and simplicity to heart.

However, I've found that when I do buy something at a yard sale that ends up being useless, its much easier for me to get rid of it later, so it doesn't weigh me down the way other more expensive purchases do and I don't have as hard a time sending it back out the door again.
sarah10998's Avatar sarah10998 04:49 AM 02-25-2007
I love to yardsale. I'm in utah too and have had soooo much fun finding great deals on stuff I needed. Sarah