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Yet another question I've been bugging to ask fellow moms...
How do you all store/organizer your baby's clothes esp/ baby girl's?
What do you put in the drawers? If you put onesies, shirts, pants in the drawers, do you put them by color, size or design (such as long/short/play outfit/nice outfit, etc)?
Also if you buy ahead for bigger sizes do you store them in the closet or elsewhere until you use them?
I need to resort/ organize my girl's drawers and closet and I need motivation and ideas.
Sorry for so many Qs.
Thank you in advance.........
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I have a boy, but here's what I do: He shares our room, so he shares our dresser too! He has one very big drawer, and in it are separately folded stacks: jammies, "home" shirts/body suits, "home" pants, "town" shirts, "town" pants, and there's a small tote with socks and a couple of hats. For all of the clothes he's outgrown/not wearing yet, I have several large totes (kept in a spare room) that are marked: Newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, etc. I go through his drawer pretty regularly to take out what he's outgrown, and when I put the outgrown clothes in the totes, I get new things out as he can fit into them. I do laundry quite often, so he doesn't need very many outfits, and he's only 7 months old, so his clothes aren't very big yet either. He has one pair of soft shoes which go in his sock tote when he's not wearing them. All (cloth) diapering items are in a separate three drawer tote in the bedroom. The totes I have serve as home for my other extra items too-- there's one for maternity clothes, one for stuffed animals, blankets, unused toys, outgrown cloth diapers. All identical and all labeled. They're kind of a mess right now because it's an unheated spare room, so I've just been setting clothes on the totes when I run up there really quick! Otherwise it's been a good system for me! HTH!
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Both my kids have dressers and all but their most dressiest stuff goes in the dressers, sorted by things like socks, underwear, pants, shirts, dresses, etc. I don't fold, I just rummage through the drawers. If its difficult for me to rummage, then they have way too many clothes.

I found it too frustrating to keep them any more orderly than that, because they would get messed up by me looking for something, then later by DD pulling everything out. Folding something once a wash is too much for me, nevermind once a day because DD thinks its fun to throw it around. They don't have much that wrinkles or matters if it wrinkles anyway. I do have some of the nicer dresses for DD hanging in the closet. (Like 2)

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I'm getting so close to throwing out all my saved clothes. I've held on to all of it from my oldest. She's nearly 9 now. : I have a lot of huge tupperware containers, but they've been packed tight and now I've got some in bags here, some in boxes there. And its really stressing me out. Baby clothes are so hard for me to throw away. I mean, its good because I haven't had to buy anything for my last two daughters really... but bad because I'm stressed at the amount there is that I don't use. Wrong seasons, sizes, etc..

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We live in a 1950s bungalow and when we moved in, the room with the most built in shelves became the kids' room- oh how I love the built in shelves!

Very top shelf- photo albums and knick knacks
Second shelf- books
Third shelf- Our 14 month old's jammies, onesies, and bibs
Fourth shelf- New baby's jammies, onesies, and bibs

There are also 3 drawers below on each side. The left side is for our son, the right side for the new baby.

First drawer- pants and one piece outfits
Second drawer- shirts and other tops
Third drawer- shoes and other bulky items

If if doesn't fit currently, it's not in the room. This means I have to go through the clothes every 2 or 3 months which is kind of a pain but I'm getting faster. I'm working on a system for keeping the outgrown clothes organized by size in the basement. All of our kiddos' clothes are hand-me-downs and and it's such a bummer to stumble across something that would have been so perfect if we had it handy a month or two ago.

I hope that helps!
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I would love to share pics of my system (now that I finally have one that works) but I have no idea how to post pics
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I don't have pics but I can tell you what I've done.

Nursery: I've gone through all the baby clothes and put most of them in the dresser. The dresser has 3 large, deep drawers. Top drawer has 0-3 months stuff in it like onesies and pjs. The middle drawer has 0-3 month stuff like casual outfits, bibs, shoes, hats, etc. The bottom drawer has 3-9 months stuff in it. I just folded everything neatly and kept the sizes together. As the new baby grows out of clothes I'll be able to clean out the top 2 drawers and put them in tubs or get rid of them. Then I'll move the 3-6 month stuff up. On and on. All nice outfits are hanging in the closet.

For my toddler, who doesn't grow as fast as baby, I have a small set of drawers in his closet - not even a dresser, just one of those kits you put together. His underwear and socks go in 1 drawer, pjs in another. On top of the drawers sits 2 bins. 1 bin holds his play shirts, the other holds play pants. Nicer clothes are on hangers. It's very neat and organized that way and since he doesn't need a dresser his room is much bigger.

Actually, I just remembered - I do have a pic of ds' closet. You can't really see the drawers, but it's enough to get the idea:
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I have two kids.

My two year old son has a dresser. It has five drawers, so his clothes are split up: short sleeved shirts, long sleeved shirts, shorts, long pants, and jammies. Socks are in a basket on the top of the dresser. If the drawers get too full, I get rid of some of the clothes.

My daughter is 5 months old, and her clothes are on top of my dresser in stacks. The piles are: long sleeved outfits, short sleeved outfits, dresses, and jammies. This works well for us until I buy her a dresser.

All the clothes that are too big are stored in boxes in the basement. I have a friend who has older sons, so my son gets her hand-me-downs. When my son outgrows the clothes, they go to another friend with a littler boy. I don't have someone to give me girl clothes, so I buy them secondhand. I only buy a few things for a season ahead, so those things are stored in the basement. When she ends up in a new size, I go buy some outfits (secondhand) for that size. When she outgrows them, I pass them to another friend who is pregnant with a girl.

As for diapers, they're all in a drawer in our hallway.
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Yds rooms in with me and dh. This is his area -

Most of his clothes are in the dresser, except for longies in circulation. Top drawer - onesies and socks, middle drawer shirts and sweaters, bottom drawer pants.

Ods has a larger 3 drawer dresser - top drawer socks undies and jammies, middle drawer shirts and sweaters, bottom drawer pants.

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DS has a dresser, top drawer has jammies and socks, next drawer is pants and overalls, then shirts (t-shirts on left, onesies on rt during fall short sleeved on right, long sleeved on left) next drawer dressier clothes, bottom has blankets. He has 1 pair of shoes and they are on the family shoe rack. His coats and hat are on hooks on the back of his door (used to hold slings but they live in the car now!), mittens in with socks. Some dressier clothes hung up in his closet. I keep his outgrown clothes in underbed bins under the low twin bed in his room and the clothes I'm currently culling in a big tote in his room. I also have a tote (same size) under it that has clothes to grow into. I don't have a ton of stuff to grow into. There is also a tote of other random newborn stuff-bibs, burp clothes, infant towels etc and a smaller tote on the top shelf with outgrown shoes and socks. Cloth diapers are in a laundry basket next to the twin bed that I use to change him on.
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Originally Posted by SageR View Post
Yds rooms in with me and dh. This is his area -

Most of his clothes are in the dresser, except for longies in circulation. Top drawer - onesies and socks, middle drawer shirts and sweaters, bottom drawer pants.

Ods has a larger 3 drawer dresser - top drawer socks undies and jammies, middle drawer shirts and sweaters, bottom drawer pants.
ohh your room looks lovely,and i love the table you use for a changing station

Natasha,Mum to many.
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When my dd was a baby, I hung most of her clothes up in the closet except for things like socks, onesies, and pj's which I kept in a small dresser. I did that until I felt my dd became big enough to choose her own clothes so I bought a bigger dresser that is low with long drawers that open easily and pulled most things out of the closet. Top drawer is organized with dividers and baskets for socks, tights, camisoles, and undies. Middle drawer is shirts and sweaters, bottom drawer pants and some skirts.

I do have a stash of larger sized hand-me-downs that I keep in a couple of bins in the back of my closet. Each season I haul them out and we go through them to see what fits. I was never really organized enough to label anything when dd was a baby (or now). Then I had a large toy box that someone gave me which I used to store clothes that she wasn't in yet or had outgrown as the balance between what she was wearing and outgrown changed.

I'll try posting a few pics I have on hand from a photoshoot Working Mother Magazine did at my house in January. In a couple you can see my dd's closet which looks messy but it is organized! It's very big so I have a large storage unit in there as well as her dress-up clothes and tons of other stuff. I put a big net across the back for her stuffed animals. The other picture shows the large dresser she has which is easy for her to get into.

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No pics yet but I really like our system. We don't have any clothes in the bedroom because there are a bunch of us in there and you never know who is going to be getting up first, napping etc. All of us are light sleepers.

In the "baby play room" which will one day be the kids bedroom, we have attractive wooden (super cheap too) adjustable shelves. They come in units that you can attach to make them the length of your particular wall. The shelves are about this size but made from maple and much more attractive, they adjust and attach to each other.

On the shelves I have plastic bins that I taped a piece of pretty wrapping paper on the front of and labeled, and each bin has a type of clothing. ie: long shirts, pants, onesies+tights, socks and footwear is a bin to itself and so on. I keep them high enough so my son cannot empty them. The lower shelves contain toys and the highest ones contain toy boxes that I am rotating. It works really well for us.
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