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cupofjojo's Avatar cupofjojo 08:20 PM 03-29-2007
We have one that was given to us and it is a 42 inch screen. It takes up a lot of room, and often a lot of time.

I've disconnected the cable from it for a start. I figure if my husband doesn't miss it after a month he might let me get rid of it.

As far as in the kitchen I'd say my food processor. I have gadgets to fit on my mixer that could do similar things.

I did just recently get rid of my knife block and exchanged it for a magnetic bar. I love it, it frees up a fair amount of space right near the stove.

antannie's Avatar antannie 10:36 PM 03-29-2007
We got rid of our microwave and only miss it when we want to heat a heat bag. Had to get rid of those and back to hot water bottles. When our dd moved in she said we NEEDED one. But even she never mentions it. Real top of the stove popcorn is tastier and almost as fast. And heat your water in a pot. We eat stove heated leftovers all the time.

Now the toaster is sacred to dd and dp and as dd makes toast several times a week for breakfast and the 2 of them love toast as a snack that must stay and I lived without a food processor for 2 years when mine broke and I really missed it. Blender didn't cut it. So it is staying but it has it's own little spot and a basket for accessories in MY baking cupboard.
PeacefulSeams's Avatar PeacefulSeams 11:04 PM 03-29-2007
I would love to be rid of the TV and video game systems. But it's highly unlikely that will ever happen. DH is in love with his new Wii.

In the kitchen it would be DH's fondue pot that he has used 2X in 3 years. I also have a huge roaster that I used all the time when I wasn't a vegetarian. But I haven't used it in over a year. I feel guilty getting rid of it since my mom spent so much on it. Maybe I will offer it to her...Hmmm.
streuselmama's Avatar streuselmama 12:45 AM 03-30-2007
Originally Posted by Codi's Mama View Post
I'd love to get rid of the coffee pot, but I don't think anyone would stand for that.
Could you use a percolator or a french press instead? We replaced our ginormous coffee maker with a stovetop percolator. Takes up very little space, and we can still have coffee!

As for what I would like to get rid of...I 32nd the votes for the microwave and the TV. We're redoing our kitchen soon, and I mentioned to DH that maybe the microwave could go. The look on his face... As for the TV, it gets unplugged Monday-Friday, and only a show or two on the weekend. I'm trying to wean the rest of the family, but DH is talking about getting a flat screen. So I don't think we're quite on the same page yet.

All you waffle maker owners - anyone have a cast iron one? I'm thinking of getting one, and would love to hear from folks who have btdt. Thanks!
mrsalf97's Avatar mrsalf97 07:14 AM 03-30-2007
I'm going to say the microwave. I actually did take ours to the thrift store a couple of weeks ago to donate. Dh came home with a new one. :
Kavita's Avatar Kavita 01:40 PM 03-30-2007
As I'm reading this I feel good, because I must have done some pretty decent decluttering over the past couple of years, as I can't really think of any appliance that I want to get rid of! I did get rid of a juicer that we didn't use and didn't work very well, and I got rid of an ice cream maker that we didn't use. But other than that, we do cook a fair amount and we use our blender, mini food processor, waffle maker, toaster, etc. The waffle maker not so much, but DH actually made some fabulous waffles the other week and it left me thinking that we should make them more often!
Yooper's Avatar Yooper 12:10 PM 03-31-2007
Our microwave is built in so we probably will not get rid of it any time soon. I would just use it for storage except we do use it to heat our flax/rice/corn bags. I do not know how else to heat those. Anyone have any ideas?
turnipmama's Avatar turnipmama 02:06 PM 03-31-2007
Ditto on the microwave.
But I could NEVER get rid of the coffee pot! That is the one thing I have to have!

DH and I are getting rid of cable as it is a total waste of time and money for us.

We'll keep the TV for movies though. (few things are better than snuggling together on the couch for a movie )
cupofjojo's Avatar cupofjojo 03:03 PM 04-01-2007
I was going to get rid of my waffle iron a year ago and 2 months later my DS was really into waffles and still is.

We now bring it out every month and have waffles that morning. Then I make a bunch of waffles at one time and then we freeze them. I have enough for the month.

I often use my own recipe and add flax seed oil and mixed grains. They actually cost about .6 less than frozen generic waffles in the store. I don't even know how much they save on healthier waffles.

So for those of you who aren't ready to rid yourself of the waffle iron, this might help.

Enjoy the day,
tinybutterfly's Avatar tinybutterfly 11:48 PM 04-01-2007
I would love to get rid of the microwave ( never wanted one in the first place.)

The blender ( didn't want that either.)

Cable t.v. ( though I would probably miss the Sci Fi channel...gotta love movies like Mansquito. )

The china and crystal.

All the video games ( but then my kids would hate me, and they are old enough to be making these decisions about video games for themselves. Sigh.)

The boat, which requires a big truck to pull it.

I can't think of anything else.

I am very happy we never did get an electric can opener...we fought about it a lot, though. Dh wanted one, I didn't. Oh, and I got rid of the food processor.

cupofjojo's Avatar cupofjojo 03:08 AM 04-10-2007
One thing I did get rid of this week was a lot of plastic containers they take up a lot of room and I've found I use a lot of mason jars these days for leftovers.

I also went through and got rid of some of my pyrex dishes. I had a few sets handed down to me and only really need 2 or 3 of them not 8.

The last thing that went this weekend was an espresso machine. I forgot I had it; it was tucked far back in a cabinet and hadn't been used in a long time.

They're now all freecycled to folks.
Mama_Bear's Avatar Mama_Bear 03:14 AM 04-10-2007
Cable. My husband ALWAYS has the TV on. It wastes so much time.
Stone Fence's Avatar Stone Fence 12:09 PM 04-10-2007
I bought a waffle maker at a garage sale. I cleaned it. My first batch of waffles stuck at the beggining. As the batch progressed it got better. Now nothing sticks. I use it about 2x a month. I think use keeps things from sticking.
cupofjojo's Avatar cupofjojo 12:36 PM 04-10-2007
Well ladies my first post was I'd like to rid our house of TV. Last night, we made a step in the right direction. My husband said I can yard sale our big 42 inch older projection type TV.

YEAH! So come May 12th I hope its gone and for a reasonably good price.
Kewpie's Avatar Kewpie 05:58 PM 04-10-2007
Probably not around here so much, but in the mainstream world...

Every stinking battery operated/slathered in licensed characters toy that my ILs have bought for DD. Ugh, ugh, ugh! I hate them all. I refuse to put new batteries in those that die. Barbie computer, Diego drawing book, Barbie flashlight, Barney phone and on and on and on. They don't get it, I don't want that crap in my house and my daughter is not being deprived by not having toys like that.
Jennisee's Avatar Jennisee 06:21 PM 04-10-2007
Our bed. For the first several years of our marriage, we slept on a mattress on the floor. When we bought our house, my in-laws bought us a sleigh bed for a housewarming gift. It's beautiful, but I was just fine with the mattress on the floor.

The coffeemaker--and we didn't even buy it or want it! The coffee addicts in our family only come to our house once a year, so we refused to buy a coffeemaker. We rarely have less than 6 beverage choices, we don't have the counter space, and we didn't want to buy junk we didn't need. And, somehow, my mom manages to make her coffee just fine in a mug in my microwave. Well, after several arguments with my in-laws ("But it's rude to not have coffee for Grandma!" ), they bought a brand new coffee pot and snuck it into my DD's birthday party last year. When I found out, I told them they were taking it with them, but they refused to take it. Now, it's sitting in the back of my pantry. :
cupofjojo's Avatar cupofjojo 08:42 PM 04-10-2007
: about the battery operated toys!
1growingsprout's Avatar 1growingsprout 11:58 PM 04-10-2007
toys with batteries....
amey's Avatar amey 05:29 PM 04-23-2007
I know this is an old thread, but those of you who have waffle irons and use them with whole grain type recipes, can you tell me the make of your iron? We have one and it's just a PITA - the "plates" come out for washing but every waffle recipe I try in it sticks like mad no matter how well i oil the plates. I'm ready to ditch it and get one that actually works (that I'd USE) rather than this one that sucks and takes up cabinet space.

My boys LOVE waffles and request them when we do the grocery shopping, but I'd much rather make my own.


Abarat's Avatar Abarat 05:54 PM 04-23-2007
I finally just put our microwave in another room for a trial period of not using it and it's been great, we won't be using it again!

I'm hoping to really cut down my stove/oven usage. I have a small cast iron cook stove, but am waiting for DP to build a small shelter for it outside. Also, I'm constructing a solar oven from freecycle materials. Once they're done I hope to be using them regularly, especially the solar oven....can't beat free energy!

I have to say my other appliances are used often: crock pot, food processor, bread maker, coffee maker. For other things though I do my best to get non-electric options...such as my pasta makers, they're both hand crank models, which I love!

I'd love to have a cast iron waffle iron for my stove, been looking for one!
newcastlemama's Avatar newcastlemama 07:31 PM 04-23-2007
Unused crib, microwave, any toy that people have given ds that requires a battery or too much space!!!
SuziBelle's Avatar SuziBelle 07:45 PM 04-23-2007
We have been without our microwave for about 2 yrs and none of us miss it and never did. I thought it would be harder than it was. I get tired of all the appliances I use to eat raw foods, like the blender, food processor, juicer, dehydrator. I don't really use the dehydrator, but i always plan to use it soon!
superstella's Avatar superstella 08:20 PM 04-23-2007
Originally Posted by Mama_Bear View Post
Cable. My husband ALWAYS has the TV on. It wastes so much time.
This is what I was just coming in to post. THe TV really needs to go! I hate that thing! I don't watch it, but DH has it on the entire time he is home (which is most of the time honestly). He even goes so far as to insist that his computer MUST be in a position such that he can be online AND watching TV at the same time. And that's where he is 24/7. Good luck trying to have a conversation with that. Yeah, guess that's a sore spot here .
StrawberryFields's Avatar StrawberryFields 11:42 PM 04-23-2007
Boy, I guess I would say the crib and the changing table. They take up so much room and I'd love to get rid of them but I do use the crib for naps for the 2 kids I babysit for and I have no idea where I would lay them down if I didn't have it. The changing table stores all the diapers and wipes for ds and the kids I watch, even though I do all the actual changing on the living room floor...
tschifo's Avatar tschifo 12:31 AM 04-24-2007
I have a mound of various types of pillows and one white terry cloth shower curtain (with hole) that I would LOVE to get rid of, but just can't.
cece's Avatar cece 06:03 AM 04-24-2007
Originally Posted by Codi's Mama View Post
I'd love to get rid of the coffee pot, but I don't think anyone would stand for that.
I cleaned up my coffee pot to donate. We use a French press instead, since we already have that. It makes me think twice about just automatically making coffee since it's two steps harder or whatever . So, the funny thing is once I got mine cleaned up I broke my girlfriend's pot and gave her mine! (total accident and crazy since it was a stainless one) That was pretty slick, I must say. Well, that ended well since my old one kept the coffee really hot for a long time (thermal) and they don't have a microwave ! I wish we could get rid of ours, but admittedly we do use it more than I'd like to think about.
*clementine*'s Avatar *clementine* 12:18 AM 04-25-2007
Originally Posted by SusannahM View Post
The kitchen table. I'd love to have a Japanese tea table height table and some pillows to go around it. So much better for keeping a strong back and posture, plus you could easily make it where you could use all of the floorspace if you needed it. However, if we did this, I don't think I'd ever be able to get any of my family to come visit again!

For that matter, I wouldn't mind just having floor cusions instead of my couch and chair, but once again, I think the company I keep would.
Gasp! That's MY dream too! We'd be perfect partners.....and have no company ever.
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