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MamaKalena's Avatar MamaKalena 02:01 AM 05-30-2007
We've been microwave-free for about three months now. (Well, technically we still have it in the kitchen because DH can't quite bring himself to part with it even though he doesn't use it.)

At first it was a pain getting used to heating things on the stove but we got used to it and it was great not having to worry anymore about our food and health. I agree that food tastes much better when reheated on the stove, but it DOES create a lot more dirty pots/pans to wash.

Two days ago, however, my mom and sisters got me a beautiful toaster oven for my birthday!!! So far it's working out GREAT for reheating food and it fits nicely where the toaster used to fit. We don't need a toaster anymore either -- another plus to a toaster oven!

gothnurse3's Avatar gothnurse3 02:27 AM 05-30-2007
I am at a loss with this. I am trying the "old fashioned way of heating" when I am off of work. I have read on multiple websites that microwaves kill all the nutrients in the food. I am just struggling to do right by my family........I live in modern society and I am forced to HOHM. I am struggling just to try to feed them organic Annie's "raviolli" sometimes that I heated in a pot on the stove. UGHHHHHHHHHHH
MeghansDad's Avatar MeghansDad 02:31 AM 05-31-2007
i am starting to reduce my microwave use in an effort to ween myself its modern dependency.
aiccerb's Avatar aiccerb 03:43 AM 05-31-2007
To those of you who are micro free. I wish I could persuade my family lol.
halcyon's Avatar halcyon 07:44 AM 05-31-2007
Originally Posted by zenenlightened View Post
I eat healthier and snack less since I don't have all the convenience food around to just toss in the microwave. I really have to think if I want a snack that badly to heat it up for 15 minutes in the oven or stove.

I got rid of mine for a year in grad school and was amazed at how easy it became to actually cook stuff--it sounds silly, but I was raised on TV dinners and was wary of recipes! When I went microwave-free and got used to using my pots and pans, I started to experiment more with cooking and it became fun. Not to mention that it drastically cut down on my processed-food intake...and confounded all of my other 'wave-dependent college friends
Stone Fence's Avatar Stone Fence 11:57 AM 05-31-2007
Not for any reasons of nutrition or safety, but because it takes up tons of space. I keep imagining a big empty space on my counter
cloudswinger's Avatar cloudswinger 01:54 PM 05-31-2007
Originally Posted by mlleoiseau View Post
We'll be staying with my parents for a while. They use their microwave all the time. And they no longer use real plates--just styrofoam ones. And yes, they microwave food on styrofoam plates. I am so not looking forward to this part of living there.
That's truly nasty. I've done it one time, and the taste of styrofoam permeates the food where it just tastes like petrochemical. I'd use my own plates while I was there if I were in the same situation.

I take things on Mercola with a grain of salt, but I know that microwaves reheat inconsistantly, so it's not the safest device to reheat in. Those cold spots give the bad bacteria hiding spots.
~Journey~ 04:43 AM 06-01-2007
We have been microwave free for way over a year now and don't miss it at all.

When we did have one all it was used for was dh warming up coffee in it (nasty habit if you ask me) and the kids making popcorn (just as gross).

We have been making popcorn the old fashion way on the stove and the kids love it.

I'm the only one drinking coffee right now. So i'll make enough for one cup in the morning and one in the afternoon and dont need to warm up or keep warm.

I have always found that defrosting in the microwave is nasty. Especially meat.

I plan my meals at least a day in advance and take out what i need the day before and defrost in the fridge. Works great and is much more healthy too.

So yes. I would say ditch it.
~happy2Bamommy~'s Avatar ~happy2Bamommy~ 01:51 AM 06-02-2007
Originally Posted by zeldabee View Post
I'll give up my microwave when it's pried from my cold, dead hands.

seriously..I DO wanna get rid of ours but am afraid too
~happy2Bamommy~'s Avatar ~happy2Bamommy~ 01:53 AM 06-02-2007
I use it to much..
~happy2Bamommy~'s Avatar ~happy2Bamommy~ 01:54 AM 06-02-2007
way,way to much!
Margot Adler's Avatar Margot Adler 03:45 AM 06-02-2007
but much like television, after the first few weeks you don't even miss it. we have a microwave again because we have a room mate, but the thought of using it is disturbing at this point. having said that, a flame deflector is a must for reheating food on the stove if you're going microwave free.
Ygle's Avatar Ygle 02:16 PM 06-02-2007
Originally Posted by zeldabee View Post
I'll give up my microwave when it's pried from my cold, dead hands.
Yeah, I definitely can't even imagine it during this summer heat... I use it several times a day to heat up leftovers. We cooked up a big batch of homemade mini pizzas last night and even though it was the evening when it had cooled off and the oven was only on for 15 minutes it heated up the whole house and it was miserable (maybe I should look into one of those solar ovens?)

I avoided microwaves like the plague until I had to do a research paper for an enviro college class and chose to do it on food irradiation. I was really shocked when I was studying all the effects of various exposures on the chemical make up of foods that in many situations radiant heat from the oven was actually more damaging and created more carcinogens than the microwave, so I ended up getting one for myself after that and have never looked back (I still definitely avoid irradiated food though). I have an air popper for popcorn as well as a convection toaster oven (I usually cook with that rather than the oven if I can fit everything in, although pretty much everything says, "not to be used in toaster oven" so that's my biggest frustration with it) but I just can't even imagine heating everything up on the stove top or in the toaster oven all day this time of year.
zeldabee's Avatar zeldabee 02:36 PM 06-02-2007
Well, I love my toaster oven, and don't like microwave popcorn, but for some things, a microwave just works better, and uses less energy. It will never replace my LeCreuset dutch oven, or my cast iron skillet, but it's a very useful thing. I could live without it, but I don't want to. (FWIW, I microwave in pyrex or glass, not plastic, and IMO, microwaving in styrofoam is just gross.)
mama in the forest's Avatar mama in the forest 10:25 PM 06-02-2007
I'll give up my microwave when it's pried from my cold, dead hands.

I used to have a microwave & one day a piece of the latch broke, making it unusable. I wondered how I'd get by with six kids & no microwave, but inside I was kind of glad because I'd always had a funny feeling about using it on food. Nothing I could really pinpoint - it just didn't seem right.

So, I didn't replace it and I'm so glad we're free of it now. It's been a few years now, and even with a large family I don't miss it.
Kidzaplenty's Avatar Kidzaplenty 09:50 PM 06-03-2007
Me too! My family has been microwave free for two years now. And I am very glad. We do eat much more healthy and much less junk.

As for defrosting meat. I find that if I put it into a frying pan with a thin layer of water in the bottom and turn on my stove burner to really low, I will have thawed meat in a very short time.
Kavita's Avatar Kavita 06:18 AM 06-08-2007
Well, an update--we finally decided to take the plunge--we got rid of our microwave in our recent move, after much debate and deliberation! (I think DH gave it to one of the moving guys.) And we moved across the country and into our new home to find . . .

the sellers had left the brand new microwave with the house! It is a white whirlpool microwave--which matches the white whirlpool stove, dishwasher and refrigerator.

Back to the drawing board!
Kidzaplenty's Avatar Kidzaplenty 06:26 AM 06-08-2007

That is just too funny!
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