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lightheart's Avatar lightheart 02:42 AM 05-22-2007
ideas to store/organize TP, store bought rolls, not cloth? I buy the big packs, is it 12 or 16 rolls at a time and it lasts for a while...

I'm in the clean, declutter, re-do the bathroom mode and I'm stuck with where/how to store my TP, right now it's on a high shelf right next to the ceiling over the tub (no shower but hoping one day, not this year, to actually have one so long term that's not the spot to keep our extra TP.

I remember as a kid a friend of my mom's had some sort of coffee can set-up wrapped in ugly wallpaper, I'm thinking maybe pretty wallpaper, or even a brown tree trunk looking thing to do with the cans but what to do for leaves??? Is that just way too corny? any other neat/weird ideas?

The space under the sink is already spoken for and I have a tall slender medical cabinet with glass front and shelves that holds my towels, I really like it the way it is because of the hodgepodge of color you see.

The walls are barnwood that I just sanded and polyed, behind the sink wall is white plywood with a wood frame mirror, clawfoot tub, with white square tileboard on the wall, big sink with a tall backsplash, handmade barnwood cabinet (rustic looking since I did it myself), the counter top is maybe a speckle neutral color, linoleum is white, gridded off with grayish lines, I'm hoping to get some paint tinted a dark brown, coffee colored to use for trim around the window, baseboards and up against the ceiling, which for now is still black plastic but will hopefully be ??? still building our house and I think walls are more important right now instead of a finished ceiling so will live with that for a while. I'm also going to buy a new toilet seat since one hinge of ours is broken, I think I will get a wood one.

Maybe I'm headed for the natural look with all the browns???? what about a fairy, wood nymph thing for the TP holder?? something else? how to actually make it?

oneKnight's Avatar oneKnight 02:56 AM 05-22-2007
We have a stick thing that holds them stacked up beside the toilet.
Think TP put onto a broomstick. It's wooden with a heart-shaped base and heart-shaped topper. They are expensive at the store, but I got mine for $2 at a garage sale. It only holds 4 rolls though. If you made your own you could make it taller if you wanted. We keep the other 8 (from the 12-pack) in a hall closet since there is plenty of extra on hand in the bathroom.