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closet under slanted roof?

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My house really has no closets. There is a cupboard in the downstairs bathroom for towels. We have a curtain rod in the space under the stairs and wrapping paper stashed under there.

We have two bedrooms upstairs. Both have a long area along one wall (around 15-20 ft long) where the ceiling slopes down with the angle of the roof. Almost like an attic, but it isn't. There is a very long pipe hung for hanging clothes, but it's only about 4 feet from the floor and you have to crouch to get back there because of the low ceiling. There is one doorway on each end of the closet. The middle of the rod is hard to access. There is so much wasted space behind the rod and under the clothes. The back wall of the "closet" is only about 2 feet tall. I have put rubbermaid totes with out of season clothes back there but I would really like to have a better closet. I don't know if I'm explaining it very well. Maybe I should post a picture.

Does anyone else have a closet under a slanted roof? How do you deal with it? I don't think I can use traditional closet organizers because of the slant.
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I might get one of those rolling cars to hang clothes on- it would take up more space, but it'd be worth or. Or, just use dressers for everything I guess...

I think you should post a pic
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I have a cape cod home and all of our closets are like that. I posted here before and no one really had any suggestions... perhaps someone will now. Ours only have one door though. maybe you could put a dresser or shelves in the middle to serve the dual action of making it into two closets and adding storage? I think ours are set up a little different from yours (aside from the door placement), but they are still akward wedge shapes. It sounds like you cannot use the tall (unslanted) walls at all in your closets, where we enter the closet on the broad "bottom" of the triangle.

I put totes along the back wall like you did, since they are the only thing that will even sort of fit in the narrow wedge. We moved the rod closer to the door, facing the door, not running away from it, so you have to push the clothes aside to get more than a foot or so into the closet. This is sort of a pain, but we can hang everything up now! On the far triangular shaped wall (the side wall), I put shelves. I hung one of those canvas sweater things in each closet on the other side of the rod from the shelves. In DS' closet, the biggest one, I put one of those free standing cupboards with shelves against the wall... I think it is from a box store like Staples, it is super cheap, made out of pressboard (but it was free to me!), and it is the perfect height and width to fit in the tallest space.
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Yes, my ONLY closets (aside from a small one in the back bedroom) are against the slant. I live in a second-floor flat. It's split in two. Half has a low clothes rod (great for hanging shirts and skirts) and some shelves above it. The other side, however, has a clothes rod at head height the full length (about four feet) and tons of space behind it.

The positive thing about my closets is that they begin further out from the edge where the roof & side wall of the building meet, so I have more depth which allows a clothes rod at normal height.
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