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MissMommyNiceNice's Avatar MissMommyNiceNice 12:50 PM 08-16-2007
glad to hear you kiddo is okay! How scary!

For your cats, maybe you can get them proffessionally groomed while you're at the whole house cleansing? They can wash, clip, and dip them and most places don't charge too much. We had one very ornery cat that wouldn't let us brush her and she was soooo hairy. It sounds weird, but she actually really liked to go to the groomer and get shaved. The shave would last about 3-4 mos. The amount of cat hair it saved me from sweeping up was totally worth it! Just a thought!

AngelBee's Avatar AngelBee 01:25 PM 08-16-2007
Originally Posted by kittynurse View Post
AngelBee - thank you SO much for the support. I don't have the official numbers yet but I'm pretty sure I will score in the severe category. It is incredible how good it feels to know that I'm not actually just a huge screwup who messes up everything she touches. I just want to scream it to the world sometimes that I'm not being a pain on purpose, I really can't do what you're asking of me. We are thinking of sending DS1 to preschool this Fall and a huge stumbling block for me has been the fact that the parents need to volunteer. The thought fills me with dread.

I tend to be a fairly low-key Christian but yesterday I felt like climbing to the top of our church's highest steeple and singing God's praises to anyone who would listen! And our church is a huge, Catholic cathedral-type on top of a hill that can be seen for miles around. There is actually a bylaw in our city that no buildings are allowed to be built that would obstruct the view of the church. That's a big church!

We can do it, I know we can!

Honestly....I homeschool because of how hard it wa sfor me in school. I never missed, was a cheerleader, in dance team, newspaper, yearbook, peer helpers, danced 30 some hours a week at a studio......and was failing out of high school.

I CONSTANTLY got the "If you only applied yourself....." I even asked a counciler to test me for learning disabilities. He said I was just unmotivated and lazy

Most of my teachers told my mom to pull me from dance. Thank God she didn't listen! That was my lifeboat (besides the Lord) at the time. I now own a dance academy and am able to share my love of dance with hundreds of children in the very community that I grew up in. Now those same educators who held me down are praising what I am doing for their students now.
iluvmybabies's Avatar iluvmybabies 01:54 PM 08-16-2007
kittynurse and Angelbee- we need to start a mama's with ADHD tribe. My house is terribly cluttered- I have awful time managment skills and am constantly stressed out because I can't seem to get it together! ADHD is awful- I also have an terrible memory.
kittynurse - I am glad your ds is ok!
mothertoall's Avatar mothertoall 04:52 PM 08-18-2007
let me know if you all get that tribe together....i'll be in.
this is all me to a T.
LilMama23's Avatar LilMama23 06:28 PM 08-18-2007
How scary! I'm glad he was okay.
ollineeba's Avatar ollineeba 07:16 PM 08-18-2007
I'm glad your little one is ok!
Good for you for taking such fast action to change your home environment- I know it's not easy, but you'll feel so much better
ranchchic's Avatar ranchchic 11:34 PM 08-18-2007
What a relief that your baby was ok! I can totally see the same thing happening in our house. It's not horribly messy but there is definitely junk everywhere. It's so hard to keep the house clean when you have kids.
AngelBee's Avatar AngelBee 11:38 PM 08-18-2007
I would be down for a tribe.
abharrington's Avatar abharrington 03:53 PM 08-20-2007
just read your post...thank you so much for takign the time to share! dd is 7 mo but crawling all over the house and putting everything in her mouth. we just moved in and are painting all the doors, and i have been lazy about finishing and putting them back up...she love sto go through all the closets. but, no more! i am going right now to paint, hang the doors and clean up all choking hazards!! Thanks again mama!
~Megan~'s Avatar ~Megan~ 07:16 PM 08-20-2007
I'm so glad that he's okay. Babies get into things even in very well organized and clean homes but I'm glad you are making a change for the better.
transformed 07:34 PM 08-20-2007
Originally Posted by lolar2 View Post
Could I make a suggestion? Can you afford at all, even as a one-time thing, a housekeeper or professional organizer? It sounds as though you need to get this done FAST and that would speed up the process.
I need a professional organizer too! I am doing my best but my best isnt good enough right now-it seems like everywhere I look there is crap-on the microwave, on the counter, on the floor, in a big bowl on the counter, etc etc.

How do you find a professional organizeR?
lolar2's Avatar lolar2 08:18 PM 08-20-2007
Originally Posted by transformed View Post
I need a professional organizer too! I am doing my best but my best isnt good enough right now-it seems like everywhere I look there is crap-on the microwave, on the counter, on the floor, in a big bowl on the counter, etc etc.

How do you find a professional organizeR?
VisionaryMom's Avatar VisionaryMom 12:20 AM 08-21-2007
I'm glad your little one is okay. We knew a family whose child did die because she bit a balloon and it blocked her airway while she was asleep. That was when I was a teenager, but I'm still paranoid about that happening!

I'm also glad to see that someone else struggles with the cat issue. We also have a child who may be better served by finding new homes for the cats. Like yours, one is special needs, and we feel it would be next to impossible to find a good home for her. We've debated this issue (with all of the uninvited opinions of family being that we should get rid of them), but making that decision is horribly painful.
nascarbebe's Avatar nascarbebe 03:29 AM 08-21-2007
Martha- I'm so glad to hear you're motivated to get your house in order. I had a very similar thing happen. I've always been a little careless when it comes to housecleaning. Sometimes if there's a mess I don't really "see" it because I've got my mind thinking. So when my son was about 9 mos. (I think, he might've been younger) he started to choke on a piece of plastic wrap that had come off a snack size package of cheese crackers. He was on the floor on his tummy and I thought he was completely safe but somehow there was that tiny piece of trash and it caused such a scare! He didn't turn red or anything but it scared me so much I immediately started to clean my house too. I'm much better at cleaning regularly and keeping my house clean. I sweep my kitchen/dinning floor at least once a day and I vacuum the area rugs and sofas regularly. With little ones you really learn to be mindful for their safety. I hope you can continue to make progress.
AntoninBeGonin's Avatar AntoninBeGonin 03:35 AM 08-21-2007
I'm so glad your little one is okay! That must have been so scary . I'm with the rest of you ladies, tomorrow my messy house is getting cleaned!
Stone Fence's Avatar Stone Fence 11:46 AM 08-21-2007
I'm so glad your babe is OK.

I'd like to make a suggestion (maybe someone already has).

If you hire a house cleaner/organizer and you get decluttered, keeping on top of the cat hair and dust mites will be easier. Do you have a good vacuum? Having a well designed vacuum will help you out tremendously. It makes cleaning easier. Of course, if you don't have carpeting (even better) then this is not necessary. I have a good vacuum and it makes all the difference in my attitude towards cleaning. It helps with my seasonal allergies too.
hopefulfaith's Avatar hopefulfaith 11:48 AM 08-21-2007
Praise God, he is okay.

I am so glad you can turn this around and make something positive for your family with it.

mija's Avatar mija 07:52 PM 08-22-2007
I'm glad your babe is ok. Sending you some cleaning energy!
becoming's Avatar becoming 09:58 PM 08-22-2007
Oh, I'm so glad he's okay! Hugs to both of you. Good luck with the decluttering.
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