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I really need to declutter and organize my house so I can be able to keep it clean better. Right now it always looks like a hurricane came through and we walked out in the middle of everything!!! I can't seem to stay motivated though and don't have much time to get everything done with 2 little ones and a part time job. It never seems to get done.

So I'm going to try to accomplish just a few things a day and sort for a little extra time after everyone is in bed until I get it all done. Anyone want to join me? Keep me motivated.

For tomorrow:
- Wash last load of laundry, fold it and the load in the dryer.
- Put away all the laundry. (including what I didn't put up today in my rm)
- Take out trash.
- Wash dishes.
- Clean out the last corner of the living rm. Dust and vacuum so its spotless.
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Good luck!! The hardest part is establishing a routine of getting the chores done. Once you get in the habit, it'll really get much, much easier. You can do it!
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it sounds like it helps u to make lists. it always helps me also. things go in and out of my mind so easily that it is nice to be able to make lists to help me along. also, i am one of those people that gets satisfaction from crossing stuff off when it is completed.

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I found this summer that making lists helped me, too. I could then look and see what needed to be done and the best way to go about doing it. You know, like, throw laundry in washer, and then clean bathroom while it's washing. Throw laundry in dryer and do dishes while it's drying. That sort of thing. Or things that I know will take a while I do in the morning -- like starting my bread, since the rising is really iffy in my house. But I have found lately I need some sort of routine, too, and I'm somewhat at a loss on that one. Things have just been so topsy turvy since the baby was born that I've not been able to get into one.

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I'm with ya, every day of the week. A little a day can go a LONG way!

Here is my system...

I have a magnetic dry erase board in the kitchen that is about 18 inches x 22 inches. It has grids on it to make it be a month calendar. I got it at Target.

I don't use it that way though. I use magnet clips to hang two colors of dry erase markers on it so they are handy. Most of the time I just use one color, but sometimes when I need to color code appointments it is useful to have the other.

I kept the "mon, tues, wed" stuff at the top.

I used the label maker down the side to make "morning, afternoon, evening, night, and home" categories to break up my day.

So it has become a big weekly calendar instead.

Stuff that happens regulary, I make a label for (ex: 10 AM gymnastics) and stick it in the right box (ex: Wednesday morning)

Things that happen as they happen, I fill in with dry erase marker and I refuse to put more than two things a day. Period. I also keep at least one day totally at home with no obligations. This keeps me from overbooking and running ragged.

The "night" grid usually becomes the space where I write what is for dinner, but once in a while we do have dates, picking people up at airport, night classes or something like that so it is useful to have a "night" space.

In the "home" grids across the bottom of the week.. that's the chore space.

In label maker tape I put the minimal chores of the day as list of labels, usually themed around one room per day or a bedroom + a bathroom.

For instance monday has

clean fridge
clean kitchen
wash kitchen laundry

The box is only but so big, so this keeps me from overscheduling myself with cleaning too. On the days when I don't have a lot of regular chores listed already... those are good days to use dry erase marker fill in special chores that don't happen weekly.... like "deep clean attic" for instance.

When the chore is done, I make a dry eraser dot next to it. Then I don't have to think, and DH doesn't have to think when he's home and able to help. You check the day, check what is still on, go do it, and mark it. If it doesn't get done, tough. Move on. Try to hit it next week when it rolls around again.

End of week? Wipe it all off. The benefit to labelmaker labels is that they are waterproof and dry eraser friendly -- just wipe off! If things change, they tolerate some repositioning before you have to make a whole new label.

End of semester? All labels peel off, the board gets a good scrub, and then we reevaluate which days are going to be our busy days and shift the chores around to accomodate so heavy days get light chores and light days get heavy chores. The only chores that stay the same are trash days.

My home is not as clean as I'd like, but there's a toddler here, and I can live with that so long as the minimums get hit periodically.

Over time, I can see what I don't hit regularly, and that tells me where the stuff is that I don't have the time to maintain.

This is my reality, and I don't want more than one box a day of chores, so these areas are slowly being reduced/decluttered/purged. If I can't maintain it on one box a day, then this stuff leaves the house. I have some things in the garage and some things in my room and closets to go, but I've been steadily purging.

DH was initially resistant, but he has seen the light. I can't remember the last time we pulled a Friday night cleanathon before guests were going to come over. Working as a team, we can hit almost the whole house in 20 minutes on Friday nights and have time to watch a movie AND get our sleep before the guests hit!

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Yeah it helps me to make a list. I'm busy enough most days just to nurse the baby, feed us all and get baths! If I make a list of just a few little things I can see what I need to do that day and cross them off as I get them done. It helps to keep me motivated. One thing I learned though is I can't stay motivated for long in a messy house with lots to do, so I only work for a few minutes at a time, 10-15. This way when I'm done with one thing or the time is up I can relax for a minute. If I do this a few times a day though I can usually accomplish all the chores maybe even a few more.

I just really need to declutter and organize this house is the main thing. Most stuff has no where to go so it gets set "out of the way" but its stacked up making a mess in my house!: Really need to work on that one!
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I'll second (third, fourth.....) the list idea. I find that if I assign one task/area per day I can get it done in about 15-20 minutes. I also have routines for the morning/evening. When I let it all go (like right now : ) it takes forever to get back on track - unfortunately the kids are much more efficient at creating chaos than I am at getting it organized. I need to go through and declutter organize the entire house, I plan to do one area at a time then revamp my maintenance routines.

Good luck!
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I'm a list person as well...but having people that help hold me accountable helps too
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