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Charmie981's Avatar Charmie981 09:40 PM 09-02-2007

I must admit, I'm a little sad to leave last week behind. I love making lists and I'm not done with many of them. Maybe I'll breeze through my questions and move back to my lists .

I also have some work left on the front of my house that MUST be done. There are plants in the bed that I dug in myself, and we borrowed a tiller to do the rest of the digging (and DH did that for me today--YAY!), but I still need to edge the beds and I'd love to scrounge some more plants because it just looks so GREAT to have plants on the front of my house. Who knew?

So I'm going to try to get into the groove of question week and living room week, but I also need to finish my lists and the front of the house. I'm also going to try not to let work pile up week after week or this won't be any fun anymore! :

wombatclay's Avatar wombatclay 10:30 PM 09-02-2007
subbing...back later with more. We're actually getting that light up!
Charmie981's Avatar Charmie981 10:56 PM 09-02-2007
Here's my list for this week:
(finish edging flower beds)
1. Clean and condition leather
2. Hang shelves on couch wall
3. Declutter dresser
4. Find new place for jewelry
5. Sand and oil coffee table
6. oil and clean corner cabinet
7. declutter inside of corner cabinet
9. wash (or just air fluff if not machine washable) valance
10. Throw pillows??
11. Dust blinds, pictures, and all knick knacks
12. Re-consider mantle knick-knacks

After all I accomplished in the last two days, this list sounds like a breeze. Maybe I won't have to worry about that carryover problem after all?

I'll have a hard time getting the oiling done because that's a DH job and he works on his very own timeline, which is not the same as mine. I'm sure it'll be done before Thanksgiving, but it might be the Wednesday before when I desperately need his help with something much more pressing.
LucyRev's Avatar LucyRev 11:45 PM 09-02-2007

I'm excited to answer the holiday questions. I want to sit down and do these as a family. I'd like to make our holidays more meaningful to us and less stressful.
wombatclay's Avatar wombatclay 12:02 AM 09-03-2007
So my carry over list is:

--finish painting porch ceiling (has been half done for over a year)
--sand & stain front door (another "over a year and still not done" job)
--find a new welcome mat
--secure loose downspout

My living room is pretty bare bones in terms of furniture ("leather" couch, "leather" armchair, IKEA poang chair, IKEA tv cabinet, 2 small side tables, and a toy station crafted out of an IKEA coffee table/shoe organizer) but there's a lot of's dd's primary play space so there are a lot of toys and children's books, and this room really does get the most "living" in the house.

Cleaning wont be tough, but decluttering and organizing seem to be never ending jobs.

The questions...well, we celebrate Winter Solstice as well as Christmas so I guess I have double the questions to contemplate!
dbsam's Avatar dbsam 02:12 AM 09-03-2007
Time is flying too quickly - I haven't finished week 1!
wombatclay's Avatar wombatclay 02:00 PM 09-03-2007
So last night I pulled out our DVDs and an old cd case (those black cases that hold 100 cds, you can find them in dollar stores if you don't have an old one cluttering up a corner). A half hour later all our films were in the case and the tv cabinet looked positively roomy (not to mention a bag of old dvd cases in on it's way out of the house).

And Dh is on the front porch finishing the wiring for the new light. It feels good to have that light up and not just sitting in it's box.
abharrington's Avatar abharrington 05:47 PM 09-03-2007
i would love to do that with our DVDs...but dh is convinced that you need to keep the case to prove that you actually bought the movie legit so as not to be in violation of pirating laws? any thoughts? is he crazy? do i REALLY need to keep all those cases?
wombatclay's Avatar wombatclay 07:28 PM 09-03-2007
Well, I've seen plenty of pirated dvds in equally pirated cases...all you need is a high quality color copier. I'm pretty sure there's a security code burned into the dvd that authenticates the product. You really don't need the case.

On the other hand, I did keep some cases since I like the way they look. (the LotR sets, Serenity, Firefly Set, Invader Zim, etc.)
muttix2's Avatar muttix2 10:09 PM 09-03-2007
I hate the clutter of dvd/cd cases but for some reason it is easier for me to get rid of cd cases then dvd cases. I've started doing it with some but have yet to complete the process.

Last week zoomed past me. I haven't even completed my lists yet! But, I'll get them done today.

My list for this week:
1. Gather email addresses for people I'll be sending Christmas (or seasonal) e-cards.
2. Finish idea list for presents for people I'll be buying presents for.
3. Wash living room windows.
4. Dust walls and wash baseboards.
5. Clean out couches.
6. Declutter desk, entertainment center, bookcase, and side tables then dust.
7. Clean electronics and lamps.
8. Clean carpet (I'll have to rent a carpet cleaner so this might not happen this week)

Guess I should get to work and stop posting!
Charmie981's Avatar Charmie981 12:09 PM 09-04-2007
I have a Christmas card question: we ordered super cute Christmas cards last year and I never got them mailed out. Do you think it would be bad to mail them this year? They're picture cards so the kids are a year younger in them. That's the only problem I can see .
snowbunny's Avatar snowbunny 03:57 PM 09-04-2007
Here's my list:
  • Wash the drapes.
  • Organize the cardboard recycling (which DH has stuffed in our fireplace for some weird reason)
  • Deep clean the carpets
  • Wash the cushion covers
  • Organize the storage compartments
  • Wash the walls and baseboards
  • Organize the books
  • Shine the mirrors and the glass in the pictures
  • Dust the mantel
  • Organize the mantel
  • Wash the hearth

muttix2's Avatar muttix2 04:05 PM 09-04-2007
Originally Posted by Charmie981 View Post
I have a Christmas card question: we ordered super cute Christmas cards last year and I never got them mailed out. Do you think it would be bad to mail them this year? They're picture cards so the kids are a year younger in them. That's the only problem I can see .
Link didn't work for me. But to make it work I'd add an updated pic inside the card. Include a line about comparing the kids last year and this year or something Then it would look like you meant to do it that way
dbsam's Avatar dbsam 04:31 PM 09-04-2007
I do not think I will do too much in the living room. We need new carpet, furniture and paint so basically it is a disaster.

Living Room
•vacuum the drapes (I’ll take them down & have cleaned when we paint)
•wash the windows
•clean the French doors
•dust piano, remove finger prints and buff out scratches
•remove, dust, and wash items in curio cabinet and credenza; clean all glass
•dust and wash baseboards
•dust pictures
•clean mantel

oh...and finish week one list!!