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eden/averymum's Avatar eden/averymum 02:47 PM 10-15-2007
from a 3 bedroom townhouse into a 2 bedroom flat!


I'm really excited. but also loosing my mind looking around and trying to figure out what can come with us!!!

we're ditching the old broken dressers and getting some inexpensive, simple closet organizers.

we put all our cd's on the computer, backed them to an external hard drive and backed that to just a hand ful of cd's.

but I'm gonna hyperventilate just thinking about the rest of it!

dh is out getting exact measurements of the flat now so we can figure out what works as far as furniture.

brittneyscott's Avatar brittneyscott 02:57 PM 10-15-2007
Sounds like fun and a lot of work. It can be a lot of work moving to a new place. DH and I are trying to buy a new house and should be moving in a few weeks. I'm trying to clean out our place now too. The new house is a lot bigger but I don't want this clutter going so I'm trying to clean it out now. Yikes its a lot of work!!!