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MidgeMommy's Avatar MidgeMommy 03:16 PM 11-04-2007
My husband wants an XBOX for Xmas. It's currently hidden in my SIL stuffed animal pile. :

I justified it because I would rather he play interactive games than drool on the couch watching TV, and because there are certain things (like Sims) that I would love to play as well. Also, you can get games like Monopoly and family board games; and I would much rather have a CD than millions of little bits and peices to step on and lose.

I posted this here for that last sentence, and because I feel like it's a step AWAY from spiritual/mental decluttering. But, he wants it so badly, and I KNOW it will get plenty of use and probably mean that his friends will hang out at our place (which until there are openings at the apartment places we can afford means our in-laws place) and he will spend more time at home, socialize more (we moved, had the baby, and both got new jobs in less than five months, so we are low on nearby friends) and probably be happier.

Anyone else here have XBOX for DH or their DCs? Any thoughts?

amj'smommy's Avatar amj'smommy 05:02 PM 11-04-2007
not an Xbox but I'm leaning toward getting a Wii for Christmas for ds #1 (well it will be for all the dc but he's PDD/NOS and doesn't really "do" toys like other kids do-he's more of a techno savy kid- so my theory is get him a Wii instead of a handful of other toys that he won't really play with anyways thus keeping down on the clutter ) I do keep going back and forth over it though.
SkylarJulesmom's Avatar SkylarJulesmom 06:18 PM 11-04-2007
Let me tell you, I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Addicted to playing sims! I have a 7.5 yr old and a 5 yr old and I think playing Sims really helps them to understand budgeting money and planning accordingly. Like right now my daughter is building a house and has neglected to put in a bathroom, boy will her sim be sorry! I think it really helps them to think responsibly, you know the whole bathroom thing. Maybe I'm just trying to justify having it On the up side the kids aren't allowed to play games during the week (school) So in my opinion any game system is ok as long as it doesn't become the sole focus of the house! Erin
Peony's Avatar Peony 08:36 PM 11-04-2007
I caved a few weeks ago as well. : DH lost all his gaming equipment 7 or so years ago right before we got together. I hate games and have strongly discouraged them from my house. Well, he does really enjoy them and needed a stress reliever so I agreed to a Wii, two days later a friends came over with an X-Box and gave it to Dh as well. Yep, so now we have TWO gaming systems. : A month later, the X-Box has even been opened, now I'm wondering if it can walk out of the house soon...
superstella's Avatar superstella 08:51 PM 11-04-2007
I lurve sims. I want castaway.
jeca's Avatar jeca 09:59 PM 11-04-2007
DH has a PS3 and DS(10) has an XBOX. I'm really proud of them both they actually don't play it on an everyday basis. I wanted to get a Wii though they seem so cool but neither of them has any interest in it.
MidgeMommy's Avatar MidgeMommy 12:46 AM 11-05-2007
I really considered the Wii as well, but the XBOX is what he has been begging for, as well as Halo 3.

I am a recovered Sims addict just waiting for an excuse to relapse. Hubbie's XBOX desire is just my enabler. :
Mom4tot's Avatar Mom4tot 10:53 PM 11-05-2007
jeca, what does your son play on the Xbox? We have one as well (hand me down from BIL ), but there seems to be a sorry choice of games for children. It is an Xbox, not 360.
Dana Hoffman's Avatar Dana Hoffman 11:03 PM 11-05-2007
We have...Wii, X-box, X-box 360, and 2 playstation 2's. My sweet love and my kids are playing right now behind me They can have fun all day, playing with each other, and it makes me so happy to see (And yeah, I play, too!)

unschooling mama to Lauren, 15, Otto, 9.5, and new little one due in May!
jeca's Avatar jeca 11:25 PM 11-05-2007
Originally Posted by Mom4tot View Post
jeca, what does your son play on the Xbox? We have one as well (hand me down from BIL ), but there seems to be a sorry choice of games for children. It is an Xbox, not 360.
He's 10 and I do let him play some T for teen rated games. He has all the Harry Potter games(all rated E), which I like to play too. Eragon(T), TY2tasmanian tiger(E)Street 2(E), LOTR(T) the incredibles(T), Zathura(E),Narnia(E), sonic the hedgehog games, Spiderman things like that but now that they have come out with the 360 they have really stopped making regular xbox games. You can find some on ebay though. He's getting a 360 for Xmas only because DH's friend bought a PS3 and is selling his 360 to him for $100. I am going to give the xbox and it's non compatible games to my niece and nephew.
zoomom's Avatar zoomom 03:20 AM 11-06-2007
DH just got an Xbox last weekend...I haven't touched the thing, I'm not crazy about the games, sounds like I should try the Sims