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View Poll Results: Does the state of your house = your mental or emotional state?
NO don't be silly 4 2.04%
YES if the house is a mess i feel overwelemd, anxious, etc -- keeping it clean helps my mood 166 84.69%
YES -- if i feel bad i let the hosue go -- look at my house and see how i feel 20 10.20%
OTHER -- not sure, but there is always an OTHER 6 3.06%
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Oh, definitely! If the house is messy, it tends to make me a little crabby. But then I'm crabby, so I don't feel like cleaning. And, like so many other PPs have said, then the house gets worse and then I feel worse. It's a vicious cycle that I try really hard not to fall into. Fortunately, the kids are pretty good about helping clean up when I ask them so it doesn't fall entirely on my shoulders to keep the house nice.

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It absolutely dictates my mood. If the house is trashed, I'm a total UA Violation. If it's clean, I'm in a zen-like state. Calm as a cucumber. Happy as a clam. DH is starting to learn this. So are the kids. At age 2 and 4, they banded together and cleaned their room, completely spotless, as a surprise for me. They wouldn't let me into the room until they were done. Cuties.

It's the inefficiency of a messy house that infuriates me. There's nothing that I hate worse than walking through the house and knocking stuff off tables and chairs and benches and counters as I pass by just because there's too much stuff piled there! I need an open hallway, because if I trip or stumble, it just drives me mad.

My bedroom was completely horrible until yesterday. The grumpiness is linked directly to the useability of a space. Walking into my room, I'd trip on clothes, a laundry basket, a stack of christmas gifts, just random made my blood boil. So I took an hour last night and cleaned. I still have to work on my sewing area, so it's useable, but other than that the room is a happy place.

And if the entire house is trashed, the best thing for my soul is to choose one room to clean, make it my oasis, and keep walking back and visiting it to calm down and get encouraged to tackle the rest of the house.
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This hit the nail on the head for me. I definitely feel bad when the house is a disaster. Yesterday we had the dreaded "drop in"- some friends of ours who had never been here before. We are currently living in our downstairs because of the cost of heating the whole house, so we have baskets of clothes, bedding, etc all over the place, not to mention the baby stuff everywhere, and as soon as they left I had a little meltdown and the rest of my day went to crap because I felt so bad about the state of the house! My house is never in any condition for "drop-ins".

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Originally Posted by Squirrelly80 View Post
I can't even go to sleep knowing that there is a mess...I just can't relax and get comfortable! I guess that is because its on my mind of things that need to be done.

You wouldn't sleep for weeks at my house then because it will take that long to clean it up *sigh*

Can you tell it affects my mood? Well, sometimes it ends up being a mess because I'm down so it was hard to pick out what to answer. But when I had decluttered space I feel energized and motivated.

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It's sort of a circle or a cycle or a something for me. When I'm down, I find it difficult to muster up the energy to clean. And when the house gets really messy, I tend to feel overwhelmed and put it off more.

I do feel better once I get out of that funk and clean up and organize. Not sure which affects which more though, if that makes sense. Like, am I happy because I have energy (and, subsequently, have a tidy house). Or am I happy because I have a tidy house. Meh, I think it's a bit of both
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If I'm having a good day, a messy house won't necessarily get me down. But a clean house will always make my day better.
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I am coming to realize that the state of my house and my moods, me emotions are directly related. When my house is in shambles and out of sorts, when things are strewn all over I am anxious and irritable. It makes doing the little things that much more stressful. I hate it!! Truly, truly.

But at the same time I have a high tolerance for things. So the dishes sitting in the sink for a day or two won't bother me but at the same time it can also set off a spark and all of a sudden trigger a major meltdown in my head. It all represents my mind too. My head is also a cluttered mess. It certaintly comes and goes, but I also know that I am just like my mother I grew up in a very "lived in" house. Everyone always commented on how "homey" it was as in comfortable and relaxed.

I always feel like I am playing catch up with the clutter. Sooooo...... over the next week and a half ( since my husband will be home) I plan on attacking the house. Thankfully it is small! I want to tackle each room and just start clearing them out.

In closing on this very long post My new mantra is "LESS IS MORE" and also QUALITY instead of QUANTITY"

Thanks for reading it was good to get this out
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Wow. I guess I am in the majority. I ALWAYS feel better if my house is clean. Weird. I wonder when THAT happened?

If you can't take the heat get out of the Kitchen.
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Definitely. It affects the kids too.
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Sure... the home is a place of security for a family. I am not clinical OCD, but my house is never messy because it's my refuge from the rest of the world that often seems chaotic. The last place I need chaos is where I feel most safe. There is one room that I allow to get messy on weekends when dd is home from school and that's her playroom. But during the week, she plays with something, then it is put away before the next item is brought out. Everything has a place. We don't have clutter (I'm not the kind of person who cares about acquiring "things" to put on display in my house). Organization is also important to us because when things are organized, you waste less effort getting things done. The more effort something takes, the more overwhelming it seems. It's a lot less stress to vacuum a floor that doesn't have to be cleaned up first!
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It definitely affects my mood when the house is cluttered and messy..I feel stressed and upset. When the house is clean and organized, I feel much better.
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#42 of 44 Old 12-21-2007, 10:03 AM
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I have to say most definitely.. I get very anxious when I have housework that has been *on hold* for too long...

I start to feel overwhelmed and frustrated which then sub-conciously changes my mood.
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dirt doesn't count, but if the house is cluttered I feel as if I cannot move freely, and I feel stressed!
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#44 of 44 Old 12-21-2007, 07:29 PM
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Originally Posted by ananas View Post
Absolutely! If my house is a mess or is cluttered, my mind feels cluttered. I feel overwhelmed and anxious, which leads to feeling depressed.
This is exactly how I feel.

Clean house = happy me. Messy house = grumpy me.

Its actually starting to be a joke between me and dh.
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