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Bonny's Avatar Bonny 11:23 AM 12-30-2007
(coming in late)

I can't stand starting a new year w a messy/cluttered house, so I spend most of new year's eve cleaning & decluttering. I can't wait!

tinybutterfly's Avatar tinybutterfly 06:48 PM 12-30-2007
I did 35 minutes in my kitchen. I'll do 25 minutes later...partly in the kitchen and maybe in the living room. We'll see. My junk drawer looks GREAT!

How is everyone else doing?

nathansmum's Avatar nathansmum 12:23 AM 12-31-2007
I fell off the wagon the last few days and it ain't gonna happen now - we're heading out for NYE shortly (yep, it's here! ). We're in a pretty good position though declutter-wise. I just want to work on DS's wardrobe and a few bits and pieces, but I'm motivated enough to get through it before I take the box of stuff to the hospice shop next week.
anthasam's Avatar anthasam 02:22 PM 12-31-2007
Happy New Year to you, nathansmum!

I'm back in today; I took the weekend off. So, today I'm going to do 2 sets of 30 minutes to catch up.

1st: 30 minutes to gather some Christmas decorations to store later this week. We'll be taking the tree down later this week too.

2nd: 30 minutes to sort through a small bin of saved newborn clothes. I need to find out what we have/don't have for the new one coming This may actually take longer than 30 minutes because DD declared she will be helping me.
Ravin's Avatar Ravin 04:53 PM 12-31-2007
Just saw this thread and thought I'd jump in today.

There are two totes full of stuff in my front living room that I determined last night all belonged to BIL's ex-GF who moved out last summer and needs to go to Goodwill. So I'll be bagging it up to reclaim my totes and putting an end table that's currently shoved under something else in that spot.
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