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SkylarJulesmom's Avatar SkylarJulesmom 03:44 PM 01-04-2008
Ok this maybe a stupid question but I really don't know. My mothers boyfriend gave us a shredder for christmas/anniversary Now I'm itching to shred EVERYTHING in my file box (within reason! ) We're in the process of trying to change car insurers but I seriously have every statment,book and peice of info that we've gotten since we had our last car. And we' ve had that car for 4 yrs! our car file is just about fit to burst! I've heard that you should keep at least 2 yrs, is this true? I appreciate any help! I really want to live more simply this year and I have a terrible fear of fire. I figure if we did have a fire we could probably get all the records from our insurance rep right? Oh I just really don't know Like I said any help I would appreciate! thanks Erin