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I have to ask because I am slowly coming out of my hoarding everything phase and really getting rid of lots. This just sont have the same "value" to me as they used to after having kids (excpet pictures)
My question is-
do you have a hobby?
what is it?
where is it kept?
would you mind sharing pics of your craft storage/place/room?
How much Stuff" do you have for your hobby?

I am a "crafter type person".. I sew Cloth diapers really thats it for sewing to "save money" so I have a machine and alot of fabric
I crochet and have somehow managed to hoard like 2 huge plastic containers of yarn
and I scrapbook well this one is touchy because I havent dome it in ages but I really want to-I have acricut machine 6 cartrigres and a few stacks of paper

I sometimes feel overwhelmed by it since it takes up a HUGE open closet downstairs and even when its neat It to me still looks cluttered and messy

Shelly, Mom to Sophia 5 Nicholas 3 & 2 Angels
Its a GIRL! Alyssa Ann 6/29/10 7lbs 5 oz
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I don't do anything crafty. I read. I have too many books. I have gotten rid of tons of books, but I still have LOTS and I keep buying more...even though I am TRYING to use the library more.

I also LOVE watching movies on DVD. I have too many of those. Same problem I have with the books.

No pics, but well, you know bookshelves and closet shelves stuffed with books.

My CD collection is a bit more under control now. I like music, too.

Good luck!

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." -Plato
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Oh man! My hobbies are genealogy & photography. I have soooooo many books (genealogy, etc.) & then there's the photo paper, frames...... backup discs (digital photography) but they go into CD/DVD zip up cases, so that saves some space. I have no tips fr organizing because that is what I am trying to do right now too. I'm going through to see what I can part with. It's not easy
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I used to do a lot of crafting and then finally I realized that I'm not very good, and I don't love it. So now I have one plastic bin of craft-type material for ds, and one box up in my closet of "stuff" I still need to sort through.

I know someone who has an entire room devoted to scrapbooking, has spent thousands on it, and scrapbooks about once a month. Maybe. Don't do that!
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You mean another hobby besides purging? LOL. I love to keep my home un-cluttered but I also love to knit, sew, cross stitch, quilt etc. I don't do scrapbooking, only in a very restrained understated kind of way. My DIL gave me a little album of my favourite photos of their wedding, and it was just one photo per page with a few beautiful words, all in black and white, and that's my favourite "scrapbooking" look.
I admire the beautiful work my friends do, but it's like there's a whole world of scrapbooking out there, and to be honest, I find it all a bit overwhelming just how much stuff is available, so that's just one ball I've decided not to catch. Most of my photos were already in albums, and now they're all digital, so not the same need to do it anymore, i guess.

As far as other hobbies, I've learnt the hard way that it doesn't pay me to have a stock of future projects and supplies stored up. I found that often I'd love something when it first came out, like calico dolls, or bears, or silk embroidery, etc, but after it would become popular I'd get a bit tired of that look. Now I'm just working on one big cross stitch that I really love, and I have the materials put away for a special wool embroidered rug that I know I'll love even if I don't get to it for another 5 years or so LOL
I no longer impulse buy fabric and stuff just because I see it and like it. I used to think, oh, I'd better get this while it's available, or I mightn't see it again. But now I realise that there is always something just as pretty, or even more so, coming out all the time.
I've given away a lot of stuff over the years, simply because I had too many good intentions and then found my taste had changed.
Also, I don't like to make something, just for the sake of it. I need to know that it will fill in a corner, or be useful, and not just be another ornamental thingummy.
Something I did let go though, was feeling guilty if I didn't have any hobbies on the go. I love to read, walk and garden, and I woke up to the fact that hobbies should be just for pleasure, so now I don't feel any pressure to keep virtuously busy hands all the time.
But then again, I might just be very good at justifying the fact that I really enjoy being lazy :smile
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I have hobbies, but I don't keep too much around for them because I'm honest with myself and I just don't have a lot of time for them at this stage in my life. I can buy the stuff to do them again if I need to. I did keep my sewing machine and have a few patterns. I am having a really hard time letting go of too-small clothing that I could "re-purpose" (cut off dresses into skirts, etc), even though realistically I know there is a slim to none chance I'll ever get to doing those projects.

I have hobbies I do pursue very actively that don't require stuff, walking, foraging, and investment trading. I also have started gardening, but I've been pleasantly surprised by how little stuff I actually need to garden.
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I sew and I have ALOT fabric. I have way more than I need, but I love it and can't seem to stop buying it. It's really my only vice I love that when I want to make something I just have to go to my stash...I honestly never really need to go to the store for anything...nothing, that's how much sewing stuff I have. I might need a 12 step program to recover, but I'm still in denial

Sabrina , mom to 4 fab kids!

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doing myspace gives me a bit of a creative outlet but doesn't take up any actual space, no supplies to keep etc...

i guess arranging the stuff i love and am keeping and offloading, donating, selling and otherwise clearing away the rest is my hobby
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Ive started to take up crochet again. I have probably 2 huge tubs of yarn, but honestly a good size afghan takes 6-8 skiens of yarn so.... I also have 3 blankets in progess that i need to finish. At the after holiday sales i picked up some 'winter' embrodiery that I have plans to do and give as fall b'day presents...
Last year I started with the 'knifty knitter' and was making lots of hats.... taht was good because i could finish an entire project in one sitting (90 mins) blankets take longer but oh man are they comfy..

I dont do paper crafts...
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I think of "hobbies" as different than crafts. A lot of hobbies don't require storage areas.

My #1 hobby is exercise -- I belong to a gym and lift weights, I go running, hiking, swimming, etc. My body is my project.

I have some books and a drawer full of all the workout clothes that go with these activities, but for the most part they don't require any gear.

My other hobby is cooking. I have too many cookbooks, but I am rapidly purging those and I'm discovering that I can check something out from the library...for weeks at a time...try the recipes that appeal the most to me, then copy them down if my family really loves them. Then return the book. I have my own cookbook that is a compilation of our favorites.

The beauty of cooking is that you eat the end there is nothing to store.



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Hobbies. You mean other than the internet?

Scrapbooking and cross-stitch are my hobbies. I don't have a ton of time to work on them now. And I don't do either of them while the kids are awake. Too many sharp things... needles, scissors, cutters, etc.

Scrapbooking is my main hobby. I've have it all stored in little carts on wheels in my hall closet. I used to store it in the basement, but then my neighbor's basement flooded and she lost alot of her scrapbook I changed the location of mine. I actually like this set up better. It forces me to clean up after myself and put everything away. (I wheel my carts out of the closet and over to the kitchen table to work on the scrapbooks). And most importantly, my storage space is limited. I can't go wild buying too much stuff. The carts only hold so much.

Let me see if I can attach a pic. I've never done that before....

Cross-stitching. I've really cut back on it. I just don't have the time for it. It's too time consuming. I am working on a project. Very slowly. I started it when I was pregnant with Ben. He's 2 1/2 now. : I worked on it once last year when I sat in the hospital for 4 days when my mom got her knee replaced and then again this year when she had colon surgery. It takes up one little bag. I did pull it out once about a month ago to work on while I watched a movie with DH that I wasn't really interested in.
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Tracy- your space loks simliar to mine but alot nicer and I need those bins you have! TY for posting your pics

Im sorry to clarify I meant crafty type things you love to do..
I also have a hobby of going to the gym.. LOVE it and take sup no space

I am purging some yarn and its making me feel good

Shelly, Mom to Sophia 5 Nicholas 3 & 2 Angels
Its a GIRL! Alyssa Ann 6/29/10 7lbs 5 oz
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I've decided I need to cut down on the number of crafts that I might possibly do. My passions are doll making and ceramics--both require a lot of supplies. But, I am getting rid of all arts and crafts that are not related to those two.

Sorry no pics yet. We are in the middle of downsizing. I decided that every time I have a break I spend the entire time cleaning and organizing the house instead of engaging in my art/crafts which is what really nourishes me. I have way more house than I can maintain.

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i don't have craft "hobbies" per se, but i do run my own children's decoupage jewelry design business from my home and have a home studio in a little nook in our master bedroom. (i have a shop on Etsy and sell locally as well).

here's a set of photos:

my background is interior design, and i'm a bit of a "purger" by nature, so i designed this space to be functional when in use, but to clean up nicely too. also, this is open to our master bedroom and i really didn't want to "see" all my mess! lol!

: : vicki ~ wife & mom of 2 amazing kids
live well ~ laugh often ~ love much
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I scrapbook and sew sock and glove animals sometimes, i also knit but i haven't done any of these things in months, i got a really big desk and hutch with all kinds of storage space from freecycle, its the cutest thing....i have this in the garage with all of my craft stuff in it...i have a container for sewing stuff and a container for knitting stuff and all of my papers for scraping are in plastic drawers...its pretty cool.
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This is the craft hovel:

Where I keep the goodies to do things like this:

and this:

and this (the painting above the bed...) :

I tend to acquire what I need for each project, other than the found objects I keep on hand to work into whatever piece.
For example, I'm redoing the art in the bedroom, so I bought textured craft paper specifically for that. Any leftovers I'll put into my shmancy paper accordian file to use in other, smaller pieces.

dust.gifFour-eyed tattooed fairy godmother queer, mama to my lucky star (5) and little bird (2.5). Resident storyteller at
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hi, i love to sew and other things w/ my etsy store. I used to hold on to everything till I thought we were moving overseas. that helped me clear out ALOT. we had the fisher price catalog in our home. now, the minimal. but the girls play w/ alot more now. i recently picked up a bookself off of freecycle. here is a pic of that area,. will post the others when i get them
also just posted pics of the play room

one love

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I have one bin right next to my bed that I allow myself to fill with my craft stuff and fabric. I find it is pleant of space to keep my stuff especially if I stay way from the fabirc and crafting stores.

I also just purge, purge, purge and it keeps my clutter to managable.

Button 08-12-09 

Baby Vi 05-18-11

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