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i'm literally in a panic. my valerian tea is steeping now

i found out a week ago, we are moving may 5th. good move. Much bigger house, much bigger yard, all of it is wonderful. and same rent we are paying now! YAY!

but time, there is no time! my house is a disaster! i'm trying to do MAJOR cleaning and decluttering and getting ready to move. i'm going to explode.

I'm so overwhelmed it literally hurts. i just want to sit here and play on MDC and hope it goes away.
But the baby is sleeping and i NEED to be working on something, but where in the world do I start?
how do i move in less than 30 days with no help other than DH and a 3 month old nursling?

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Congrats!!!!! Now get to work!!!! How far is the move? and do you have any friends or family that owe you big time or ones you can bribe?!

I'd really quit the decluttering/cleaning mindset and start on packing up the stuff you definatly want to move with you. as rooms and areas get emptied out of the wanted things you can toss the get rid of stuff but don't spend any time going through that box that hasn't been opened in years unless you know for certain that you can go through it quick and get rid of most the stuff.

If it's a close move it might be easer to move things that aren't going to have a permanate spot in your new house that you will get rid of as soon as it comes out of the box there. If it's a long distance move you going to add lots to the the moving bill then it's best to get rid of now.

Boxes - you need boxes and trash bags and a call into a charity if they make curbside pickup. Might also consider setting up a sign in your yard saying "free stuff" and having folks pick things up just as they pass, don't bag things though or you will be dealing with the folks that pillage through and leave a mess, open boxes or big items are the best for this.

YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!! one box, one bag, one room at a time!
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You can do this, sweetie. Enjoy that valerian tea and listen up.

1. GET BOXES. Grocery and big-box stores have loads of them. Go in before 10am, and ask several floor personnel for boxes. You'll have your choice of hundreds if you ask Wal Mart!

2. FOR NOW, STOP WORRYING ABOUT DEEP CLEANING. It is much, much easier to simply to the heavy cleaning AFTER the house is empty. Moving makes a big mess, and you don't want to do it all twice, do you? No. So just keep your house as you normally do, until after moving day.

3. SMALL STUFF PACKS FIRST. Knicknacks, books, and any other items you won't need right away. Pack them into boxes. To save on paper, rather than packing your fragile goodies in newspaper, use clean towels, off-season clothes, extra sheets, etc.

4. START A STACK OF PACKED BOXES (all labeled of course) in an out of the way place, such as a spare bedroom or the garage. Getting the "full" boxes out of the way gives you room to keep packing more!

5. WHITTLE DOWN TO ESSENTIALS. In your kitchen, pack everything except a couple of plates, cups, forks, spoons, and cooking pots... Just enough to keep you serving dinners until moving day. Kitchens take a long time to pack because it's all breakable, so don't wait until the last moment. Whittle down your clothes closet in the same way... pack up everything that's out of season or otherwise unlikely to be needed before the move. Pack a few boxes' worth of your kids' toys ahead of time, too. This is a continuous project; as moving day gets closer, you pack more and more.

6. 2-3 DAYS BEFORE THE MOVE. Take electronics apart and pack them; make sure the right parts and remotes get into the right boxes! Catch up on any laundry that's lying about, and don't forget to wash your curtains and area rugs, shower curtains, etc.

7. DAY BEFORE MOVING DAY. Pack a suitcase of "immediately needed" items that you will want as soon as you arrive in your new home: clothes, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. Pack the rest of your wardrobe, toiletries, and other personal items into boxes. Throw out all food in the fridge that will not survive the move. Pack all NON perishables into boxes. Continue packing everything else in your house until it's all ready to grab and go... the only things you'll leave behind are your vacuum and other cleaning supplies (for cleaning day, after the move).

8. MOVING DAY! Have a mother in law or best friend on the premises to hold baby while you and hubby load the moving van. Big stuff first, such as furniture. Then boxes. Then squashy stuff like bags of bedding. Fragile stuff last (I always transport my most precious things in my own car). Then head for your new house. Come back tomorrow for cleaning day.

9. CLEANING DAY. First knock down cobwebs with a broom. Then wipe down walls and light fixtures. Then clean your bathroom to within an inch of its life. Then clean your kitchen (the easiest way to do a fridge is with paper towels and a bucket of vinegar water; the easiest way to do an oven, baking soda sprinkled in dry and scrubbed out with a rag). Wash windows and sills. Vacuum everywhere. Scrub any carpet stains (Oxyclean works wonders), or use a rented rinse-n-vac machine to clean carpets. Sweep the porch and steps. You're done!

I have moved over 30 times in my life. Just keep slugging away at it, and be sure to treat yourself to a looooong massage when all is said and done.

Good luck!

PS, I almost forgot: Make sure you have a huge box marked DONATE in your garage. Anytime you come across something that you know you don't use, donate it. Donate (and trash) as much stuff as you can before the move. My rule is, if no one's used it in a year, it GOES.

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PS, I almost forgot: Make sure you have a huge box marked DONATE in your garage. Anytime you come across something that you know you don't use, donate it. Donate (and trash) as much stuff as you can before the move. My rule is, if no one's used it in a year, it GOES.

YES, YES and YES! I couldn't agree more with everything you wrote!

Also, besides the donate, make sure to have a huge box for recycle and one for trash

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I'll panic with you. This place is in shambles and we're moving at the end of the month. We can do it!

Body, I've been more than patient. Please make a baby. Please?
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Do you have movers coming, or are you doing it yourself? When do you have access to the new place? My last 2 moves have been chaotic. If I were to do it again, without movers, I think I'd start early putting Christmas gear, photos and stuff I don't need but plan on keeping into a storage unit. In my dream move, I'll move one room at a time, pack it, and unpack it at the new place.
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The advice from the PP's is excellent!

Only additional advice: have a Moving Notebook with a list of all the boxes and their contents, even if you're moving the stuff yourself. Everytime you pack a box, give it a number (get the kids to help ... gives them writing practice ), write that number and a basic description (five words or less) in your notebook. It helped me on my two previous moves.

Also, have each child pack a box or two of their own stuff then decorate the boxes with colors and stickers and such. Gives them something to do while you're scrambling and packing the kitchen stuff.

Best of luck!

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